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How to Make $3000 Per Month With Easy1up and Reverse Engineering

How to Make $3000 Per Month With Affiliate Marketing By Reverse Engineering

Read this article and watch the video to learn how you can How to Make $3000 Per Month With Easy1up and revere engineering. Yes, we will create $3000 per month online business from scratch! Watch it now!

Reverse engineering is a really safe way how you can finally succeed in your business online.

I am going to show how you can start making at least $3000 per month using my simple FROM ZERO TO $100 PER DAY strategy and Daily Income Producing Activity easy to follow plan to reach this Income goal fast and with FREE TRAFFIC.

How to Make $3000 Per Month With Affiliate Marketing By Reverse Engineering

But let us talk about the main problem people face when it comes to How to Make Money Online …

The biggest problem that I see in affiliate marketing, MLM and online marketing niche is this – so many people struggle for a long time without seeing any results.
And this is why – they simply don’t actually know what to do daily to get results meaning Sales – daily..
They want to make some extra money from home, they know that they want to build a business from their computer and just make some money on the side but they simply don’t know what it takes exactly, what the actions are they have to take to actually get the results that they want.

This is why we will be actually reverse engineering $3000 per month success story… and create a business plan for you…


How to Make $3000 Per Month With Affiliate Marketing By Reverse Engineering

I learned this from was Tony Robbins – there’s just no reason to try to reinvent the wheel because the reality is that no matter what it is that you want to learn … there’s already somebody out there that’s doing it successfully!

So I will simply show you the system and strategy I use to make $300 to $600 per day and you will use same tools and resources I use to model your business, follow the strategy step by step to get same results or better.

This is why we will be actually reverse engineering $3000 per month success story… and create a business plan for you…

Use Esy1up Sales Funnel and Free Traffic Mastery to generate new leads and create new passive income streams using Easy1up business model, Clickfunnels affiliate program and Free Traffic from Facebook

Easy1up sales funnel and affiliate marketing system
How to make money with eay1up affiliate program

Click below to get access to FROM ZERO TO $100 PER DAY FUNNEL now:

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ClickFunnels review: is clickfunnels worth it?

Gena Babak Solo Ads Training: how to make money with Solo Ads

You purchased the book – what next?

You have purchased my PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT. Congratulations! But what is Next? Just Take Action!

It is very easy if you want your life to change for the better - you need to take action! Know you have knowledge what works - but Knowing is not enough! You must take action!

Remember you can not expect any positive changes in your life if you are doing the same things every single day. So let us move  on!

Just Take Action!!!

Step 1. First of all get in touch with me on Facebook and send me a Private Message - "Hi, Gena I purchased PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT and I am ready to start following the system and make money with you and your team!"


It is much better to work as a team so I created this group to work with my customers and friends.
Press this button below to Join

Step 3. Follow the blueprint
Now you have access to PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT Membership Aria and all the training videos. Start watching them and do what you supposed to do as it is shown in the lessons.
If you lost your access - below you will find the registration link

Step 4. Strategy Call with Gena Babak

Congratulations! You have made a great move to start making money online. The system really works, but If you would like to make progress in your new online business much faster - you may want to qualify to work with me personally. Do not panic - it is easy.

Please press the button below and fill in this Google form - I will check it and get in touch with you personally.

How to make money with automated sales funnels – Profit Tunnel Blueprint

                                                                   PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT  - Looking for the key to success? Well, look no more - Just Follow The Blueprint!

Learn How I Make Money With Automated Sales Funnels and Do The Same - just Follow the Blueprint!

Is it really possible to make money online?  This free report probably the fastest and easiest blueprint  into the world of making money online and you probably  ask  yourself simple question – can I do this and is this possible to make money from Internet? Well, If you would ask me, than my answer to this question is an unmitigated ‘yes’!!!

Let me be your partner and show what really works

Hey, let me introduce myself! 
My name is Gena Babak. I live in Kiev, Ukraine and I do not want to work - no, I am not a lazy guy... It is just I better prefer to dance than work. 

