What Is A Self-Liquidating Funnel and how to build it

Self-Liquidating Funnel (offer) is our way to get leads for free and get them fast using paid traffic. 

If Done Right, A Self-Liquidating Funnel gives  you Free Lead Generation

This concept of a Self-Liquidating Funnel is not new , but usually people try to do something like that with CPA offers. I tried it and this did not work well for me.
So in this article I will show you how you can build a Self-Liquidating Funnel and start generating your leads for free or even get paid in the process using my method.
Here is the example of this concept.

How to build a self-liquidating funnel

How to build a self-liquidating funnel

This is what we do: 

  1. You create opt in page to get leads and grow your List
  2. You decide to use solo ads and for example you spend $100 to buy 200 clicks.
  3. You send this traffic into your funnel and get 60 new leads (30 % conversion rate is usual for solo ad traffic )
  4. After opt in page you show some offers in the form of OTOs (Up- sells and Down-sells) During the process you offer those people some products or services and you make money - let us say you made $120.
  5. Now you get 30 new leads and you even made $20 - your funnel become self liquidating - you make more money than you spend on traffic and you grow your list as fast as you wish.
  6. You order new traffic and make more money and collect more leads.

This is what I call A Self-Liquidating Funnel...

Now let us see how we can do it.