MOBE Platinum Mastermind Investment Program

MOBE Platinum Mastermind: learn to invest.

MOBE Platinum Mastermind Program: money management business.



Before you can get possibility to get MOBE Platinum Mastermind PROGRAM you need to complete previous steps:

  1.  You should be inside MOBE 21 STEP program
  2. You should already be a Silver or Gold MOBE Consultant
  3. You should already be a Titanium MOBE Consultant

“In Your Life, You Should Have Two Businesses: Your Primary Business And Your Money Management Business.”



As you next step you will learn how to invest your money with much higher return. 

Investing Your Business Profits To Put Your Money To Work For You (Rather Than You Working For Your Money

Keeping and multiplying your money is as important as making it.

Yes this is it - this is what creates profound and  lasting  wealth. This viewpoint  and the secrets and strategies for carrying  it out  are  what separate the rich from the  merely comfortable and  the super-rich from the  merely rich.

The ability to make your  money work  for you and grow  begins with a certain kind viewpoint that millionaires  and billionaires possess  and  which you too can  develop in time.

What is Platinum Mastermind?

With the Platinum Mastermind you will get access to over 20 - days of Live Training Program that will help you  maximize your  prosperity  inside and out.

You will learn and gain  the secrets of some  of the brightest  minds on the planet on such the topics as wealth,  marketing  and personal development.

(You’ll also have the exclusive rights to market this same Platinum Mastermind Program  and  make $5,500 commissions per sale).

The Core of Platinum Mastermind Training

The core curriculum of Platinum Mastermind is  divided into a core 5-day program + five additional 3 - day bonus summits. This  cover more advanced topics  like:

  1. prosperity mindset
  2. asset protection
  3. investing in the stock market, precious metals and real estate.

The purpose of a business is to make you enough money so you have complete  freedom over how you spend your time.

Yes, you can choose to remain  involved in the running  of the business , but your business  should not require you  to be involved  in the day - to - day operations.

This fifth and final stage is what I refer to as the “Holy Grail.” - It is  where all business owners  should be trying to  get to  because -  what is the point of having a business, that makes  you a lot of money,  if you have no  time to  enjoy it?

Platinum Bonus Summits 

You will learn a ton of wealth - building strategies and Secrets at the Main Platinum Mastermind... but MOBE Team added Five MORE Bonus Events that go into much greater depth:

Real Estate Investing ($2,997 Value): At this special event, you will learn how to invest in real estate the right way, which property types to avoid, and how to create passive income without using your own cash. (This is one of the best-kept secrets of the ultra-wealthy.)

Precious Metals Investing Summit (Value $2,997): At this event, you’ll learn how to invest in precious metals, including less obvious metals like platinum and palladium. You’ll also learn about stocks and mutual funds that hold shares in mining companies, exchange traded funds (ETFs) that hold bullion (bulk metal valued by weight), antique coins, and newly minted coins.

Stock Investing Summit (Value $2,997): At this special event, you’ll learn how the stock market of the 21st century has changed, how you should approach your portfolio from a “big picture” view and how to analyze specific stocks and companies. Other topics may include: fundamental and technical analysis, the index method, dividend stocks, foreign markets, and how to determine a company’s value by future performance, cash flow, and revenue.

Prosperity Mindset Summit (Value $2,997): Prosperity starts with the proper mindset and you can’t achieve lasting wealth without it. At this special event, you’ll learn how to “reprogram” your mind for success and approach everything in life with an abundance mindset.

Asset Protection Summit (Value $2,997): At this special event you’ll learn about common and little-known tax savings strategies and how to take advantage of them to keep an extra 15% (or more) of your money. Topics may include: creative retirement planning, charitable donations, tax credits, deductions, self-employment options, and legal tax shelters.

 The End Game: Your Exit Strategy

The only reason to start a business, is to eventually be able to sell it.”

From the very beginning you should  structure your business in such  a way,  that a INVESTOR-Shark would be interested in  investing in or even buying it - someone like  billionaire-investor Warren Buffett  would be right at the  end of the  spectrum.

In other words, you should constantly working on  creating a company,  that can  run and flourish independently  of whether you are there.

This is your next step and this is why you will need to go to Diamond Mastermind.

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