Super Sales Machine review: business in a box for affiliate marketers

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It all starts from a single sales page (NEWBIE LESSONS) and you would never known how dip and profitable this hole funnel is!

This product is the front end product of great Sales Funnel SUPER SALES MACHINE!

The price is $19 and it is easy to sell because what you are offering in NEWBIE LESSONS is 300 + "How To" Tutorials covering all the basics of Internet marketing.


Simply he best affiliate program in the world featuring:

  1. How would you like to join an affiliate program that pays you LIFETIME
    commissions... just by giving away free stuff?
  2. How would you like to receive commissions through MULTIPLE networks
    including Zaxaa, ClickBank and JVZoo using one special affiliate link without having to manually request approval for new products?
  3. How would you like to get paid for NEW product launches and promotions that you will NEVER have to promote to your referrals?
    With the Super Sales Machine Partner Program that's now possible!

How does it work?

The creators of SUPER SALES MACHINE affiliate program have put together a very smart system that allows you to promote one link and get credited on 100s of products and services for life.

You won't need to promote 100+ products individually and you don't have to send out 100s of emails to your readers because our system takes care of that.

All you have to do is give away free content using one unique affiliate link. That's it! From there we'll work hard to convert your leads into sales and present them with irresistible offers.

What happens to my leads that I refer?

Letter from creators:
"If you're concern about promoting a landing page - don't be. Here's why. What we've found is that there is more profit to be made selling our own products. It gives us full control of our business and provides customers will an excellent buying experience and a sense of consistency. That last thing we want to do is promote an affiliate offer and lose the connection with our buyers."

The leads that you refer to SUPER SALES MACHINE system are yours for life.
It's our job to simply continuously convert them into sales over a long period of time and share the profit with you.

How much can I earn?

SUPER SALES MACHINE has over 100 offers available ranging from $7 to $497 with deep sales funnels and offer anywhere from 50% to 75% of the sale. There is potential for you to make well over $1,500 per lead!

How much you will earn will depend on many factors. If you've built an online presence, distributed quality content, cultivated a following on social media, or built a responsive list then you'll very likely see profits within the first marketing message you send out.
On the other hand if you're buying cold traffic from over-used solo ads providers or spamming your link without providing any real value then you've unlikely to get any results.

Take a look what people say :

When and how to I get paid?

Because SUPER SALES MACHINE system use multiple payment processors there are different ways in which you receive commissions.

The majority of our promotions are done through Zaxaa. Any referrals that purchase any of our products or services over time will get credited to your Zaxaa affiliate account.

Once the 30 day refund period has passed, we pay you via PayPal at the beginning of every month. You can check your sales by logging to your Zaxaa affiliate account at any time to see what you are owed.

Many of our follow-up promotions are made through ClickBank. ClickBank commissions will be paid out automatically on a weekly/bi-weekly basis by direct deposit or check. If your account is in good standing, ClickBank will allow you to choose the a weekly deposit via direct deposit.

Our product launch events are done through JVZoo. JVZoo commissions are paid out instantly via PayPal at the point of sale. 

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. We've made this so simple that even a green newbie can start profiting from this partner program immediately!

There are a few things you'll need to do first such as register for a PayPal, Zaxaa, ClickBank and JVZoo account so you can get paid through all our networks. You'll then need to update your profile with your IDs and then generate your unique affiliate link. From there you can start using all our ready-made tools and resources to promote your link.

Don't worry, if you're new to this, it's very straight forward. Just take your time and follow the simple instructions on the next page...

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