This is why I needed to find some way to get passive income - create passive income streams. And you know what? I did it! During the last 2 years I spent around $15000 buying different couching programs and high ticket offers programs starting from MOBE, Super Affiliate System and much much more.   

Why I need you?

You see - I need partners to works with. When I talk to real people - we make real money.  So this is the deal for you  - I will show you my best passive income programs and traffic sources just to show you how the systems work and I hope that you will get in touch with me, using Facebook and we will start working together as a team.  This is it - read below, watch my videos and follow the blueprint.

How to get in touch with me?
This is my FB Profile:
This is my FB Business Start Ideas group:

Change Your Mindset To Change Your Life!

Most People "THINK" they do not have money to start changing their lives. I want you to read this article and watch videos to realize why they are wrong and what to do about it...

Actually this is one of the main questions I usually get from my new subscribers and customers  - like, "Gena, I like what you teach and I like your passive income programs and traffic sources, but I do not have any budget to start my business now" and so on. 

 Well, you know what?

  • First of all Rich people use other people's money to finance their new projects - all you personally must have is DESIRE and knowledge or at least direction what you want to do.
  • The Secret is - its is all about the way you think - it is all about your mindset.
  • It Makes No Sense To Teach you my proven business model if you do not know why and how you should work with your mindset every single day.

This is why I want you to watch this videos and start changing your mindset - next you will see how your life is changing as well! 

In the Book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" you will learn how your childhood influences have shaped your financial destiny and how to identify your own money blueprint and revise it to not only create success, but more importantly - to keep and continually grow your financial success. Find this book and buy it  to learn. Now we are ready to start learning my PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT. 

Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel!


It is not a rocket science! 

Millions of people all over the world earn part or all of their income online. I’m not just talking about big companies by the way, but individuals working from the comfort of their own homes using websites they created to earn incredible sums of money every year, in and year out. When faced with this fact you might think that those people are math and computer geniuses? Again – no,  nothing could be further from the truth.
Earning significant income using the Internet doesn’t require any specific skill or a long history of becoming familiar with computers or the Internet itself. There is an incredible amount of information available to you to help you get started with your own profitable online business no matter how much or how little experience you may have.

What should You Expect ? Systems Work!

This is what I believe In – SYSTEMS WORK (when people fail)

Yes, in reality People fail – systems work. This is why we are going to use time proven and automated business systems (PROFIT TUNNELS) created and tested by experienced online marketers.


The System Is Explained - Why You Need Profit Tunnel

When I first started thinking how to make money online most people advised me to become a member of High Ticket Offer Program - like MOBE or Super Affiliate System. And you know what - I did!
Well, there is nothing wrong with High Ticket Offer Systems, but you have to have authority status (and knowledge) in your niche to be successful with this kind of BIZ OPP.

If you are not authority yet - you will not be able to attract people into high ticket offer program - they will not trust you. And this is not the only problem actually.

Most of the High Ticket Offer Programs Do Not spend time no money to teach newbies how to make money online and how to become authority in the niche. It takes time and money and a lot of efforts for newcomers.

  • This is why as the first step in my PROFIT TUNNEL System I use One of My Favorite Passive Income Programs (Funnel Franchise) which includes this kind of step by step education and support systems for newcomers.
  • Next stet is High Ticket Offer Program - you will get access to Business Start Ideas Membership Portal.
  • Next Step - we will connect all the programs into perfect PROFIT TUNNEL
  • Final step - TRAFFIC - I use Click Agency Traffic Program - you will get access to Click Agency program (so you will become traffic re-seller and start generating mot only leads, but also money from selling traffic).

What is PROFIT Tunnel?

Usually I call couple of my Sales funnels connected together as a PROFIT TUNNEL

  1. We start from the first funnel which give our client possibility not only to learn how to make money online using DFY (DONE FOR YOU) business model.
  2. Next I will add High Ticket Offer Sales Funnel - this is where the big money come into play...
  3. Next I use special software to connect both funnels
  4. As the final step I add my own traffic source to make money as a traffic agent as well.

