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Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads: Best Traffic Source. - Affiliate marketing for beginners
Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads Best Traffic Source

Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads: Best Traffic Source.

Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads? 

Yes, its is all about traffic! Read this article if you want to learn what is the best traffic source to promote your business.

You may have great system to promote, but if your traffic is not good then you will not make money online, period. The fastest traffic source to make your money is Solo Ads, but ... There is a Secret..its is not working any more...

Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads: Best Traffic Source.

Why Humaneyeballs is better then Solo Ads: Best Traffic Source.

Solo Ads Traffic Source is Dead?

If you are still buying solo ad's in 2017 then you know for a fact it's very ineffective now! My guess is you're building a list.. but getting  VERY LITTLE (if any) Sales! 

Here's why...

1. The Solo Ad Seller that you love and trust builds their lists with other solo ad sellers lists!  The subscribers on these lists are 6 months  to 4 years old!  You don't want old beat up  subscribers do you?

2.) Bot/Fraud Traffic.  
Yup, even your most  loyalist sellers may not even realize that they are sending FAKE / Fraud traffic aka Bot Clicks  to you!  If you are seeing 30-50% optin rates  and very low open / click through rate you are  probably a victim!

3.) Brokered traffic.
A very high amount of  solo ad sellers now adays are selling OTHER PEOPLE'S traffic!  That's right, they aren't  even mailing from their list therefore how can  they control the quality to you?

That's why we started Human Eyeballs to put  an end to the crappy traffic that you have been  experiencing and only deliver you the BEST!

Humaneyeballs is not Solo Ad Seller ... 

Humaneyeballs is NOT Solo Ad Seller! They send you laser targeted, TODAY FRESH traffic  and even GUARANTEE you 40% optin rate! --> Click Here and Be One of Our 100's of Repeat Customers!

Get your own traffic business!

They also offer affiliate program, so you just need to register as an affiliate and you will be ready to promote Humaneyeballs referral link and get 10 % commission each time someone buys traffic!

Resume - this is must have traffic source if your are serious about your online business!

Facebook absolutely HATES you!

If you are in the business opportunity space in 2017 Facebook absolutely HATES you!

Sure, you can get some ad's to slip by now and then, and there is some little loopholes to get your ad's approved...
But it doesn't stop that fact that by the end of 2017... ALL of your FB Advertising accounts WILL be shut down! Not to mention the prices, if you haven't already seen are SKYROCKETING!

Stick with HumanEyeballs and you won't have up and down pricing and can promote whatever your heart desires! 

How to get on the leaderboards of your biz opp?

Did you ever want to get on the leaderboards of your business opportunity?

Getting on the leaderboards makes people FLOCK to join you like you wouldn't even believe! Every biz opp over the last 13 years that I've been a part of I have always been in the top 10!
I am not saying this to brag... I'm saying this because it's a simple process that anyone can do... Before I go over the process with you check out how I just unleashed HumanEyeballs.com traffic
for 2 days and DOMINATED this biz opp...

This happens over and over again... Pretty much anytime I want!

Here's the process... 

1.) Create a highly converting "pre-selling" squeeze page that gets you a 40%+ Optin Rate... (we do this for you guaranteed)

2.) Run traffic that is FRESH and wants to BUY what you have.  Also, make sure you can scale it. We can provide you 10,000's of FRESH traffic per week!

3.) Go back to step 2.  When you get back to step 3... keep going back to step 2! 

HumanEyeballs‚Äč makes it THAT easy for you!