PRO Member Welcome and Tutorial

Welcome to PRO Members!

Hi, my name is Gennadii (Gena Babak) and I am a co-founder and CEO of Business Start Ideas (MYDOTCOM BUSINESS FRANCHISEE). 
Lot of people made good money with this system already and you can get your first commission during the 30 days - just follow the instructions. But first lets us make connection:
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- Skype me: gennadiy3881

1. Add me to your Facebook friends (GENA BABAK)

2. As soon as you message me on Facebook I will be able to add you to MYDOTCOMBUSINESS PRO FACEBOOK Group - this group will give you an insparation and lot of friends who are in the same industry but started earlier than you - this is very helpful.

3. Follow the steps below and book a call with your coach!

Below you will find step by step instructions what you should do next to start making big money online using our Business Model (Mydotcom business model created by Paul Lynch). If you do everything correctly - it is a guarantee that you will make you money during the first 30 days!

As we promised, we will send free traffic for you but in order to do this we need you follow these steps first:

STEP 1. Book a call with your personal coach - priceless!

Watch this video from Paul Lynch  to learn why it is important.

Login to your members aria and book you free call with one of our coaches like it is shown below. This is the most important step now - your personal coach will help you make money 10x faster.

Go to your PRO Members Aria and Book a Call with your personal coach 🙂 All your next steps will depend on your conversation with your personal coach.

Step 2 . Go to your PRO TRAINING ARIA and Set Up your autoresponder !

1. Now please go to your PRO Training Site and start learning. 

2. The main thing I need from you to send you free traffic is - please connect your autoresponder to your sales funnel and let me know you are ready - send me your link for testing. So take your time and watch training videos one by one.

Use this opportunity for help if you need it

Relax, Let Us Set Up Your Sales Funnels For You. Easy!

We understand. Technology, Autoresponders, follow-up messages, campaigns, tokens, List ID's......who wouldn't be confused with all these unfamiliar terms and jargon!

Fortunately, we are committed to help all members succeed in getting ahead online, regardless of your level of experience.
Take advantage of our low cost but highly effective Easy Setup Funnel Package. We do it for you, no worries. So you can RELAX! Read More About This Done-For-You Service HERE! Then Put Your Feet Up, You Deserve It!

Step 3. Send me your link and I will send you free traffic

So as soon as you connect your autoresponder to your sales funnel simply send me your link and I will send you free traffic. From this moment you will see how your business grows and makes you money!
Use Skype (gennadiy3881) to send me your link.

 I make money only if you make money!

First of all let me tell you that I personally interested in your results (just watch this video to learn how much money I make when my PRO Members send traffic to their Sales Funnels). Why? Because I make money only if you make money! So it is win - win situation.

But Please also understand that I can not and will not do your work for you - this is why you need to learn how to use our system properly - just watch your lessons inside PRO TRAINING SITE Members aria. Take you time.