Step 1. Funnel Franchise System – first step in our PROFIT Tunnel

I use Funnel Franchise System as the first Step which I promote in my bigger and a bit more complicated high ticket Business Start Ideas Sales Funnel and this is why…

At the very beginning of my main PROFIT TUNNEL l I want to have a System which:

  • Gives me fast return on my traffic investments (so I am be able to buy more traffic faster and create Big List of Subscribers)
  • Educates my clients about cons and pros of affiliate marketing and teaches basics of how to make money online
  • Gives me and my customers (partners) possibility to earn from multiple passive income sources
  • Has built in services which give me monthly recurring income
  • Has a matrix which enable me to make money from my customers efforts (Tier 2 Commissions)

                                                         And this is what Funnel Franchise System is and does for me!

Done For You Business and Marketing System

Watch this video to learn why I use Funnel Franchise as the fist Business and Marketing System and First Sales Funnel In my PROFIT TUNNEL BLUEPRINT

Very important – the very first step in the system must be free offer for your new potential customer

Funnel Franchise System Review promote the first page of the funnel

Funnel Franchise System Review promote the first page of the funnel

Your Business System also should offer great incentives to new members

This systems give people real chance to make passive income online:

Funnel Franchise system give a lot to a free member

Funnel Franchise system give a lot to a free member

Would you like to know How Much You Can Earn With Funnel Franchise System? Watch this Video Now.

Good and Clear ANALYTICS is a MUST!
You should see your numbers!

Another very important thing - you must have access to your stats to see how your business system works and what can be improved asap. Funnel Franchise System allows  you to see you results in the most convenient way.

Funnel Franchise System uses Paykickstart to accept payment and you will get great stat and analytics engine.

Step 2. Our Second Sales Funnel. Adding High Ticket offer…

Business Start Ideas As Your High Ticket Offer

As you know, You must have at least 1 High Ticker Offer in your products and services portfolio. The kind of offer which can bring you $1500 – $3000 from 1 single sale (watch this testimonial). 
So in a 7 – 10 days period I start sending my new subscribers letters promoting my High Ticket Offer – this is MYDOTCOM Franchise business which I am the owner of – BUSINESS START IDEAS.




Learn How To Start Your Own Business Online - Get Access To Professional Tools For Online Marketers.

Business start ideas is the higher level of online marketing – this is done for you business system that includes all you need to start your own business online and make good money:


This is how Business Start Ideas Membership Aria Looks Like

This is how Business Start Ideas Membership Aria Looks Like - MYDOTCOM FRANCHISE

This is how Business Start Ideas Membership Aria Looks Like - MYDOTCOM FRANCHISE

This business model potentially can bring you up to $1500 to  $150 000 in profit in a very short period of time like a couple of months – watch this testimonial.

It was created by Paul Lynch and generated him 10 000 000 dollars in first 2 years of implementation. Just follow this link to watch video testimonials from real people.

Step 3. Connecting 2 Sales Funnels Into a PROFIT TUNNEL with AW PRO TOOLS

AWPRO TOOLS - Connecting 2 Sales Funnels Into a PROFIT TUNNEL

AWPRO TOOLS - Connecting 2 Sales Funnels Into a PROFIT TUNNEL

Well, now we have 2 Sales Funnels  with automated AWEBER follow up Series of letters. It is time to connect them into a together into a Profit Tunnel. But how we can do it - easy!

Actually it is very easy to do – I use AW PRO TOOLS automation for this and this is how I do it:

  • All paid traffic goes to first free offer opt in page ( FUNNEL FRANCHISE) generating new leads to first sales funnel (FUNNEL FRANCHISE). My new subscribers will receive 14 letters of the follow up promotion.
  • At the end of the Legacy Follow Up Series they will automatically be subscribed to Business Start Ideas follow up Series of promotional letters for Business Start Ideas High Ticket Business Model.


In this case the only thing we need to do to start making money online is – we must simply promote the first page of our Automated Funnel Franchise System which looks like this:

So your next step - promote your affiliate link and start making money.

