MOBE follow-up strategies to generate commissions on autopilot.

I Drive Traffic - MOBE Team does the rest

This is why I love MOBE business model

All you need to do when you partner with MOBE and become MOBE consultant is to drive traffic into the system. MOBE team will do the rest for you.

Multiple follow-up strategies that generate commissions

They have following multiple follow-up strategies to generate you commissions on autopilot:

  • E-mail follow up
  • Webinars
  • Phone follow-up (my favorite)
  • Direct Mail
  • Live Events
  • Content Marketing
MOBE email follow up funnel

MOBE email follow up funnel

How is everything working?

How is everything working? Well, when someone  clicks on one of your promotional ads they drop your “cookie” on their  internet  browser.  

A “cookie” is a  tiny piece of code , which tracks  your referrals, so that when  they buy from MOBE, this cookie  ensures that  the commission  is accurately credited directly to you

MOBE customers commissions

MOBE customers commissions

  1. Once they enter their email address  into one of your opt-in forms - they will be added to MOBE’ s email database,  which currently already  has more than  760 000 subscribers.
  2. Then MOBE will then send e-mail  follow up messages to  them. These messages will contain valuable content  and also promote MOBE  various online  offers.
  3. When people buy MOBE products  offered in these e-mails, even if it is many months  after you generated  the lead, you will still  be credited for the sale  and receive your  commission.

When they buy MOBE products, offered in these  emails, even if it is many  months after you  generated the lead, You will be  credited for the  sale and  will receive your MOBE commission.

That MOBE buyer is then  locked to  you.

Even if they  click on some other consultant ’s  link after that first  initial sale -  all of  their future MOBE Products  purchases will be  credited directly to you and that is how MOBE protects the integrity of  knowing who to  pay the MOBE  Core commissions to  ($1,250 , $2,500 , $3,300 , $5,500  and $10,000).

$121,000 in back-end commissions from just 100 customers

Well, that is a $121,000 in back-end commissions  from just 100 customers - simply by finding two new customers each week to buy a 21 step training course (only $49).

This is why I am going to encourage you to  take a long-term perspective  with this  business  and to think not just 12 months  into  the future, but  five years  into the  future.

MOBE is your Future. Just give It a Try!