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The Instagram algorithm: How it works and strategies for 2023 - Affiliate marketing for beginners

The Instagram algorithm: How it works and strategies for 2023

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Working with the Instagram Algorithm: A No-Nonsense Guide

What’s happening, people? It’s Tina right here with another insightful piece aimed at sprucing up your Instagram game. Today, it’s all about tapping into Instagram’s elusive algorithm. Sit tight because I’m about to unravel a simple trick that could well save you ample hours tied to your phone.

Remember, the Instagram algorithm is in constant flux, rendering our top tricks obsolete in a matter of hours or days. Therefore, I urge you to harness your newfound knowledge swiftly, for when an algorithm loophole gets patched, the hunt for another begins afresh.

Testing Strategies: My Experience

To give my suggestions credibility, I dissected my tactics using a fresh account, void of fake followers or shoutouts. You’re likely curious about my findings, but let’s elevate the suspense for a moment.

The crux of today’s discussion veers from algorithm hunting to algorithm cooperation. Sounds strange, right? I mean, how can anyone cooperate with a cryptic, frequently changing algorithm?

That’s where the fun lies. Identifying the perfect Instagram strategy that aligns with the algorithm requires thorough testing. You dare not follow every tip some “guru” splashes across random videos because, contrary to their claims, one algorithm strategy doesn’t apply to all. Simply put, just because it works for them doesn’t mean it’ll cut it for you. Now let’s delve into the heart of the matter.

A Peek into My Strategy

I’m about to share a gem I stumbled upon recently, entailing a series of tests aimed to “warm up” the Instagram algorithm (Yes, TikTok has a similar strategy but that’s a story for another day).

My testing journey consisted of posting five different videos concurrent with monitoring how the algorithm responds. You’ll notice swiftly that the algorithm favors certain content over others, evident by the influx of likes from new people on particular reels or stories. It’s the magic indication to maintain your posting strategy. Subsequently, Instagram begins setting your content in front of numerous users, and guess what? It’s absolutely free!

Of the five videos I posted, Instagram promoted two and at the time of writing this blog, these two videos had garnered between 500 to 1000 views. Indeed, I’ve sustained this strategy with consistent results, attracting over 1000 views on videos posted on previous days.

So, how does it work? Basically, as the count of views increases on the favored content, so does the algorithm’s proclivity towards pushing that content – a fantastic opportunity for newer folks to know you exist.

When to Persist or Desist with a Strategy

Before diving headfirst into this strategy, conduct a preliminary search on what type of content to post. Pay attention to how Instagram responds to each posted video. If a video amasses a considerable audience, it’s the green light to forge ahead. However, if a video elicits crickets, reevaluate your strategy.

Out of my high-quality videos numbered 12345, Instagram favored only two. The course of action? I discarded the videos garnering sparse viewership and transferred them to other platforms such as TikTok, YouTube shorts, or even Pinterest idea pins.

This flexible strategy fosters organic growth of Instagram accounts and attracts clients in the same vein.

“In the digital world, organic growth equals sustainable growth.”

Parting Shot

To conclude, the Instagram algorithm needn’t be a naughty puzzle. We can all be friends by understanding and implementing simple tricks such as the one shared today. It’s all about testing, adapting, and eventually thriving.

Stay tuned for more tangible Instagram tips. In the meantime, let’s all conquer the Instagram algorithm together. Happy Instagramming!