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Super Affiliate System Review

The expansion and progress of Affiliate Marketing in the global business remain notable. It already gained a huge part in the marketing world and is continually increasing its popularity. It is commonly sought after for a possible source of passive income but with the number of companies and people choosing it as an effective way to earn, it has become a full-blown online business which has helped more and more people to earn worldwide.

The commission-based business models already existed long ago. You influence the buyer to purchase your partner’s products and in turn you earn commissions. With the rise of internet, this long existing business model is now called Affiliate Marketing.

People are even becoming more and more curious about Affiliate Marketing that its search interest in Google rose by 30% from September 2016 to September 2017. And it is predicted that U.S. spend on Affiliate Marketing is expected to rise to $6.8 billion. People are seeing how this business has grown over the years and quickly realizing its big potential to make money.

This business works and has changed a lot of lives just like the life of John Crestani who is now an internationally renowned expert in Affiliate Marketing! He created the Super Affiliate System which was previously known as Internet Jetset System. It is a complete affiliate marketing course for everyone. Everything that you need to know on how to start and how to earn through Affiliate Marketing are provided by this training course.

In fact, it has created a lot of successful students including five 7-figure marketers!

If you are like John who is dissatisfied with his life before being in the corporate world, trying to escape the 9-5 rat race and just wanting to have your own way and live your life the way you want to, Super Affiliate System can help you, just like affiliate marketing changed his life that he’s now living the dream and helping a lot of people to do the same with this training course.

The Good Points:

1. John Crestani is real and authentic unlike other program offers or products that have fake founders. This is John Crestani, who has made a lot of success for himself and has helped a lot of people become successful because of his course. He is an entrepreneur who was featured on Forbes, Affiliate Summit and Yahoo Finance in addition to large news networks like FOX and CBS.

2. His training course not only offers you an in-depth discussion about affiliate marketing, you will also learn about mindset. To be successful, having the right mindset is everything. If you doubt yourself from the beginning, you will have a hard time achieving your goals, instead focus on your capability and believe in yourself.

3. It is a step-by-step training that is easy to follow and understand. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry because you don’t need specific expertise to learn Affiliate Marketing and earn through it.

4. This program is promoted by top marketers proving its authenticity and effectivity.

5. It has useful marketing tools and resources that teach students about traffic sources and how to effectively market products with proven tactics and methods to making money online.

6. The Super Affiliate System is committed to make successful students teaching them to create a business for themselves through profitable affiliate campaigns. Creating engaging ads that work, downloadable presell page templates and access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues are all included in the training.

7. John will help you have an online business in any niche and generate sales numbers.

8. He focuses to teach you core skills like copywriting, data analysis and research. These skills are the pillar of how to effectively market products online.

9. It has many positive reviews and testimonials.

The Bad Points:

1. You will be needing your own computer or laptop to have the program.

2. The product cost may be pricey, but the course is jam-packed with all the data that you need to start and make your own affiliate marketing business a success. This product works which makes it worth your money.

Should You Get It?

Paid advertisings and Affiliate Marketing can help you. It’s a proven way towards success. It’s not complicated, it’s a simple business model that can be sum up with John Crestani’s words “Your Job as an Affiliate Marketer is to do a Better Job of Selling the Product than the Merchant Itself”.

If you want to level up your life, Super Affiliate System is a great tool to make it come true. Stop continually escaping from the Corporate Life and start living your dream by learning from the expert who experienced the same stress, dissatisfaction, frustration and exhaustion that you are feeling. John Crestani is now successfully running an internet business anywhere in the world and loving the freedom that he has.

So, if you would like to achieve time and financial freedom, check out the Super Affiliate System today!

12 Minute Affiliate Review and DEMO plus Testimonials

12 Minute Affiliate
12 Minute Affiliate Review and DEMO plus Testimonials

Read my 12 Minute Affiliate Review and watch DEMO and also watch some  Testimonials from real people who used this program to start making money online.
There are a lot of daily income opportunities online and one of them is Affiliate Marketing Business. With my 12 minute affiliate review you will learn that affiliate marketing is an online business and using this system it may be not complex because. We use a simple concept of earning affiliate commissions by promoting an affiliate products from Clickbank, JVZOO or Warrior Plus. And yet a lot of newbie online marketers  fail doing it right. Now this is why The 12 Minute Affiliate Program is so important – you can make affiliate commissions faster and easier if you start using this system.

