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How to create a Facebook Newsfeed ads using AdRoll to retarget(remarket) your site visitors.

Why should I use AdRoll for retargeting?

If you want to make sales , you need to show your offer to Right People using Right Ads and Right Places.. And this what retargeting is for.

Why should I use AdRoll for retargeting?

Why use AdRoll?

AdRoll makes it incredibly easy to setup retargeting campaigns and they have stellar support if you run into any problems.
You don’t even have to login to your account once you have your retargeting pixel code setup on your website.
You can just tell them what you want setup and how and they will happily make it happen for you without charging you for labor.
They’re the best in the business of retargeting, hands down.

In addition to being incredibly easy to use, they are partnered with all the major online advertising exchanges and networks. This means you don’t need to bother setting up retargeting in a bunch of different networks to get good coverage.
AdRoll provides coverage for 98% of the web!
There’s no reason or need to bother doing retargeting through anyone else, because their network already includes everyone else.

A Facebook Newsfeed ad powered by AdRoll

A Facebook Newsfeed ad powered by AdRoll

AdRoll can remarket to your potential customers who left your site and went to check Facebook.

  • Setting up a Facebook news feed campaign is quite simple.
  • All you need to do is choose your weekly budget, schedule, targeted locations, and max CPM bid.
  • Then select your visitor segments.
  • Your ads will start appearing in their news feed.
  • The ads will start showing to anyone who has been cookied on your website, regardless of whether they liked or interacted with your Facebook fan page.
  • The ads will start showing in the person’s news feed simply because they visited your website in the past and you have targeted them in your ad campaign. Pretty cool!

How do I start retargeting my visitors with AdRoll?

  • Sign up for an AdRoll account.
  • Enter the promo code “freetrial” to enjoy a free $60 credit for retargeting for the first two weeks of your new account.
  • Login to your new AdRoll account and install their retargeting tracking pixel code on all the pages of your website and create a Privacy Policy page if you don’t have one already, making sure it’s linked to from every page of your website.
    If you don’t have a Privacy Policy you can save some time using TermsFeed to generate one for you for free.
  • 4. Create your first retargeting campaign.

    5. Create your first user segment of the visitors to your site that you want to retarget, based on a page of your site they visited. Create as many as you see fit.

    6. Create a conversion segment of the visitors to your site that you don’t want to retarget, based on a page of your site that they visited that you consider to be a conversion and set a conversion value. Create as many as you see fit.

    7. Exclude visitors who already converted from being retargeted so you don’t retarget them. Unless of course you want to retarget them for an additional type of conversion, in which case you should setup an additional campaign for this audience.

    8. Upload all of your advertisements for your retargeting campaign.

    Valid sizes: 468×60, 728×90, 180×150, 300×250, 336×280, 160×600, 120×600, 120×240, 125×125, 180×60, 250×250, 120×60, 200×200, 300×100, 645×60, 300×600, 320×50

    Make sure to use UTM tracking parameters in your advertisement’s URLs so you can track your campaign results effectively in Google Analytics.

    Enter your payment information and remember to enter the promo code “freetrial” to enjoy a free $60 credit for retargeting for the first two weeks of your new account. Then launch your first AdRoll retargeting campaign!

  • Continually track & optimize your retargeting campaign(s) to maximize success.
  • How retargeting works: getting started with

    Learn how retargeting works for affiliate marketing business

    Learn how retargeting works for affiliate marketing business

    RULE OF 7 

    There is this RULE OF 7 - it says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing  message at least seven times before they take some kind of action or buy from you. This is why you need retargeting in your business.  And that's how you can leverage retargeting. 

    When you sending traffic to your squeeze page you will get at most 40 % conversion rate - what about other 60 % of the people who saw your opt in page but did not subscribe? You do not want to lose them right? 

    This is why we use retargeting!

    You simply add Facebook retargeting pixel to your squeeze page and now you are able to retarget those 60 % using Facebook Ads. This is what you get when using retargeting:

    • ability to reach out to the remaining visitors who did not opt in to your lead capture page from the very beginning;
    • highest converting traffic;
    • super cheap form of traffic source;
    • super easy to set up

    How retargeting works: getting started with retargeting (remarketing) - do not panic!

    Retargeting is a way to advertise to the people who have visited a certain website but then leave to go to another website.
    Most people will not buy a product or service the first time that they see it online unless it is an impulse buy.
    It usually requires multiple interactions!
    It usually requires multiple interactions to convince the shopper that they should:
    1) buy the product
    2) buy it from you.
    The hard part is to get in front of the same person multiple times to convince them to buy.

    Retargeting is allows you to show your advertisement directly to the people who were most interested in your product in the first place.

    Retargeting - key to most targeted audience on the planet.
    Retargeting is allows you to show your advertisement directly to the people who were most interested in your product in the first place. 
    A visitor goes to your main website but then leaves because they weren’t 100% sold on it. They go to another website, such as Facebook, and see your ad again with a great offer. They are sent back to your website and are much more likely to buy from you.
    The first thing you need to do to get started retargeting is to sign up with a retargeting ad agency to run your ads. There are many available, with some of the most popular being Facebook, Adwords, AdRoll, and Perfect Audience. is not an ad network and only allows you to manage and track campaigns for websites that you don’t own.
    Retargeting technically works by embedding a small piece of code, called a tracking pixel, on the website that you are retargeting. Your ad agency will then be able to track exactly who visits that site and then show them your related ads in other places around the internet.

