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What Is Bitsdaq Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Bitsdaq is a secure, reliable, and advanced platform for digital assets that operates in Asia. Designed from Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology, Bitsdaq provides an opportunity for users who would like to access a wider section of cryptocurrency on a secure and reliable platform. The platform is currently undergoing a multi-week evaluation to ensure it caters well for the needs of international customers.

Besides, the platform seeks to launch a crypto trading platform that will utilize Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology to ensure that its customers enjoy a secure, reliable, and advanced platform, as well as a wide selection of digital tokens. Bitsdaq aims to serve cryptocurrency customers across the Asia region.

Bitsdaq Cryptocurrency Exchange Highlights
Bittrex, launched in New York in 2014, is the world’s leading platform in the blockchain industry
Bitsdaq is Bittrex’s official partner in Singapore, Macau, and Canada
Together, the two companies will provide fast, reliable, and secure trading services to their customers
Bitsdaq Features
Secure digital asset services: the platform is powered by Bittrex’s years of experience in digital asset services, multi-tier, and multi-cluster system architecture.
Global ecosystem development: Bitsdaq embraces a global corporate team. Numerous partners provide liquidity to the platform while it enjoys multi-language platform support.
Specialized project support: It deals in mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. It also has innovative project token support such as EOS and NEO.
Bitdaq Exchange
The Bitsdaq exchange will create opportunities to most countries around the world for trading. It seeks to provide users with compliant and diversified digital assets trading services.

The team behind Bitsdaq believes that it will be a great crypto exchange platform with top-notch risk management policies to minimize risk and on the users while improving the independence of digital asset trading in a safe, reliable, and efficient platform.

Bitsdaq seeks to offer the following 5 advantages to its users:

Cryptocurrency market depth sharing with other players to maximize liquidity
Creating a broad market by obtaining cryptocurrency from other platforms
Improved KYC and AML processes
World-quality projects will create opportunities for the Asian market
Top-notch customer services and education program for beginners
These benefits on the platform will lead to a great working relationship with other players in the crypto space such as trading platforms, investment funds, developer parties, and communities. Overall, this will add value to the Asian crypto market.

Bitsdaq Cryptocurrency Exchange Conclusion

Towards its launch, Bitsdaq exchange received positive response with more than 100,000 pre-registrations, with up to 10,000 pre-registrations taking in the first 24 hours after the announcement of its partnership with Bittrex. Bitsdaq official Telegram community has more than 100,000 users.

The company’s partnership with Bittrex brings a boost in the crypto space especially for the Asian market, as it integrates global leadership and experience from Bittrex and an innovative, Asia-based team from Bitsdaq to explore the local markets. The partnership will also boost the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide by giving Asian customers access to trade in a wide range of digital assets on the international front.

Importantly, Bitsdaq seeks to supervise the management of the new platform to ensure that it has efficient customer operations and compliance, customer support, customized development and sales.