PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA: How to promote your launch on Facebook

PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA: How to promote your launch on Facebook

Best affiliates to contact before the launch

AS seen on Facebook (below are links to FB profiles of the best affiliates:

John Michael, Liz Tomey ,  Greg Kononenko , Ivana Bosnjak , Saul Maraney , Jono Armstrong ,  Jeremy KennedyGene PimentelDexter Paglinawan, Brett HitchcockAmanda Craven, Alessandro ZamboniRam RawatPallab GhosalJason Fulton , Delilah TaylorKen RenoMarlon SandersSteve CooperBarb Ling, Ted Katz, Mark Hess, Brendan Mace, MOSH BARI, TOM YEVSIKOV, BILLY DAR, TOM E MCTING, simpie spencer , bill hugall, and others

Example for contest results:

1. John Michael & Glynn Kosky - $1500
2. Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong - $500

Here's the Leader-board after 93 hours:
1. John Michael & Glynn Kosky - $10039 in revenue
2. Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong - $4022 in revenue
3. Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari - $3147 in revenue
4. Ben Carroll - $2350 in revenue
5. Tom Yevsikov - $1763 in revenue
6. Ram Rawat & Ivana Bosnjak - $1509 in revenue

Just outside of Top 6 are: David KirbyBilly DarrTom E MctingSimpIe SpencerBill HugallMark BishopE Brian RoseBryan WintersGreg KononenkoStefan CiancioJustin OpaySimon DisneyMark WightleyIdrees FarooqDrAmit PareekNeil MoranStephen GilbertDeclan McCraig CrawfordBauke VreeswijkPaul NichollsAriel Sanders and so many others...


product launch - we are live

product launch - we are live


Below are some examples when it comes to graphic you may use to promote your product launch on Facebook

product launch formula review

product launch formula review

Good example how to promote your product before launch on Facebook.

Some examples of graphic for posting to Facebook groups

product launch formula review

product launch formula review


Letters to affiliates

FLIPPED 46 Hours In Leader-board Update

WOW! 1650+ sales in 46 hours, Warrior+ DOTD Award,
still going strong with 13% general conversions,
2.47 EPC and 32K+ in Revenue!

JV Page

29% conversions on OTO1
21% conversions on OTO2

Here's the Leader-board after 46 hours:

1. John Michael & Glynn Kosky - 5836 in revenue
2. Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong - 2926 in revenue
3. Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari - 2664 in revenue
4. Ben Carroll - 1627 in revenue
5. Tom Yevsikov - 1345 in revenue
6. Ram Rawat & Ivana Bosnjak - 1022 in revenue
7. Billy Darr & David Kirby - 1020 in revenue
8. Tom E Mcting - 667 in revenue
9. E Brian Rose - 591 in revenue
10. SimpIe Spencer & Bill Hugall - 588 in revenue

Just outside of Top 11 are: Bryan Winters, Greg Kononenko,
Stefan Ciancio. Justin Opay, Simon Disney, Mark Wightley,
Idrees Farooq, DrAmit Pareek, Neil Moran, Stephen Gilbert,
Declan Mc, Craig Crawford, Bauke Vreeswijk, Paul Nicholls,
Ariel Sanders and so many others...

Keep on blasting - we're only getting started 🙂

If you need anything for your promo, please let us know!

Thanks so much for your support 😀

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