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a plug and play system that only takes 12 minutes to set up for it to be up and running. It emphasizes that affiliate marketing can be done easily and making money through it is achievable. With 12 Minute Affiliate, making money online becomes easy as 1-2-3 with ZERO techy skills and ZERO prior experience required.

You will have access to a one or complete set of sales funnels that will help you build an email list which you can send your offers and promotions to and make money as an affiliate. With this system you can easily earn commissions in the biggest and most profitable niche markets such as Make Money Online, Health and Fitness, and Personal Development.

Who is the Creator of 12 Minute Affiliate Program?

The man behind this breakthrough system is Devon Brown. He is a well-known internet marketer, who has another product called Webcopycat. He is an entrepreneur and believes that success really does not happen overnight because it took him around 7 years to figure out how to successfully earn money online. That is why he is sharing this powerful system because this can give you the best chance to succeed in affiliate marketing without spending 7 years to figure out how.

He has created other systems that has helped thousands of people and is known in the Internet Marketing Industry, so you can be sure that his system works and is not a scam.

How to use 12 Minute Affiliate Affiliate Marketing System?

After purchasing the system, you will get a step-by-step instruction on how to start. In the member’s area, there are various products you can choose from, that you can promote depending on the niche you selected. After choosing the products, you can follow the 3 simple steps for affiliate marketing success:

Step 1 – Personalize the System

This means adding your affiliate link to the products you will be promoting so that the commission goes to you.

Step 2 – Order Website Visitors
This means adding done-for-you traffic that only takes as little as 2 minutes. Order website visitors to an automated system that does all the selling.

Step 3 – Collect your Affiliate Commissions
This means keeping 100% of your earnings when you have made a sale. You can even let the system follow up leads for you automatically.

12 Minute Affiliate Review and DEMO plus Testimonials

12 Minute Affiliate Review and DEMO plus Testimonials


1. Simple system that activates in as short as 12 minutes.

2. You can build an email list quickly and easily.

3. It uses automation to follow up your leads for months.

4. Perfect for newbie and intermediate marketers who either want to start affiliate marketing business or upgrade their earning potential.

5. This is a business model that really works if done right.

6. It is an easy system with easy to do instructions, absolutely ZERO experience needed.

7. Positive reviews from online marketers.

8. Backed with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked!

9. You are given access to a private Facebook Page once your system is up and running where you can interact with other entrepreneurs and online marketers. A great way to connect and share tips.

10. Regular invites to FREE private trainings to accelerate your success.


1. It needs reliable internet connection.

2. Results may vary!


Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate way to earn online and 12 Minute Affiliate is a powerful system that can make earning easier with affiliate marketing using profitable niches. And this system really works as proven by positive reviews by online marketers who have tried and tested it. Moreover, the guy behind the system is real and is a well-known digital marketer who has spent years finding the right tools and the right methods to effectively earn online.

There is no risk involved since the product is backed by a money back guarantee and you will have the needed support from members of a community who is just like you venturing on Affiliate Marketing and wanting to earn money from it. So, if you want to live the life you want and have an online business that can offer you time and financial freedom, say yes to this system.

Play To Earn: Online Game Affiliate Programs

Originally from: https://www.affilorama.com/blog/play-to-earn-online-game-affiliate-programs

I am not an “avid gamer” but I have a keen interest in the gaming industry. Since it is becoming a popular niche these days, I am very much interested to know if this niche can provide a good return on investment (ROI).

For non-gamers (like me), It may be difficult to promote a trending niche that you know little about. And while it is easier to pick a niche that you love, or at least know, it is also equally important that you look for niches that are current, hot, and trending too. Just like the saying, “strike while the iron is hot”, the same is true for niche picking.

If you find yourself struggling with your chosen niche, always remember that everything can be learned. You just need to set your mind to explore and learn new things and eventually you’ll get up to speed. So, without further ado, let’s learn together the potentials of the online gaming industry in affiliate marketing.

Niche Definition

Online Gaming Industry Analysis

What are online games? There are approximately 376 million results for this question in Google.

