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Click banking review: how build your List fast and easy

What is "click banking?"

Click banking is one of the easiest ways to build your list and it is a time tested.

The basic way it works is like this...

  1. You find a partner who has a list or people in the niche you want to work in.
  2. You then ask them if they want to “clickbank”.
  3. You will send email “clicks” to them by writing an email to your list to their squeeze page.
    Note. Clicks is the term we use for click on a link in an email or even a clicks in our funnel! They will then have opt in subscribers added to their list.
  4. Once you have finished sending traffic (clicks) to them - they will then return the same number of clicks back to you.  
  5. Or they can send first to you and you will return after, especially good if you have no current list. So you will then build your list further without spending any money!


In its basic forms, this is all that happens - you send clicks to each other and collect opt ins without cash changing hands = zero cost list building!

You can have 1, 5, 20 or more partners sending to you or receiving from you at the same time.
It really doesn't matter too much as long as you keep control and know what you are doing.

What are the benefits of click banking?

The entire world of traffic is broken up into these four categories.


I had an aha moment this week. I've been talking to a lot of fresh new entrepreneurs via coaching calls. And something has started to dawn on me. They don't really understand the world of traffic!

You know...that really important thing that actually makes people see your stuff? Sales are tough without it.

So I pumped out a YouTube video today. This picture is the gist of what it was about.

The entire world of traffic is broken up into these four categories.

And too many marketers are marketing on social the way they should on search, and vice versa.

If you don't understand the left column, paid is when you PAY places like Facebook, Google, etc. do show your ad to their audience.

Organic is when you work to make something show up without paying, which is great, but usually takes time and effort.

So what's the difference?

Search marketing is all about solving problems! They have a problem and are searching for a solution.

If you can get your solution in front of them, make it simple enough to easily understand, and within their budget, you're good to go!

You don't need to convince someone looking for a mattress to buy a mattress right?

Social is another ball game. 

People don't get onto Facebook looking to have their problems solved.

They get on looking to turn off their brain and not think.

Which means you gotta go BIG.

You have to interrupt that and get them to start actually taking steps.

So. Much. Harder. Aye, aye, aye.

Your business lives or dies on traffic.

The best offer will crash and burn without traffic. Soooo... I know you're sitting there wondering what to do with all this info?  So here is your action step.
Head over to Udemy (world's cheapest high-quality courses) and pick a traffic source you want to learn about.

Do You Need a Huge Amount of Traffic to Make Money Online?

SO, Do You Need a Huge Amount of Traffic to Make Money Online?

The more is the better? How many times have you heard that saying? I really can’t blame you for thinking that if you want to make money online, you need to pump as much traffic to your website as possible. After all, it really all boils down to conversions.

A certain percentage of the people reading your content would click on your ads. A certain percentage of those people will actually go all the way through and buy something. Sounds good so far, right? Well, the problem is, online conversions and making money off the internet goes beyond conversion percentages.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Conversion ratios and percentages do play a major role in affiliate marketing success, but it forms just one part of the puzzle. You have to look at the big picture.

In many cases, depending on the niche you are targeting, its even better if you drive less traffic to your web site content. I know that sounds crazy. Let me explain.

Less is More: This is Not Just a Zen Buddhist Mantra

As an example Zen Buddhists from Japan are very much popular because of the great and a mind- blowing sayings. They say things that are supposed to stop you in your tracks. These sayings are supposed to stop your logical and rational thinking faculties long enough for you to experience some sort of deep and profound revelation.

“Less is more” is one of these sayings. “Hear  the sound of the one hand  clapping” – yes, this is the next one of these. These things are to done to push more people to stop thinking in normal ways and start perceiving using their whole mental faculty instead of just thinking habitually.

Let’s face it, even the very best of us gets stuck sometimes. We tend to think in habitual terms. It’s as if we develop a one-track mind when it comes to our decisions.

In fact, a lot of people actually decide impulsively based on their moods or their emotional states. Later on, when asked about their decision would they come up with something that sounds vaguely rational and logical. That’s just how people are.

How To Create Your Own Traffic Agency

How To Create Your Own Traffic Agency

And there’s a lot to be said about these Zen Buddhist sayings. Because if we want to really take our performance to the next level, we have to go beyond the routine. We can’t just go through the motions and expect the same results. That’s will not cut it.

“Less is more” is a great strategy for most affiliate marketers. Instead of beating yourself up and risk burning out trying to pump a huge chunk of traffic to your conversion tools, you’d be better off maximizing the conversion capabilities of your tools.

You would probably make more money qualifying your traffic sources so as to ensure that only people who are more likely to convert will show up on your website. You probably would have a better chance of achieving the kind of financial freedom you desire for yourself if you were more efficient in qualifying your traffic.

The Bottom Line:

  • Instead of focusing on massive traffic volume you need to focus on qualifying your conversion tools on a couple of levels.
  • You should qualify your main traffic.
  • You should offer  good content or buy specific traffic that is more likely to convert. This means you buy from the right sources. This means you send the right signals so people who are not interested would not click your link.

Second, you need to turbocharge the conversion power of your content, your landing pages, or your emails. By paying attention to these conversion tools, you increase the likelihood that you will work less, yet make more money. Less can definitely produce more.

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Who Else Needs Leads & Buyers - best paid traffic source review

Who Else Needs Leads & Buyers – best paid traffic source review

Who Else Needs Leads & Buyers – best paid traffic source review

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How To Create Your Own Traffic Agency

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