Below you will find my recommendations how you can promote your link using both free and paid traffic methods. But first create your traffic Plan.

Traffic Plan - Why You Need To Sell Traffic
(How to become a traffic reseller)

Who Else Needs Leads & Buyers - best paid traffic source review

Who Else Needs Leads & Buyers - best paid traffic source review

The main problem for most online marketers remains the same - they all need traffic. They start looking for best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing and with come the time they realize - they need best targeted traffic source on the planet to start making sales and real money.
This is where I can give them solution -  Yes, I sell them traffic… (and I will show How You Can Start Not Only Be a Traffic Buyer, but how you can become a One Of The Best Traffic Seller too!) which they capture as “leads” - and then those leads buy their product or join their opportunity… And they make money! THEN --- Rinse/Repeat!
They come back, buy MORE traffic from me… Get more leads, more signups, and more money. And I keep getting MORE COMMISSIONS every time I sell more traffic. They even recommend my traffic to their teams... Which makes me EVEN MORE commissions!
So, why should you care that I’m making so much money selling traffic online?
Because ---I’m inviting YOU to join me as a Traffic Reseller And ALSO get paid up to $3,200 per sale offering done-for-you traffic to the millions of online entrepreneurs all over the world.

Traffic Business  - How Does It work?

ClickAgent commissions - life changing experience

When you bring new client to Click Agency - you get 35 % commissions from this person FOR LIFE. To me this is real passive income stream and life changing experience! This is how it looks like inside your Click Agent Members Aria.

Paid traffic methods - best way to profit fast

If you want to get results faster – the best way to promote your Automated Sales Funnel Is using the Paid Traffic Sources.

Looking for buyer traffic? click agency is the best source of buyers traffic

This is My Favorite Paid Traffic Source #1:

Advertising for up to 72 different companies for last 10 years  - we give you all you need to generate unique visitors from Top Tier countries. We target BUYERS within Make Money Online Niche.

Traffic Plan
what you should do and what you should not...

This is My Favorite Paid Traffic Source #2: UDIMI review

Great news - with UDIMI you can find great Solo Ad provider and start from getting high quality targeted clicks for as low as $35 budget!

Getting Best Targeted Traffic Is A Must! UDIMI is time tested proven and popular paid traffic source. Watch this video, press button below to register and generate traffic to any of your affiliate links. Buy traffic starting from $30 and send it to your Automated Business System Funnel.

Free Traffic Methods - The Real Buyers traffic

Step 1. Join Buyers Groups After NEW Product Launch

This is quite obvious thing  - if we want buyers traffic than we need to find real buyers. Where can we find them?

As you know most of the product creators (vendors) use Facebook groups to collect their buyers after purchase. This is how it looks like - usually you will see this invitation in your membership aria on the first page.

Product vendors use Facebook groups to offer their buyers new products and services and to answer questions after purchase.

This is why it is important for them to collect as many buyers inside their Facebook group as it is possible.

We will find most of the Buyers in the group - and if you buy $10 front end product - you will get the most fresh and REAL Buyers for your niche on the planet.

Join Clickfunnels Official Group - get access to more advanced marketers

Another way is to join groups like CLICKFUNNELS Official Group.

Clickfunnels is not cheap and is used by more experienced marketers - so you will definitely find there great like minded people - offer them your friendship as well.

This is why I love Facebook - Facebook actually gives us all we need to promote our offers for free!

Step 2. Ad Members as your friends - send them a private message!

Ok . This is what I do next. I watch members of the group (watch their profiles one by one ) and if I see potentially interesting person - I send him or her friend request. Below you will find my text:
HI, Gena Babak here. We are together in the Your Breakthrough With Kenny Cannon FB group.
I see we have a similar interests, so I sent you a friend request. Please approve it. I Just want to meet you.
Also - what is you main Business Opportunity? Does it pay nice to you?
Below is my BIZOP Plan (working fine so far) - take a look when you have time and ask any questions:
>>>Click this link<<<
Please feel free to join my FB Group (Business start Ideas - tools for professional Online Marketers):

Free traffic methods - Facebook traffic from "Make money online" groups

Get Free Traffic to your offer – promote it on Facebook!

