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Setting up Builderall Funnel for Funnel Franchise system - Affiliate marketing for beginners

Setting up Builderall Funnel for Funnel Franchise system

The First step is an overview of who this setup process is for and also to ensure that you understand the difference in which email address you are going to be using as your sender email. Once you completed this step simply move to step 2.

Step 2 - MailingBoss Settings + Verify Domain

In this step we do the basic settings on your MailingBoss account.

If you still did not register you new MailingBoss account - simply click this button below. Also click to read more about MailngBoss in my review

In this step we do the basic settings on your MailingBoss account.

This is your name and sender details. You must use a real address in order to pass the CANN spam act so please use a real one.

Also we will be verifying the domain with SPF Validation and DKIM records.

This in-turn will dramatically increase your deliverability once again.

NOTE: Warning! – Some of this is slightly technical so please pause the video as we go and implement what I’m doing.

Read my Uniregistry review to learn more about one of the best domain managers available now.
Uniregistry allows you to manage your names in a very user friendly way. They say Uniregistry is the best way to manage your domain names. Click below to grab your domain. 

Step 3 - Create a List + Request Follow Ups

First login to your Funnel Franchise account and go to FUNNEL SET UP OVERVIEW - HOW TO SET UP BUILDERALL FUNNEL

NOTE: Once you have created your list as shown in the video above simply enter in your Builderall Account Email Address into the box below (This is the email address you use to log into Builderall).

Please allow a few hours for the Follow Up transfer to take place. Once its done you will see it in your account.

In the meantime move onto the next step where we will be setting up your funnel and editing the required pages.

Step 4. Import Your Funnel + Edit Pages

This next step is where you get to use the 1 click import feature to place my entire funnel into your Builderall account.

Firstly make sure you are logged into your builder account in another Tab.  
Click Here To Log into your Builderall account (Will Open in a New Tab)

Then watch the video for full instruction and click the button below to transfer the funnel into your account.

The next thing we will also be doing is making the required edits to the pages.

IMPORTANT: Watch the video above for full instructions..

Step 5. Connect Your List To The Squeeze Page

In this step we will be connecting your Squeeze Page opt-in box to your new list in your Mailing Boss account.

This is a very simple process and you’ll find all the step in the video above.

If for some reason you still want to use Aweber or Getresponse with the Builderall funnel then you will see the training on connecting to the opt in box in the Additional Training area and FAQ’s Page.

Go ahead watch the setup video above and get your list connected.

Step 6. Setup Your Builderall Tracking

In this step we setup tracking and also add a Social Proof App to out page..

We will be tracking Opt-Ins and Button clicks.

I have also place an image to use with the Social Proof app below as well.

Simply right click on the image and select save as. Then save it on your PC ready to be used.

Step 7. Edit Your Follow Ups

The next step is to edit the follow ups that should be in your account by now.

If they are not there please wait a little time and if they still don’t come please submit a support ticket and we will see why.

Generally when you log into your mailing boss account and go to Campaigns you will see the follow ups in your account.

Simply follow the steps in the video above

Step 8. Whats Your Promo Link & Testing

Congratulations you are all setup, after you have tested your funnel simply move onto the traffic training and get started..