The power of love by Gena Babak

The power of love by Gena Babak - learn how you can change your life for better

The Power of Love or how you can change your life in 10 min a day

Read this to learn How you can transform your Life into you dream-life doing 30 minutes simple exercises every morning - this is proven method - you will never believe How  Powerful this method is. So just try it!  

What if your life does not change for the better for many years – no matter how hard you try?!

Did you try to ask yourself – what is going on?! Why circumstances continue to rule your Life no meter how hard you try to get out of the Rate Race and start living your dream - life? 

The Law of the Universe or just a bad luck?

The power of  love  for affiliate marketers

It is an obvious thing, but we never think of it this way. The problem is that your mind does not work on you in a way you think it should. What I mean?
You probably think that your mind is constantly busy, trying to solve real life questions that arise in your life for the better? Yes it looks like you are right, but you are only half right.

First of all, you are right that your mind is busy solving real life problems. However, it your brain is also buzy performing a certain program, that is imposed by your subconscious...

Should you change your life?

Well, If everything is in perfect order in your life and you are satisfied with your destiny,  and everything is fine... Than you can leave everything like it is and do nothing – the program of your subconscious mind suits you well.

But if the current state of affairs in your life does not suit you and it seems to you that you are stuck and trampled down in one place for many years, than it is time to realize, that the program your subconscious is imposing on your mind, requires a certain adjustment...

The mission of being happy

Most people can not change their life-program simply because they do not suspect that the mind can work against them – that is, not to create the good and happiness in your life, but to the routine execution of a subconscious program that can be directed not at your Happiness, but for something completely different.

The mission of being happy

The mission of being happy

The formula of your life

The formula of your life  by Gena Babak

The formula of your life by Gena Babak

KARMA + DHARMA + FREE WILL = Current circumstances of your life

However, we still have a chance to change the program of the subconscious and do it consciously. We have what we call free will!

And the procedure for changing your negative program does not take much time, and the results will surpass all your expectations.

You just need to practice regularly one simple exercise related to the concept of Love.

If you have already read this book, then you will understand me (Living on Love “The Messenger” by Klaus J.joel) – if not – it is time to do it.

Your morning algorithm
(transforming your life) 

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Living on Love “The Messenger” by Klaus J.joel