The easiest way to promote your new business is post to “make money online or home business” kind  Facebook groups. Just create a nice looking image explaining the idea of your new business and post it every day to your niche related FB Groups. This is how your post may look like:



This is how I do my Free promotion on Facebook

When I receive a new commission paid notification I create screenshot of it and post it in my Business Start Ideas Group as well as in “Make money online” FB Groups. This is how it looks like:

How to post in Facebook Make money online groups

How to post in Facebook Make money online groups

Follow UP Letters - your money printing machine

  • first you collect new leads into your autoresponder using the bridge page before your main offer  page (I use AWEBER)
  • you prepare the serious of letters which should not only contain promotional materials for your funnel’s main offer but must also include different related offers from Clickbank, JVZOO and other systems
  • every day send your subscribers newsletter  just to keep in touch

Make BIG MONEY - UseYour List

After I collected subscribers to my main autoresponder List I start sending them letters, promoting not very expansive offers with good conversion rate.



Broadcasting  your List is a must!

If you constantly work with your follow ups - even one letter can easily bring you $100 and more much more money...

Broadcasting your List is a must - profit tunnel review by Gena Babak

Broadcasting your List is a must - profit tunnel review by Gena Babak

Most of the BIG Names in online marketing use AWEBER autoresponder service - click the button below to start your free trial now.

From now on all you need to do – is drive traffic to your first squeeze page of the PROFIT TUNNEL – the opt in page with Your Free Offer.  Next you should work on your numbers.



This is the most important part of your new online business - this is where and how you create your business in real life. You should know your stats - your most important numbers in your business CPL vs PPL.

What is CPL?

CPL = COST PER LEAD - this is how mush you spend to attrect new lead into your system = to get your new potential customer.

What is PPL?

PPL = Profit Per Lead - is how much in average your lead pays you in profit when you use your Profit Tunnel. As soon as your Lead in average gives you more profit than you spend on getting this lead = you finally make money online = you created profitable PROFIT TUNNEL and you use proven Traffic Source. 

Next you simply work to make your PROFIT TUNNEL even better in terms of conversion and generating sales.

You need no more information, no more trick  - just use this system, get, learn and improve your numbers.

What if you do not have much money to start your online business now?

If you do not have much money at the moment to invest in your new funnels and to pay to GURUs for coaching - pay close attention to this BONUS # 1 below - this is your best way to start getting real passive income very fast - time tested!




You may not even believe It, but It is true – this company pays you when you advertise with them!

This is how it works:

  • step 1 – go here and register your free account
  • step 2 – buy your first $50 ad pack = for this money you will get 800 views for any of your affiliate offers or any page of your site
  • step 3 – spend 10 min a day watching 10  promo ads from other people = for this you will get up to 1 % profit on your ad packs 

In short – on any $50 invested in your adpacks you will get $60 in return if you follow the rules + you get 800 views for you ads!

Watch How I Get Over 1000 People to My Site Every Day and get paid for it using FUTUREADPRO!

Yes,  when you invest in your ad packs and do some small work every day you not only get payed for your work but you also get 800 views for you own ads - use it!

PRO TIP 1. Using PUSH notifications

Use this system to promote your blog but first install PUSH notifications to collect new leads into your PUSH NOTIFICATIONS system – this is the future of online marketing.

install PUSH notifications to collect new leads into your PUSH NOTIFICATIONS system

install PUSH notifications to collect new leads into your PUSH NOTIFICATIONS system

PRO TIP 2. Best Autoresponders

No meter how hard it is for you to start your new online business financially these tools you must have on board from your day 1 in online marketing business

  • autoresponder
  • tracking software to track your links

Resources you may need for your online business:


PRO TIP 3. Best Tracking System

ClickMagik tracking system review by Gena Babak

ClickMagik tracking system review by Gena Babak

I use Clickmagic – to track all my links

Join Business Start Ideas Facebook Group 



Learn more tips and tricks from me and my team On  How to make money online