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How to use Facebook Ads to make money with MOBE.
How to use Facebook ads to make money with MOBE

How to use Facebook Ads to make money with MOBE.

How to use Facebook Ads to make money with MOBE.

Since we already have proven business system to make money online (read this article) next thing we need to do is simply drive traffic into our marketing system.  

Read this article to learn how you can use Facebook PPC campaigns to drive quality targeted traffic to your referral links and make money faster.

Building your Brand using Facebook

I like to work with Facebook because while creating my Facebook PPC campaigns to make money, I also simultaneously build my personal brand which helps me to make even more money with come the time.  

Step 1. Start your own Fan Page

Gena Babak's Facebook Fan Page

Gena Babak's Facebook Fan Page

So first we will need to start your first Facebook Fan page.  

And our goal will be to get 10 to 20 000 fans in the first year on Facebook. This will be our lazer targeted audience for making business online and they will continue to follow you as long as u continue to provide value for them.

How Facebook ADS help us?

Facebook ads mastery

Facebook ads mastery

  1. Increase our Fan base
  2. Promote our events
  3. Brand exposure
  4. Selling a product or services
  5. Lead Generation

Step 2. Identify your offer -  focus on 1 offer at the time

We will be building your business around this offer , so you should pick up a good one - offer that converts good.

Es an example I will choose MOBE MTTB offer (My Top Tier Business: MTTB 21 Steps System is MOBE’s premier commission generating system where you can get $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 commissions deposited directly into your bank account without ever making a phone call).

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Step 3. Define your target audience 

Next step - we need to discover who can be interested in our offer = discover our audience. For MOBE MTTB product this could be:

  • internet marketers
  • affiliate marketers 
  • network marketers
Facebook ads tips

Facebook ads tips

Below is example from my Facebook AD Audience for selling MOBE products 

Step 4. Define your budget!

Next you must define how much you can afford to spend monthly and then divide this figure on 30 days to know what  your daily budget is. You can start for $5 - $10 daily budget. 

What to expect from $10 a day budget?

If you have only $10 a day budget it is better to:

  1. Spend $5 on getting likes to your Fan Page - because we are going also to create Ads that are going to target your fans...
    This is really were the money is when it comes to monetizing your Fans.
  2. Spend $5 on driving traffic to your offers. This budget will give you 1-2 lead a day.

The idea is to grow your Fan page to thousands of engaging Fans and then make money by promoting offers to these FANS.

How to get 10-15 leads a day?

To get 10 to 15 leads a day you should really be spending $20 a day on an AD that is driving traffic to your offer. As you see starting from Silver Masterclass package with will cost you 2500 usd you can get very good return on investment even with such a small budget on Facebook traffic like $ 20 a day ($608 a month). But you should expect that this kind of profits will need you to work consistently and I also included in this formula only 10 % conversion on leads from your follow up sequence.

MOBE Business Model Calculator using Facebook traffic

This is what you can expect using Facebook AD traffic for MOBE Marketing System

Facebook Likes campaign badget

You may also want to spend at least 10 a day on your Facebook Likes Campaign to get more fans in time.

If you take both tables you will get $908 Advertising budget for month to get traffic and leads. Couples of such months and you are in business.

How To Build Your Own Facebook PPC Campaign From Scratch