Unlocking the Secret to Udimi Traffic in 2023 and Beyond


Hello, everyone! This is Gena Babak, and I am bringing you a fresh and detailed review for Udemi in 2023. This will greatly benefit you if you have plans to buy Solo ads using Udimi in the coming year and in the future.

The Udimy Traffic Marketplace

First, let's tackle the question: What is Udimi? I personally describe Udimi as a traffic marketplace. It's a platform where buyers and sellers have the opportunity to meet and do business.

One reason I urge everyone to use Udimi is the high level of protection they offer. The platform filters bot clicks from real human clicks, ensuring that you are getting genuine human traffic when buying traffic from Udimi.

Built-in Tracking

Besides, Udimi has a built-in tracking system. With this, you don’t need to acquire any paid tracking systems such as Qliker or Clickmagic to monitor your link. Once you place an order, Udimi provides a link for tracking the clicks.

Let's take a deep dive into how you can find a reputable Solo ad vendor on Udemy.


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Finding the Right Solo Ad Vendor on Udimi

From my years of experience with Udimi and buying traffic regularly, I can reassure you that you can get pretty good traffic the majority of the time.

Here are my go-to tips for finding top solo ad vendors on UDIMI:

  • Begin by choosing the pricing. A starting point can be fifty cents per click as this typically works well for beginners.
  • Look at the ratings of the sellers and the sales that they have made.
  • For instance, select sellers who have been rated 30% or higher for sales.

But be cautious, what you see isn’t always absolute. I have had my own experiences with this. I tried buying from a seller, Glenn Federok about four or five times, but never got any sales from him.

It's important to understand that sellers often employ so-called tricks to enhance their ratings. They provide you with incentives so that you would state that you got a sale.

Just a note that this is purely my own personal experience, but do keep it in mind. After venturing into deals with both Andreas and Glenn Federok, top-sellers on Udemy, I did not receive good traffic in return. This unsettles me especially when they continually rank at the top.

One important tip I have picked up from my experience is this:

If a seller is adamant about not displaying any negative testimonials, they can resort to refunding your money to convince you to abstain from leaving a testimonial about their traffic.

Despite this, I have found reliable vendors and I can recommend Ho Ji and Kutijim Kuga.

Understanding Solo Ads

You should not expect sales right off the bat when buying Solo ads. Remember that people buy from companies they know, like, and trust. You need to use Solo ads to drive potential costumers to your Facebook profile or your own program. The goal here is to build your brand online.

Once you have established your online brand, people will get to know you better and potentially become long term customers. Here is a quick overview of how I do it:

  • I always invite them to my Facebook profile when promoting anything.
  • I extend an offer for a free one-hour zoom coaching session.
  • This approach does not necessarily bring in sales right away but it leads them back to me, offering me the opportunity to rectify their questions and concerns.

When they click the image provided, they get to see my Facebook profile, my funnels, and my group invitations. I must emphasize that buying traffic will not directly result in sales.

Another important point to keep in mind when seeking a good vendor is to examine their sales testimonials. Check the most recent testimonials, do they have several sales testimonials in the last days? If yes, then it might indicate good quality traffic, but remember: it's not a guarantee that you will make sales.

Regarding filters, I advise not to use more than the base filter. Many vendors are prone to decline working with you if you use a prime filter as Udimi tends to lose 30% of its real human clicks to the filter due to its toughness.

Tracking and Placing Order on Udimi

When it comes to tracking on Udimi, all you have to do is put your link in the designated spot. The link can simply be a link from your funnel. Then proceed to add your order to the cart and select the number of visitors you wish to have.

Again, starting with at least 200 visitors is a good idea as you need some clicks to make the system work. Complete your order and then you are done.

You will have access to detailed statistics related to your order, which you can review after it's finished. You also have the option to leave a message for the vendor insinuating insights about your page or your opt-in page.

Why I Recommend Udimi for Beginners

For beginners, I always recommend using Udimi The platform helps you avoid spammy traffic and instead guarantees that you will receive human clicks.

Making Money with Udimi

There are two main ways to make money with Udimi.

First, you can promote their affiliate program:

  • Once you join Udimi, you receive your own affiliate link. For example, my own affiliate link allows me to earn 15% of all the orders that my referrals make.
  • If your referral orders up to $1,000, you stand to earn $150. But it does not end there, you can earn as much as your referrals are willing to order.
  • This opens up the possibility for you to get your traffic for free.

Your affiliate link is an instrumental tool that you can use to promote Udimi. You can often find potential sign-ups on Facebook in the "Make Money Online" groups and Network Marketing groups.

The second way to earn money with Udimi is by becoming a Solo ad vendor:

  • If you are interested in selling traffic on Udimi, you can contact me and I can guide you through my special program, Traffic Business, which I employ to teach people how to become a Solo ad vendor.
  • If you are willing to take up this venture, remember, it is not the easiest process. You need to have an in-depth understanding of how it works.
  • But let me reassure you, it is more profitable to be on the selling end of the traffic scenario on Udimi.

Check out my Passive Income Funnel, which encompasses four income streams that you can utilize to build your passive income, and one of them is actually Udimi. We also offer a coaching session where we share profitable strategies on how to make money online.

In essence, Udimi provides means to both buy and sell traffic, and it is an essential tool that comes highly recommended, especially for beginners in the field. As we step into 2023, consider making your foray into the Udimi traffic marketplace and possibly uncovering a lucrative avenue for your business.

Feel free to contact me on my Facebook profile, facebook. Affiliaxa, for more information or to schedule a coaching session. Until then, talk to you soon.