Wikipedia defines online games as a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the Internet or another computer network. Online games are ubiquitous on modern gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

Simply put, the online gaming industry is huge in terms of the different types of games played. Every game that you can download or you can access online is part of this industry. In affiliate marketing, this is good news. The more choices available, the more chances for you to earn well, even in a competitive niche.

I have discovered some really pretty good informational gaming website like PC Gamer and Game Informer. Both sites are huge in terms of content and outreach. Both websites have also established themselves in the gaming industry, which helps us see that the niche is not just a fad, but a trend that is growing over time.

Before conducting an extensive research for ANY industry, you need to at least have a list of topics and sub-topics on hand so it will be easier for you to gather data.

You can browse online and look for websites catered to online games to see how well they do in terms of traffic. Take for example Gnome Stew, which is a game review blog. You can head over to SimilarWeb to check out the site's traffic:



I am just using the free version of the tool, which is enough for me to get a glimpse of how well the site is doing in terms of traffic. Looking at the table above, you can see that the traffic has declined but still the numbers are looking good. I can also see in the Traffic Share section that mobile browsing and PC browsing are quite close in terms of reach, with the mobile browsing experience reaching a slightly higher portion of people (54.45%). This is why it's so important to design a mobile-friendly site.

You can conduct this simple competitor search to give you an idea how well the sites are doing in terms of traffic. You can also use the information from SimilarWeb to design your marketing strategy for the niche. Speaking of competitors, is the online gaming niche in demand? Let’s read further below.


In or Out?

Google Trends show a consistently high rate of worldwide interest for the term “online games”. You can see from the graph below that there is high search interest for online games over a 12-month period:



If you switch the graph to a span of 5 years, however, there is a huge decline in searches for the term “online games”, as shown below:



The decline, however, does not mean that this niche is not popular at present. As you can see in the last 12 months, there is still a huge interest for the term: online games.

Since I am faced with completely opposing data in Google Trends, I will head to BuzzSumo to check how popular the term “online games” is in social media sites:



The top 5 results in BuzzSumo show quite a large number of shares across social media sites. More to this, you can see the trending topics as well. In the top 5 results, you can see that online golf games are trending on social media sites. You can also use this information in coming up with a good sub-niche.

NOTE: The keyword used on popularity research makes a difference to the data gathered. This means that the keyword “online games” will have a different popularity result than the keyword “PC gaming”. The results will vary depending on the keyword you used. Since the online game industry is large, it is best to be very specific with your research.  For this niche, you can try to research the popularity score using product names like Temple Run or Candy Crush.

If you like to know the overall popularity of online games without using too many industry-related keywords that may confuse you, the best way to do this is to read online articles or blogs that provide survey reports on the niche you are working on. Like NewZoo’s article report about the Global Game Market here. Based from the report, I have jotted down 3 important facts that we can use for this niche:

  • By 2020, the mobile gaming will represent more than half of the total games market
  • The console gaming segment performed better than expected in 2016 thanks to console manufacturers, publishers, and consumers embracing of a variety of digital business models
  • Revenues for both PC gaming segments are anticipated to drop slightly in the coming year. PC browser revenues have been decreasing since 2015 because of the transition of casual gaming to mobile devices.

These data can help me pick specific games that are forecast to rise in the coming years and at the same avoid products that will become “un-popular”.

Keyword Research

Basic keyword research using Affilotools

The keyword research is as important as market and popularity research. Never skip this task off your list of to-dos since all your content and marketing efforts will be based on how well you pick your keywords.

For beginners, I recommend you use Affilotools keyword research section. It is a very straightforward and easy-to-use SEO tool for everyone. To start, you can register for free then simply set-up Affilotools by adding your website to begin using the tools.

Once you are done setting-up Affilotools, head to the keyword research tool under Research> Keywords at the left menu panel. Enter the keyword/s in the keyword box, set your preferred search engine, and then click the “search” button to continue. Here’s a complete guide to do keyword research in Affilotools.

You will see your results page like this:


You can easily see the list of keywords by simply looking at the data in the columns. If you are only doing free traffic (SEO), you may simply refer to the Local Volume and Competition columns for your target keywords. If you will be doing ads you may refer to the CPC data for reference.

The keyword “online games” has a total of 47 keyword matches and has 200 related keywords in Affilotools. You may choose from these lists your target keywords by simply referring to the competition column.

