Tips for profitable Product Launch Promos


Commit to promos and mail often. When doing the promos do not be afraid to sending out a lot of emails. You need to mail often, especially toward the end of your launch promo. 

This will let your subscribers know that you're genuinely excited about the product that you're promoting and that you don't want them to miss out. 

Here's a real-world example data from a number of our past five days a mail promos and here are the average daily sales. 

On the first day you usually make twenty-nine percent of all sales; 

on the second day that drops down to 18%

and then Day 3 and 4 usually brings you around 11 percent the sales each 

and then on the final day we usually make over 30% of all sales, especially with higher ticket products. 

When committing to a profitable promo five-day email campaigns work best and you will see up to 35% of all sails on the closing day.