    This  is Called “Ad Retargeting” And It Can Completely Transform The Way You Do Business Online!

    Ad retargeting lets you reconnect with a visitor who has left a site without buying anything. It works by tracking visits to your site.

    When somebody visits your site (if you have a retargeting code), a “message” gets sent back to sites you advertise on.

    Instead of just seeing random ads visitors to your site will now see specifically those ads that YOU WANT THEM TO SEE.

    The difference is this:

    Instead of showing your ads to random people, you’re now showing them to an audience of people who have already been to your site.

    Why you need to use retargeting?

    Retargeting allows us:

    • to get the highest converting traffic
    • gives us ability to reach out to the remaining visitors who did not opt into our lead capture page when we use paid traffic source like solo ads for new offer
    • its only 0.02. - 0.5 per click !

    Case study: Facebook Fun-page and Retargeting to make more sales

    Well this what you should do:

    Step 1. Create engaging content on your Facebook Page (do it often and consistently). Below you see good example.

    How retargeting work - Facebook posts and retargeting

    Step 2. Create FB Ads and retarget everyone who was previously engaging with your regular NOT PROMOTIONAL posts (people who liked, commented or shared) - this is how you will be able to sell your affiliate offers or your own products much faster and with very small advertising budget.

    PRO TIP. This is how it works: The thing is that Facebook allows you to use retargeting for anyone who likes your post or shares it.

    Boosting your winner post for more engagement - must do!

    Above you see my video post example and below you see Facebook reaction to it.

    If you see such notification from Facebook - its time to spend $20 and boost your post to rich more people!

    Case Study 2. How to build a targeted list of buyers using an affiliate offer with a landing page I didn’t own. 
    I started by selecting a Clickbank offer that had a high gravity and was visually appealing. Then, I used to install my tracking pixel and used that link to create my Facebook ad.
    I let the ad run for two days and got 85 clicks to the affiliate landing page at a cost of $0.17 per click. The ad converted at 2.64%, which isn’t too bad for cold traffic.

    This is without any testing or tweaking, so the conversion rate could definitely be improved.
    I then created a second, duplicate ad but this time targeted the custom audience that was built using the retargeting pixel.
    Since this was the second time the ad was being shown to the users, it converted at a whopping 17.36% and only cost $0.18 per click.
    Even with this small test without any tweaking, I was able to make one affiliate sale from these clicks and build a targeted list that I can continue to show relevant ads to. Excellent results for a first try!

    How to Set Up a Retargeting Campaign in Facebook

    To use the retargg software, simply follow the directions to set up a retargeting campaign just like a normal website.
    When you need to embed the pixel into the site, just create a new campaign here on your retargg app and include the code.
    You will then put your referral URL into your retargeting platform (Facebook, AdRoll, etc.) and it will redirect to your affiliate website, CPA offer, or any website that you would like to target.
    The retargg app will work with any retargeting platform or tracking system that puts a pixel on the the landing page.
    Facebook retargeting is a great way to get started since it is simple to set up and does not have any minimum spends or extra fees.

    Next, click “Create Ad” to start building your specific Facebook ad. Select the purpose you want to use.

    Add the specific targeting information that suits your target audience using their known demographics (interests, location, gender, etc.). Add your custom retargg link created above to the ad that you have created, add some relevant images, and then let the ad run for a few days.

    After you have had some people visit your link, you will have built out your custom audience in Facebook and can start retargeting them with ads. Create a new ad but this time use the Custom Audience that you created before. This ad will only be shown to people in your custom audience.

    How to Create A Facebook Custom Audience For Retargeting / Remarketing Ads (Pixel)

    How to create custom audience

    Enter your text here...Go to Create New Audience - Custom Audience - Website Traffic

    Retargeting guide - How to create custom audience

    Next choose - People who visited specific web pages

    Different audiences for your capture page and for your thank you page.

    Retargeting : Different audiences for your capture page and for your thank you page.

    Also I would recommend to create separate audiences for your capture page and for your thank-you page. So w basically separate audiences:

    • one audience is for your capture page visitors
    • one audience is for your Thank You page visitors

    Why? Because those audiences will be used for different reasons.
    So, for example, your capture page audience will be retargeted to build your list and basically you are going to use lead magnet.
    While the strategy with your Thank You page audience will be a bit different - you will build relationship with them and they will know you, so you will retarget them and just simply promote them other offers.

    Now just click Create audience and that is it.  Now Facebook populates our audience and usually it takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but once it's done - you can go and create your ad.

    When is the Best Time to Set Up a Retargeting Campaign?

    Retargeting is great for conversion rate optimization — not so much for driving traffic. So you wouldn’t want to use it, for example, when you’re marketing new content to your social media followers or using landing pages to appeal to visitors who find you through Adwords.

    Retargeting works best when combined with outbound (actively seeking customers through media placements, word of mouth, etc.) and inbound (bringing customers to you through reviews, email marketing, customer service, and more).