It is easier to pick your keywords based on competition because Affilotools uses a color coding system for easy, medium, and high competition keywords: green- easy, orange- medium, and red- high. For tips on how to do proper keyword research, you can head over to our forum discussion here.

Affiliate Programs

Our Top Picks

There are A LOT of online game affiliate programs to choose from but here’s our top pick for this niche:


1. GameStop

One of the most popular and largest retailers of online games. You can take advantage of the wide options that GameStop provides. They have games for different platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, or PC. Since GameStop has over 4,000 stores, the value and competitiveness of their products plus their customer service are beyond par.

How much can I make?
Not specified. You may contact their customer support for assistance.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here.


2. GameFly

Another affiliate vendor that provides huge selection of games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS, and other older versions. Unlike the previous affiliate, GameFly is available on both browser and on iPhone, making it easier for members to buy, rent, and play games.

How much can I make?
You can earn 15% or more for free trial or pre-paid subscription. 5% per sale for new console games. 10% on used console games.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here as a CJ affiliate.


3. SoftGames

SoftGames is operated by Mesh Digital Limited in Germany that offers a wide array of HTML5 games that you can easily embed and promote to your website.

How much can I make?
You need to contact the vendor for the payout details.

How do I apply?
You can sign up here.

Zygor Guides

4. Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides provides cheat sheets on World of Warcraft. The website also provides remote support and community support, which is a plus factor for the members you refer.

How much can I make?
You can earn 50% commission per sale.

How do I apply?
You must be a ClickBank member to promote the product. You can sign up here.

Video Games Pay My Bills

5. Video Games Pay My Bills

VGPMB is a good affiliate website for natural gamers who would like to earn money with their hobby.

How much can I make?
You can earn a $50 to $100 per sale.

How do I apply?
You can sign up on the vendor’s website.



Get Players to Your Site

And now we come to the challenging task of link building and inbound marketing. This, like content creation, can be outsourced to professionals – for a fee. If you have the resources, then go ahead and outsource. Still, make sure you have at least a basic understanding of how SEO, link-building and marketing work so that you will be able to monitor the link-building work being done on your site.

Outsourcing or not, make sure to have a link building strategy in place. You can hand this over to the person who will do the link building for you. At the very least, you have a guide to refer to when it's time to drive traffic to your site.


Content Strategy

You would think that having a site about online games, you won't need to bother much with content. But you do, because there's plenty to know about a game. Like a good strategy on how to get past a difficult level, for one thing. A review of a new game is something gamers frequently look out for, too.

Content strategy is about having a game plan for your site's content, from research until the content is published on your site. Having a plan gives you time to think about the kind of content to present on your site in between updates.


Blog and Forum Commenting

This method is time consuming, but the effects are long-term, making the effort well worth it. There are plenty of gaming forums you can frequent to interact with fellow gamers and offer recommendations.

It's a great place to learn about the online gaming niche, too. You can find out what games have a lot of followers, and which keywords are frequently used in relation to specific games.


Online Games Affiliate Programs

Child's Play?

Want to start your own affiliate site? AffiloBlueprint shows you how. Step by step!

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GameStop (Small) GameFly (Small) SoftGames (Small) Zygor Guides (Small) Video Games Pay My Bills (Small)
contact vendor

5%- 15%

contact vendor




With all that competition, the online games niche is definitely no child's play. This is a niche that requires careful planning and strategy. All niches do, but all the more for this niche because: one, there are plenty of gaming sites out there that will most likely have similar content to yours, so you need to be creative on the content you will publish on your site; two, you need to be smart with link building and how you drive traffic to your site. Don't just bring people into the site, bring people who are interested in playing and subscribing to games.

So, no, this niche is not for the faint-hearted. The commissions you'll get are good. But if you're looking something more substantial than a few dollars a sale, then this is not the niche for you.

But if you have a site about games or gaming, and have not monetized it, then take your pick from the above. It's never too late to start earning from your website.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Niche of the Week! Would you be interested in going into this niche? Are there any niches you want featured here? Just leave a comment and let me know!


PS: You can now create your own niche website the easy way by getting our top-selling course in affiliate marketing. Subscribe to our AffiloBlueprint course now to head start your affiliate marketing journey!