ONPASSIVE review. Scam or Legit?



I want to welcome you to this ONPASSIVE introduction and we're going to be talking about wealth.
Is there a way for you to develop wealth? And I'm going to tell you flat out the answer that is Yes, there is.
I'm Gena Babak by the way, we're going to be talking about a company today and that company is ONPASSIVE.
We're going to be talking about five simple concepts and once you understand these concepts and how they work together, you are going to find a way forward to take care of those financial burdens and to come into abundance and that's what we all want to happen.


  ONPASSIVE is an AI IT company, artificial intelligence informational technology company.

Someone once said, "Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situation, while successful people make decisions based on where they want to be."
Said. I said. In other words, we need a goal, a vision for our future, or at least an idea of where we want to go or what we want to achieve.
Because if we don't change an undesirable direction, you can be sure that we will go there. For some of us, this can be very scary. But with ONPASSIVE 90 % of the hard work is DONE FOR YOU and your business will grow automatically. Are you excited? So what is ONPASSIVE?

ONPASSIVE is a new marketing platform for people who want to start making money online using the network marketing business model. 

ONPASSIVE innovates business activities by allowing companies to employ partial automation to end-to-end automation all in a single platform.

The tools help business owners to enhance productivity and provide accuracy and precision by reducing your efforts. Benefit the future rich platform - ONPASSIVE and take your business to the next level.




Onpassive was created by a gentleman named Ash Mufaresh and Ash Mufaresh is the the brain trust the visionary behind and as he developed ONPASSIVE he wanted to develop a simple way for individual individuals to come online and be successful.. to take the 97% of the people that come online and fail for whatever reason, and turn that around to the 97% of the people that come online succeed.


  • ONPASSIVE offers highly secure AI powered applications with an emphasis to govern your data Automation
  • ONPASSIVE offers automation solutions that streamlines your business process with a focus on improved results
  • We are a community of five hundred thousand invested in building a futuristic applications and technological solutions
  • With ONPASSIVE you get for 1-time payments all essential and necessary tools based on the newest and most advanced technologies to create a successful and profitable business while at the same time develop an ever-growing residual income. 


So I want to go over a few concepts. Five concepts that will literally set you free. And the first one as we look at Onpassive as I was coming into on passive and listening to ash.
The first concept was this is a business as you come in and start your business. It is a self funding business.
And what does that mean you will come in, you will go out of pocket once, you will never go out of pocket again. I absolutely love that aspect of on passive.
#2. They will force you to be successful!
The next concept is as you come into Onpassive and you start your business with Onpassive, they are going to force you to be successful.
And what does that mean?
They're going to force you to make money, they're gonna force you to pick up a pick and a shovel and dig a ditch.
Onpassive is going to grow your business for you!
They are actually going to bring customers in for you and put them underneath you and you will get paid off of that volume.
So Onpassive is going to be doing the work to build your business, they are going to force you to make money.
And I absolutely love that that's what everybody wants is they come come in online to any business.
The next thing that Onpassive is going to do and it ties in with it with the second one for us to be successful Onpassive is literally going to drive traffic for you.
They're going to get good qualified eyes in front of what you're doing. People will come in, they'll love it, they'll join and they'll pay.

There is no other company out there online offline that I've seen ever do this and onpassive is the best of the best of driving traffic.
And it's important to understand that because I want you to keep in the back of your mind traffic volume because that's how we get paid in Onpassive - the amount of volume.
And with the amount of volume of traffic Onpassive is driving is just extraordinary.

#4. THE CUSTOMER SIDE - all marketing tools under one umbrella. GET RESIDUAL INCOME.

