What is EMPOWR: get paid sharing your photos and videos

Sounds not realistic but as an EMPOWR registered user you get paid every single day simply by sharing your photos, videos and thoughts!

So what is EMPOWR?

Empowr.com is a better social network in that it pays users for their posts and shares. EMPOWR never sells ads and user data to corporations, never takes money from Silicon Valley and Wall Street investors.

EMPOWR management is elected democratically by user voting as opposed to shareholders.

Within 24 hours of launching the empowr coin (EMPR) in April 2018, empowr had 800,000 active alpha users (6M visitors monthly) earning coins by simply posting and sharing photos, videos, blogs and updates, as well as by providing products and services to each other.

Empower is the world's first democratic social economy. Watch this video presentation now:

We are in the midst of the knowledge revolution where most people make a living using their knowledge. But much of the world still hasn't gone through the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

EMPOWR founders are fortunate in their lives and want to get back by enabling knowledge-based opportunities for people everywhere, helping them in many cases leapfrog past the agricultural and industrial stages to join the knowledge revolution right from where they are over the web.
They believe the platform and the corporation needs to be controlled by all the people it serves it needs to be democratic because democracies are much more successful at empowering their citizens and enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty.
Other corporations would also benefit by democratizing because that's their most direct path to even more customer centricity, competitiveness and profits, but more importantly - when they do that it'll bring political power and influence back to people in democracies , which is the missing puzzle piece to fixing so many of the problems the people are having.

EMPOWR mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity hope and influence our goal is to help half the planet earn an average of 25 dollars per day by the year 2025.


EMPOWR MISSION  - is to empower people by enabling opportunity hope

As an EMPOWR user you will be compensated just for doing what you enjoy the most: 

  • EMPOWR users earn simply by sharing their photos videos and thoughts
  • they can also sell almost any product or service to other users
  • or they can engage in a variety of specialized roles to help others offer products and services.

just like every person has a unique DNA fingerprint - we each have a unique set of skills and talents. This is how by doing what we enjoy doing the most or by working with others, we're able to create something of greater significance than value. 

Just with its simple appearance and the democratic approach we took that same fanatical care with how empowering the product feels when you use it that sense of potential fairness that's anonymous EMPOWR platform.


EMPOWR GOAL - our goal is to help half the planet earn an average of 25 dollars per day by the year 2025

Once people are free to reach for opportunity they want to continually improve and do better - that's what prompted the substantial engineering of a knowledge and educational platform integrated into every aspect of the user experience.

To accelerate their learnings users have free access to experts that they choose based on the criteria that mattered to them. Teachers are eager to share shortcuts for achieving personal objectives and success - that's why they're called success coaches.

This holistic approach with tangible benefits for the user's life is the result of developing democracy opportunity and knowledge systems in unison. Each platform enhancing and in many ways defining the others it's the way each layer integrates seamlessly into all the others that ultimately enables the rich and empowering life experience. 

EMPOWR mission:

To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

EMPOWR goal:

To help half the planet (4 billion people) earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025.

How you can earn in EMPOWR?

All users in EMPOWR are called citizens and they all have their own roles. But first let us see how EMPOWR makes money.  watch this video below:

Empowr has three separate and balanced revenue streams:

  • transaction  fees within the marketplace sort of like you see on eBay and Etsy
  • advertising - just like you see on Google Facebook and Twitter
  • and subscription services like you find on LinkedIn or Amazon Prime

And since empowers our democracy, virtually all revenues go to its citizens.

So how do empower citizens Earn?

Empower citizens earn just by doing what they're already doing online - from posting photos, videos, status updates and blogs, to selling and promoting products and services in the marketplace or by teaching other empower citizens how to  be successful.
And if you're a nerdy  application developer like us - you get to dream up new ways for citizens to produce earn and consume and the empower economy your earnings flow through a   real cool maturation engine that propels them forward to selling them into opportunities in cash.  That means you can spend some of your earnings immediately on things like products and services, power user subscriptions and advertising to help you earn even more and 90 days after the month you can cash out your profits and that's how it works.

As more  and more people join the empower economy ,it keeps getting stronger, allowing its citizens to achieve their mission of enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

Daily goal in EMPOWR posting

Daily goal in EMPOWR posting

Learn and Earn with EMPOWR

EMPOWR Learning Center REVIEW

EMPOWR Learning Center REVIEW

You decide how much you want to earn each day and each month




Now you can buy EMPOWR COIN - when you buy 1 EMPOWR COIN you will get another 1 for free

How to buy EMPOWR COINS - You’re buying 50.00 empowr coins for $103.50 edit

How to buy EMPOWR COINS - You’re buying 50.00 empowr coins for $103.50 edit

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