Prosperity Marketing Review: marketing automation system for affiliate marketers.

Prosperity Marketing Review: get done for you free marketing automation system.  

How would you like to make multiple sales from the same customer including a strong residual income (month after month) without any extra effort?

Prosperity Marketing is all about creating a well-oiled marketing system that does all of the selling, explaining, and training on auto-pilot.

It's about doing marketing highly efficiently using the power of capture/splash pages, list building, auto-responder follow-up, personal branding, and other techniques that help build highly profitable businesses... even if you know nothing about any of that yet.

It's really as easy as following it step-by-step.. once you are through you will have set-up an extremely powerful system that will boost your profits through the roof. The most time-consuming part is setting up your own Prosperity Marketing System, but even if you take it slow you should have it set up within a couple days, and once set up all you do is send traffic (which I also teach you how) and start collecting the money!

Using the concept of Downline Builders

"The Money Is In The List"

If you are marketing online for much time, that is something you hear over and over and over again. The number one tip a successful marketer will give you is just that - to build your list. 
For those who do not know, an autoresponder has the capability to automatically follow-up with leads for you.  

The problem is 97% of people fail to build their lists. 

Now you don't have to be among the failures. The Prosperity Marketing System makes building your own list very easy and highly effective.

You can stop building lists for other program owners and add every sign-up that you get onto YOUR list first. How?

The Prosperity Marketing System seamlessly integrates with any autoresponder. All you do is fill in your list information and voila... any sign-ups you get into the Prosperity Marketing System through your affiliate link are automatically fed to your list. 

This means you can use the autoresponder to follow-up with your new members AND to send additional broadcast messages whenever you want! This puts you in complete control of your list and personal branding. 

Built in Splash Page Maker Makes Creating Your Own Pages A Snap

You get this free as a part of the system! Imagine using the splash page maker to create your very own personally branded splash pages... you can add your picture, your name, even a video. You can even take your autoresponder opt-in code and put it in to create a capture page and build your list. You can even insert a signup form for the prosperity marketing system into any of your created pages to generate signups into your prosperity marketing system downline (and list)!

Traffic Generation - 2 best ways ever

There are endless ways to drive traffic to a website online, but instead of teaching you each and every way.. I'm going to simply show you the very best ways I have found and that EVERYONE can use successfully.. regardless of budget.

We are going to focus on two main traffic strategies that have created easily 90% of the bulk of my traffic...

List Builders and Traffic Exchanges.

In this course you will learn exactly what they are.. and how to make them work for you. You can start to see results immediately from these traffic sources!

List building sites are my #1 traffic secret.

The key is to have the ability to mail to at least 2 different list building sites each day, that way you are constantly sending out your offer and reaching more people.

Online list building sites help you generate random leads or e-mail their lists in return for receiving mail from other members on their site.

Usually in these sites if you are a free member you need to earn credits by clicking credit links in other members e-mails to you in order to send your message to other members. But if you choose to upgrade (especially by taking the one time offers.. just one payment for a lifetime account), you will be able to send to a set amount of members every few days without having to work towards earning credits.

Dominating Safe Lists

As a member you will start receiving mail from other members of these list sites. You will want to login to your list mail account and go through these e-mails to earn credits by clicking on the provided credit links. As you earn credits you will be able to spend those credits towards mailing other members (unless you took the upgrades in some of the sites.. then you won't need to earn credits towards sending mail). That is the difference between the free and paid memberships. I recommend going through each site individually to learn how they work. You will probably want to join even more list sites than we have provided, so contact your sponsor to see if they have more you can join.

Watch this training video on Dominating List Builders such as these:

Purchase Prosperity Owner Add-On For $97 One Time

  • Enables You To Brand any existing business opportunity or affiliate program you are already participating in into your own Prosperity Marketing System as your "Primary Business" (edit the section above this).

  • This is an alternative to joining your Sponsor's Primary Business above - You do NOT need to purchase this if you wish to use the same primary program as your sponsor, or if you wish to ignore this section of the system and have your referrals not join you in any primary business.

  • This is a One-Time payment of $97.00.

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