Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest Plus Pinterest Automation.

Top 5 best affiliate programs for pinterest

Read this article to learn about my Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest. I will also show my favorite tool for Pinterest Automation.
You will learn:

How to promote products on Pinterest without having a blog?

Today, I am going to share with you some of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. I will also show you my favorite tools for Pinterest automation.

So if you're on Pinterest as an affiliate marketer you know by now that you might need a blog to be successful on Pinterest.

This article is for affiliate marketers, who want to promote products on Pinterest without having a blog.

Yes, there are some affiliate programs that you can link directly onto Pinterest without having a blog and that's what this article is about.

Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

My #1 Affiliate Program for Pinterest is MORENICHE

MORENICHE is a health and fitness affiliate network, health, fitness and beauty and weight-loss. 
You can find all of those products in here. You can join as an affiliate and get paid through Payoneer and check and bank deposits. The good thing is MORENICHE offers high affiliate commissions.

You can get up to 75 %, a commission per sale on this network and their prices range from $50 to  $75. 
You're getting sixty to seventy-five percent commission per item that you sell and you can link directly link your products directly onto Pinterest.

What I also like about this MORENICHE affiliate network is that they have a lot of images, pre-made images that you can you know just pin them on Pinterest and send people back to the offers or the landing pages to make sales.  It's, really easy to make sales with this particular affiliate network.

You can go ahead and sign up you don't need to have a website to sign up with MORENICHE.

My #2 Affiliate Program for Pinterest - ENVATO MARKET

They pay through check bank transfer in ACH, which is Payoneer that's. Why? I like this site? Because you can link products onto ENVATO market website directly and you do not need a blog to sign up for the affiliate program. 
Just scroll all the way down Envato market website and find the link to become an affiliate.

You get ten percent commission per sale. That's, not much, but you know. Quality is something that this site takes into consideration. They have high-quality products and they have high priced themes and templates and all of that good stuff.

They also have classes that your traffic could convert into. They could join those credit classes and you get paid. So all you going to do is go ahead and go or in Envato market and you can sign up for the affiliate program and you can recommend products directly onto Pinterest.

My #3 Affiliate Program for Pinterest is Creative Market

I like the Creative market program because they have a lot of cool templates images things and all of that you know, and you also earn a 10 % commission in every sale that results from your affiliate link and to join the affiliate program all you need to do is come all the way down the website bottom and click on become a partner link. 
They also pay 10 % commission and their payout method is through Payoneer, bank transfer and check. 

My #4 Affiliate Program for Pinterest is SHOPSTYLE

I love this site but if you do not have PayPal account, don't bother signing up with SHOPSTYLE because you're not gonna get paid.

SHOPSTYLE has a lot of affiliate offers for fashion and beauty. To sign up for the affiliate program just go their website,  scroll down to the end of the page, and that is where you're gonna find the affiliate program link. Just click on that and your sign up. 
You do not need a blog to sign up and you can pin your products directly onto Pinterest. 

My #5 Affiliate Program for Pinterest is AFFILIATE WINDOW

Affiliate window is a great site which you can link products directly onto Pinterest.

But you do need a website to register as an affiliate for AFFILIATE WINDOW network. 
What I like about AFFILIATE WINDOW is that they have a lot of different offers that You can promote directly onto Pinterest. You need to pay a $ 5 signup fee to be able to join this network. 
So you can also make a lot of money with AWIN when you bring them new referrals as well. But you can also make sales by pinning products directly onto Pinterest.

So it's a great network and they payout their affiliates through Payoneer check and bank transfer.


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