How to Save Time and Automate your Email Marketing with Drip Campaigns.

How to Save Time and Automate your Email Marketing with Drip Campaigns.

Read this article if you want to learn about Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation using Drip Campaigns.

Usually we use AWEBER to build our List but with come the time we understand that there must be something more  powerful for List Building and List Marketing Automation. So meet DRIP.

What is Drip and why do you need it?

If you have ever had questions about How  To Send  the right messages  at the right time .. to the right people than Drip campaigns (Drip workflows) are your answer.  

Drip workflows allow you to build ,  view  and automate your customer’s (subscriber's actually) entire journey as they sign up for your list,  purchase products  and take a number of other actions.

Drip helps you to send welcome emails,  proactively address cart abandonment and more with the power of Drip workflows.



Tag Subscribers Based on their Action: 

With DRIP you can Tag your subscribers based on their actions...

With DRIP automation engine you can to apply tags to your subscribers when they perform particular actions! What actions? Actions  such as:

-  visiting a page on your website,
- clicking a link in an email,
- making a purchase or any other custom event you send to Drip.

DRIP also supports unlimited custom fields (such as "name" and "phone") on all your subscribers.

Sending Targeted Emails...

With DRIP  Finding just the right group of subscribers to receive your message is simple using DRIP flexible segment builder.

DRIP segment builder

DRIP segment builder

ADDING SUBSCRIBERS: DRIP Inbound Email Campaigns and Importing subscribers from other sources

Drip is an inbound company just like AWEBER, MAIL CHIMP and other so you can only use the worm opt in email lists - you can add subscribers who gave you permission for sending your emails to them. So if you already have an existing list from AWEBER or Power Lead System this is how you can import them to DRIP.

Adding tags for DRIP Source - from acquisition source to your final conversion

Drips uses tags to understand what to do with your subscribers in drip workflows .

So from the very beginning we should learn how to work with tags in DRIP - watch this video.

Adding tags for DRIP source

Adding tags for DRIP source

List Building Strategies - Lead Magnets

Drip workflow creation

Ok - we now have a List of subscribers inside our DRIP account and we have already created small email campaign. Next we will learn to use the power of DRIP Workflows - this is why I use DRIP and not AWEBER today.

Most common DRIP campaigns

 Ok, we ate going to take a look at some of  the most common workflows and how to  build them. When you build a workflow, you'll almost always have a campaign of emails in that workflow. A campaign of emails is simply a sequence of emails that are set to go out one after the other with a particular time delay and the most common kinds of campaigns that  we see in workflows are:

  1. Lead magnet delivery campaigns
  2. Post Conversion Upsell
  3. Customer and Life-cycle campaigns

Lead magnet delivery campaigns

It is  whether you are delivering a PDF as a lead magnet download, where you're offering something valuable to your website traffic to get them to opt-in.  

This tactic online marketers usually  use to encourage people to opt-in to their email list. They offer something valuable to their traffic - maybe it's a crash course or a PDF download or a white paper and they say get this for free just by signing up and they will deliver that automatically through an autoresponder.

So a very common campaign is the lead magnet delivery campaign where they're delivering a white paper or PDF or maybe you have a sequence of emails set to go out at a certain time of day each day for a certain number of days educating in kind of a crash-course model.

Post Conversion Up sell Campaigns

Another common campaign type is the post conversion upsell campaign. Let us say that someone purchases from you and after they purchase you want to continue sending the messages about what they've purchased and how to get the most other purchase something like an e-book or a course.

So you're checking in with them but you're also giving them an opportunity to learn about your other more high-value products and so maybe you include some tips on how to get the most out of what they purchased but also some discounts or reasons to upgrade their purchase to the next level of product you offer.

Customer and Life-cycle Campaigns

Finally another very common kind of campaign is the customer and life cycle campaign - this applies more commonly to the SAS market where maybe you have someone who is brand new to your product and you need to teach them how to use it so . Maybe it's in-app and you're getting them on boarded fully.

A customer campaign can be invaluable in getting your users to fully use your tool and stick with you longer.