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The Best Productivity Templates for online Entrepreneurs
The Best Productivity Templates for online Entrepreneurs

Business Training: How To Get A Lot More Of The Important Things Done (In Less Time)

Business Start Ideas - best productivity templates for online entrepreneurs

Business Start Ideas - best productivity templates for online entrepreneurs

Best Productivity Templates for online Entrepreneurs

The Life-Changing Mindset That Made This Man A Millionaire | T. Harv Eker

The Life-Changing Mindset That Made This Man A Millionaire | T. Harv Eker

If you ask me - I would recommend to start each day from 30 minute meditation just to make sure that my mind is working like a Millionaire Mind and My Subconscious works for me and not against me...

The problem is that your mind does not work on you in a way you think it should. What I mean? You probably think that your mind is constantly busy, trying to solve real life questions that arise in your life for the better? Yes it looks like you are right, but you are only half right. Read more about this here.

In the Book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"  you will learn how your childhood influences have shaped  your financial destiny and   how to identify your  own money blueprint and  revise  it to not only  create success, but more importantly - to keep and continually grow your financial success.

Ok - now we created good Mindset but what should you do each day as online entrepreneur for best productivity in your business? 

Best Productivity Templates for online Entrepreneurs

Now I will give you some insights on how to stay productive each day from my partner Matt who created one of the best business models in affiliate marketing business ever.

Changing your environment is a must too

I like to change  up the environment when I work  - I find that if you're working in the same environment then there's going to be certain triggers. Triggers which in that same environment get you back into your normal routine and if your normal routine which is not always that productive and not always let you concentrate.

For example if you're  constantly just reacting to gmail or to your  Facebook, then changing an environment it's often a really good idea.  Just go to new place with your notebook and spend next hour concentrating on 1 single task you must do first each day - like getting more traffic , as an example. 

Work in one hour blocks - concentration!

I think that a person can concentrate fairly well for one hour.

So just chose a place where you will spend this one hour and try to do your best with concentration on 1 single task for this hour. I'm talking about really just focused concentration but if you start going more than one hour you do lose that ability to concentrate. 

Concentrate on one core project

When you have money flowing into your business it makes everything so much easier to do.  I  know that sounds like a very obvious statement  but it does make everything easy because i remember when i started out on this industry those first couple of years when i got off to a slow start - my very first year when i had just about nothing coming in - psychologically that starts to eat away at you, because you think I've invested so much money and time and energy into this and I'm not really seeing a payoff. 

This is why a lot of you that's what you're doing - you're starting one thing and then you're moving on to the next. You start doing webinars because maybe two months ago on this webinar I was talking about how all of you you need to start doing webinar - so you start doing some webinars. But you don't really get good at it because before you have a chance to get good at it you've jumped on to the next thing.

Maybe you've gone and broad someone's course which is going to teach you about how to get traffic so you start working on that and then midway through that you buy someone else's course or you decide no I'm going to go and try this other traffic method now - you're just  Constantly moving from one project to the next.

Just like you just like just about all entrepreneurs i have a tendency to want to do lots of lots of things at the same time and to have the more going at the same time. But we need to have that mental discipline to just say no to most of those opportunities that come along and just focus on one or just a few core projects.

Focus on one big thing at a time

Focus on one big thing at a time when you're working those concentrated blocks of time for one hour you don't don't try and do several things. Don't try writing an email for 30 minutes and then moving on to placing ads for another 20 minutes and then checking Facebook for the remaining 10 minutes - don't work like that because that's not productive.

Instead use this one hour of time block idea and you've got to have the mental discipline and say - I'm only going to focus on this one thing. 

Consistent advertising is a must!

For most affiliates in any online business model the biggest challenge is going to be is having consistent advertising going out there. You really just need to focus on one traffic method. One -  don't be trying to do several, just focus on one. That's the very first thing you need to do - decide what your traffic method is going to be.

  1. Decide what paid traffic method will you do.
  2. Commit to investing a minimum amount every single day.
  3. And then get really good at it.

Watch Business Training: How To Get A Lot More Of The Important Things Done (In Less Time)

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