What should you do if you do not have money to start your online business tutorial

What should you do if you do not have money to start your online business.

How to start your business with no money

What should you do if you do not have money to start your online business? Do not panic!

Do not panic we all started from ZERO income level and yet we all alive and some of us made great capital  using:

  • other people ideas
  • other people business systems
  • other people money

I will give you free example. Most of the passive income programs offer partnerships programs – meaning they will give you 5 to 30 % of OTHER PEOPLES money – all you need to do is simply:

  1. Register with the program (for free)
  2.  Learn how you can promote this program
  3. Get all the tools you need to promote the program (for free)
  4. Start promoting the program using your referral link
  5. Get you profit

So the question now is not how you can start your own online business without money – but how you can become an experienced internet marketer . And the answer is – just learn how experienced marketers make their money. There are planty of FREE Videos on their youtube account.


Below you will find my step by step instructions on how you can start building your business even without money - follow these 4 steps and you will get success sooner or later.

STEP 1. So your first step is - choose good business opportunity,  join and learn everything about it.

You may spend your time on program only if :

  1. This program in in trend (like bitcoin related programs now for example).
  2. The program must give residual income in passive way – passive income (this is when time start working for you) .
  3. The program must give you binary or any other good partnership program.

Time is money and time must work on you!

Let me give you some examples… Take a look at this screenshot

This program pays me 1 % per day - the time is working for me

What should you do if you do not have money to start your online business

As you can see i make more money from referral program then from my own investment. And if you are not lazy guy – you may simply learn all you need to know about the company and start promoting it getting your referral commission and reinvesting it in this amazing passive income program for even better result. Did you know that only $100 investment in Bitconnect gives you $2840 in 365 days (taking into account that you reinvest every $10 profit). 

So this is only the one passive income program and there are lot of them these days!

Step 2. Promote your business opportunity!

You have to promote your business opportunity every day. And the best way to do it is sending emails to your List of subscribers. If you do not have your own List - use other peoples lists! Below you will find more info about it. 

InstaProfitMailer - or how you can promote your website or opportunities by sending FREE solo emails...

At Instant Profit Mailer, you can promote your website or opportunities by sending your solo email to other members. This is done using a credit based system. 

You earn credits by clicking the links inside other member's messages. A Free Member will earn 15 credits for each message they click on. Premium Members earn 30 credits for each message they click. 

I must also mention that some of mails I received gave me great boost to my affiliate marketing business.

Each credit allows you to send your solo email to 1 member. Earn 1,000 credits and send your solo email to 1,000 members.  Free members can send an email every 3 days and schedule their emails up to 2 weeks in advance.

Step 3. Automation and marketing system!

Use Automated Marketing Systems to get better results

This FULLY-AUTOMATED FREE MARKETING SYSTEM will help you with most of your routing and it is FREE!

Use Automated Marketing System - Network Solutions PRO - get most of your work automated!

How can you speed up building your online empire process?

Step 4. Use Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic Gives you fast results


As soon as you make some money start using paid ads (solo ads) to get even more referrals in your passive income programs – this will give you real leverage and you will become financially free much faster. I can recommend UDIMI solo ads service since they are long on the market and their traffic not cost too much. They also have affiliate program , so you will be able promote their traffic and with come the time it means that you will get paid traffic for free!

So as you can see you do not need no money to start building you presence in internet – just learn how to become online marketer and all the best passive income programs will give you all the money you can not even imagine.

More sources for your online business

Use traffic exchanges! Join infinitytrafficboost.com

For example you may register on Infinity Boost Traffic Exchange for free and surf 10 or more ads per day to get ad credits and possibility to advertise you own link (referral link to passive income program you promote).

This traffic exchange even pays you for surfing and it pays you in Bitcoins! Plus it also gets you a chance to make a lot of money in Bitcoins using affiliate program! Plus you will be able to promote your own referral pages like I sad before. And this is all for free!

I hope this article was usefull for you. Please like and share it.

What you should learn from the very beginning

From my expedience this is what you need to learn about

  1. How to start and monetize your blog
  2. How to start and monetize your youtube channel
  3. How to start and monetize your Facebook page (group)

I personally purchased lot of JVZOO products about it and I can tell you – all the information can be found FREE on youtube and in even better quality!