The next concept is the customer side of Onpassive and as we look at the customer side of Onpassive.
If you've got a business without customers, you don't have a business and on passive as customers come in to Onpassive, they are absolutely going to love the products of Onpassive.
But as customers come in, they're going to love the products for a couple of reasons.
Number one, it makes their job easier, and it improves their bottom line. These products are built from the ground up, they are proprietary, and they are cutting edge technology, brand new technology and Ashley and his team in India he's got about 600 technicians right now in India that develop and create all these tools.
They built an automated marketing platform and the automated marketing platform platform has all the tools that marketers use to market online under one umbrella.

Those tools ranged anywhere from a server to a domain, domain name to a funnel builder to a page builder, to communication module to traffic, all of these tools again, proprietary cutting edge cutting edge tools.

People will love these tools when they come in and use them and when they start using the tools of on passive, they will never leave they will use these tools and they will pay a monthly fee to use these tools.

And that bodes really really well for for us because as that volume comes in underneath us and they and they are paying a monthly fee our income becomes residual.

That's really really important because that's what we all want. We want to residual walkaway money and if on passive weren't structured this way, we wouldn't have that residual income but the tools are so good that people will come in superior tool they'll use the tools the pay the monthly fee, they will absolutely love it.
And this is just a sampling of the tools of on passive. There are probably over three dozen tools of Onpassive, all of them as good as the next one all of them customers will come in and use an absolutely love.
So as we look at the tools of onpassive and customers coming in and using these tools, they're actually going to love them we will never lose a customer since they treat their customers like royalty.

So with those four concepts and then you add volume to it. This is a total 100% automated business you can come in and participate and because of the artificial intelligence because of the eye to it tools of on passive the products of on passive.

This is a completely 100% automated business. And that is so important because most people as they come online, they don't have the skill sets that I have or other people have. They just don't know how to develop and build a business Onpassive will do that for them.




As we come into Onpassive obviously right today there is an early bird founding position you can come in now.

Lock your position in Onpassive and locking your position in the pay structure that's really really important.

The ONPASIVE founding position cost is a $97 one-time payment. This payment locks you into the company and locks you into the pay structure .

This $97 payment puts you in a position to take advantage of everything
Onpassive launches to the world and it is scheduled to launch to the world this year 2020.
As the program launches to the world the founding members will all become customers and you will pay once - you will never have to pay again.
It is a monthly fee, but the monthly fee that comes after that will be paid from the proceeds we make with onpassive and then we will go into our back office we will click a button and we will come independent resellers of the it product.
That's really really important. We want to get to a position where I'm passable.
This is how it works. We come in we become customers we pay the fee, we click a button we become independent resells the it product. Now the monthly fee that we're paying onpassive we are paying them not only to get the products of onpassive because with that fee, you get all the products of onpassive.
The fee that we will be we will pay as we come into onpassive will be between $102 $150.
It works as if you were a salesperson and you went out and you did six sales next month you got paid for those you get paid a commission.
The difference with Onpassive as you come in on passive is going to go over the automated marketing platform, they're going to pull a tool out and that tool is traffic.
And then they're going to start driving traffic for us. And they're going to start bringing customers in for all of us.
And as those customers land underneath you, you get paid for that volume. Okay?
So instead of you having to go out and make the sales Onpassive is going to do the workforce, that's what that monthly fee is for.

We're outsourcing the building of our business to Onpassive and they're very, very good at it.
And keep in mind, the millions of opt ins, they're going to be bringing in every 12 hours every day, every two days, it's going to be absolutely awesome. And those will turn into sales, those sales go underneath us we get paid from that volume, it is a massive amount of volume that's going to be coming into Onpassive.
So that is how we'll come in to Onpassive to become a founding member.

I recommend everybody pay the $97 lock your position in. And then as
Onpassive launches, come on and pay the fee and click that button become an independent resell the it buy it product, and then you're in for the ride of your lifetime!

Testimonials - what people say about ONPASSIVE?

With ONPASSIVE you get for 1-time payments all essential and necessary tools - all tools proprietary created and based on the newest and most advanced technologies to create a successful and profitable business while at the same time develop an ever-growing residual income. I like that!