Solo ads for affiliate marketing 2022. The truth about solo ads.

Looking for a way to get started with affiliate marketing on your own? In this video, I'll show you how to create solo ads for affiliate marketing. After watching this video, you'll know what are solo ads and where to buy them. Bonus - learn how to join my traffic business!
What if you could have a product that makes you money and builds your list by solving traffic problems for other online marketers at the same time?! Is it even possible? Yes, It is! This is exactly what my LeadGenWizards does for you. You can proudly share my LeadGenWizards with your friends since it solves 2 biggest problems of any online marketer: - how to get more traffic; - how to make money not selling anything!


If you are in affiliate marketing, sooner or later you will start using solids. OK, in this video I will share with you everything I know about solar ads for affiliate marketing and my full time online marketer, business coach and solar vendors. So you will learn a lot. Actually, you'll learn everything you need to know about paid traffic and especially about solo ads for your business. So let's dive in. Cool guys. So you're probably thinking, OK, Gina, what is selling out and how to use it? So this is how it works. OK guys, solo ads you buy when you need traffic to build your list or you want to test your funnel cake for conversion to make sales. OK, so you need to buy traffic to send this traffic to your to your optin page. OK and for this we use solar adds there, there are so-called solar adventurers. OK, solar vendor. This is a guy who has a bigger list, much bigger list than you, OK? And who knows that when he sends, let's say a Ali, an e-mail to his list, he will get at least 100 clicks or more, OK, from people who are already looking for make money online nature opportunities or something like that. OK, this is very important because actually this will save you a lot of time, OK? It's very it's very hard to get traffic from Facebook. From YouTube and even from Tik T.O.K, it takes it takes days, weeks and months. But when you buy traffic from the guy who already has this traffic has a big list, OK? And these people are like hot leads because they are already looking for business opportunities. OK, this is this is how the fastest way how you can get your traffic really fast. OK. So where can you buy solo ads? Well, there are different opportunities for that and the most, let's say. Most people simply buy for buy from reading. Reading is a place where you can find a lot of vendors get traffic really fast. But the problem with Udemy, the quality of leads is not really high because you need to understand one thing. So like let's say you are a traffic vendor and you have a list, OK? And people are buying traffic from you like each and every day like in hundreds or even in thousands. OK, so this list. Which you have these people, they are bombarded by by your emails, OK? And they after after the guy purchased this traffic and he got these people to his list OK. The problem is that they are still being bombarded by different opportunities and offers from the same vendor who sold this traffic to you. OK, so This is why you need to realize so from you, you need to have like like really cool offer you know to. To to to to work with so these people would buy from you eventually. OK, but still still this is an opportunity to get traffic fast. Next thing, I'd also recommend you to choose to test the test traffic from genus leads. Genus leads. This is my personal salad business, OK? I've been in this business for five years plus and the difference between Udemy and my traffic, for example that I you. You can actually choose which traffic to buy. I have least for regular people and I have a buyers list, bars list, and the most important part. OK guys, again. I decided to create my legion lizard regeneration wizard to help online marketers. Actually not only to buy traffic, but also to be rewarded. As the traffic vendor, actually, I invite you to join my traffic business. Guys, if you're like me, you hate buying traffic quickly, but still you need to do this OK to if you want to grow your business, OK? And this was actually the main idea for me when when when I was creating my region visa I decided to to to create a way for each and every affiliate marketing marketer not only to get like bars traffic OK, but also to be rewarded to start making profits to start making sales OK with the traffic business. OK and this is how it works. OK, you can probably share legend wizard with your friends because it solves 2 biggest problems for online marketers. How to get more traffic and how to make more money not selling anything. OK, so with Legion, visit what you do. You simply choose your package which you can afford. OK, if you afford to spend 100 bucks per month to just choose 100 bucks package. If you can afford to spend 300 bucks, you choose 300 bucks per month package. OK, but the idea is not only you will be, actually you'll get your leads. But you will get access to affiliate program of Region Wizard. And when you share Legion wizard with your friends, you'll start making commissions. And you'll make you'll you'll be making money every time somebody, I mean you're referral, buys traffic from from Legion wizard, from me. OK, so this is how immediately you join my traffic business. The idea is simple. Let's say you invited the guy again. You know, selling. Just just share the link for free training, OK? You just share the link for free training for Legion. Is it free training? OK. They come and see the training and they decide whether to join or not. So the idea is that when they join and start buying traffic, see on a different packages like 100 bucks, 300 bucks, 600 bucks you can make from 600 bucks peripheral. If you're buying 303 hundred clicks per month, you can make up to 800 bucks per referral. If you're buying 600, you can make more than 1000 bucks per one guy per referral. OK, so again, no sailing. No sailing, you just sharing the your affiliate link which leads to Legion visit free training. OK with people this can be low ticket offers. Higher ticket offers this can be. Facebook group for click funnels for Low ticket offers for high ticket offers for affiliate marketing for beginners doesn't matter. Everybody needs traffic and this is how we actually use solve your traffic problem because when people join and buy traffic using your referral link, OK, you start making money and you reinvest this money to buy more traffic for your business, OK? OK guys. So now you know not only how to buy, so let's for affiliate marketing, but also how you can join so that business actually almost as a vendor. OK, so just find your links down below in the description and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Talk to you soon.