MegaPush Guide – Push Notification Traffic That Converts

MegaPush Guide – Push Notification Traffic That Converts Well
MegaPush Guide – Push Notification Traffic That Converts

MegaPush Guide – Read this article to learn more about Push Notification Traffic That Converts!

MegaPush ( claims to be the first big push notification advertising network. I do not know if they were first, but they are definitely big and what is more important, their traffic converts!

They were one of the three companies I featured in my first blog post about push notification traffic and today I am going to go more in-depth with the ultimate MegaPush guide teaching you how to setup and optimize your own affiliate marketing campaign with MegaPush!

First, here are some impressive stats about MegaPush from today:

  • 106,391,641 users
  • 1,428,412,101 ad impressions
  • 19,246,670 clicks
  • $0.031 per click

That’s a lot of very cheap traffic. Cheap traffic is great, but as I said, MegaPush actually converts. Cheap and converting is a what every good affiliate is looking for. However, in order to get the traffic to convert, first you need to know how to setup a campaign and then how to optimize.

Create Your MegaPush Account

Before we can create our first campaign, we need to create a MegaPush account. You can create your advertiser account in two easy steps:

  1. Register here
  2. Deposit $100 (minimum deposit)

That is literally all it takes to create your MegaPush advertiser account. It should take about 5-10 minutes.

Guide to Creating a MegaPush Campaign

Creating a new campaign on MegaPush is almost as easy as registering your advertiser account.

Guide to creating a new MegaPush push notification ad campaign.
Create a new MegaPush ad campaign

The first time you create a new campaign, it can be a bit intimidating and confusing. Here is a breakdown of everything on the form that is important and why:

  • Campaign name – Give your campaign a unique name.
  • Link – Put your affiliate link. This is where people who click your ad are taken. Make sure you include the the feedid variable so you can optimize your campaign based on the feed from MegaPush.
  • Title – This is the headline of your push notification ad. They only allow 30 characters for your title. Use all 30 to get the user’s attention and pre-sell them on converting. You can also use emoji, which I recommend 👍
  • Message – The message shows below the title/headline of the advertisement. You can use 45 characters to describe your offer. I also use emojis here as well 😃
  • Image – An image is worth 1,000 words right? With MegaPush, you can use a large 492×328 image. When you select your image, MegaPush makes it easy to also crop your image so it fits their required size.
  • Icon – The icon is a 192×192 image that shows next to your title and description. MegaPush makes it easy to crop your icon when you are setting up your campaign.
  • Country – Choose the country that you are wanting to target for your campaign. You can only select one country for each campaign. Once you select your country, MegaPush will show you the CPC bid options.
  • CPC – MegaPush gives you 4 bidding options: Top Bid, High average bid, Low average bid, and Min Price. This is how much you will be paying per click (cost per click). I typically bid around the high average or top bid to get as much traffic as possible. The lower your bid, the less traffic you will receive.
  • ISP – You can choose to target a specific internet service provider (ISP).
  • Device – Choose the devices you want your ad to show on. All, Desktop, or Mobile. You can sometimes adjust your bid if you change this from All.
  • Operating system – Push notification traffic works on Android, Windows, and MacOS. You can choose the operating system you want to use for your campaign.
  • Start time – Set the time you want your campaign to start once it’s approved. I typically leave this blank.
  • Stop time – You can also set the time you want your campaign to stop. I typically leave this blank as well.
  • ip Range / ip Range (CIDR) – I do not target specific IP ranges, but you can with this setting.
  • Feeds – If you only want to get traffic from certain feeds when your campaign starts, you can set them here. I typically start new MegaPush campaigns with all feeds and then remove the bad performing onces once I have traffic.
  • More options
    • Budget limit – I recommend setting a budget of 3-5x the payout of the offer to see if it’s going to convert. Once you spend this budget, you can increase it if you want to keep traffic going.
    • Click limit – You can also set a limit on the amount of clicks you receive. I do not set a click limit.
    • ROI – I do not set an ROI limit, but you can here.
    • Profit – You can also set a profit limit, but I don’t.

MegaPush Push Notification Ad Preview

There is a red PREVIEW button next to the CREATE button on the MegaPush campaign creation page. When you click it, they will give you a preview of what your push notification ad will look like with your title, message, image, and icon (explained above).

Here is an example I just created for my affiliate marketing forum:

Preview for a push notification ad example.



Push notification ad example for affLIFT.

Once your newly created campaign is ready, click CREATE and your new MegaPush campaign will go to Moderation. Your campaign will be reviewed by MegaPush staff typically within 30 minutes to an hour.

Once reviewed, it’ll be either approved or denied. You can find a list of your active, stopped, moderation, rejected, and deleted campaigns on your Campaigns page.

MegaPush Support

One thing I really like about MegaPush is that their support is great. They have a live chat on their website where you can get immediate support from their staff.

The support I have been provided has been fantastic. They are very helpful and will quickly answer any questions you have. They also seem to be available whenever I open the chat.

Their support is also available in affLIFT and actively helping members. You can find MegaPush support in the push notification forum.

Affiliate Offers for MegaPush Traffic

MegaPush has some interesting demographic information available about their traffic on their homepage:

From the data above, you can see that a majority of their traffic is males 35+ years old. When you look at the verticals being promoted, it makes sense.

Find affiliate offers that are geared towards older males. Finance, gambling, sweeps, and dating will convert. Ecommerce and commission offers also can perform well.

Optimizing MegaPush Traffic

Once you start getting traffic from MegaPush, it’s important to know how to optimize that traffic so you can get the best ROI possible. This wouldn’t be the ultimate MegaPush guide without an example of a profitable campaign 🙂

Voluum report for a push notification profitable campaign from MegaPush.



My Voluum report for a MegaPush campaign I have optimized.

The image above is my report from Voluum for a campaign I am currently running on MegaPush. As you can see, it is profitable, but it was not when I first started running it.

There are a few variables you should consider when optimizing your push notification traffic from MegaPush. The three I focus on are:

  1. Feed
  2. Device
  3. Operating system

The most important variable when optimizing (for me) has been the Feed. Make sure you are passing the feedid token in your tracking link so you can easily optimize by removing the feeds from MegaPush that are not converting for you. Currently, there are 50 feeds that MegaPush gets traffic from as well as the default feed (MegaPush’s). The campaign I showed above has multiple feeds excluded that were getting traffic that wasn’t converting. To remove a feed, simply edit your campaign in MegaPush and uncheck the Feed ID you do not want to get traffic from.

Devices are also very important for optimizing. Mobile seems to convert a bit better for me overall, but I also have some good desktop campaigns going. If you’re wanting to promote an affiliate offer on both desktop and mobile, it might be better to setup separate campaigns on MegaPush for them. The CPC can fluctuate based on device.

Lastly, I also make sure to keep an eye on the operating systems I am getting traffic from to try to optimize. This has not been a huge factor for me in my MegaPush optimizations, but it’s still not a bad idea to keep an eye on it.

Looking for a good tracking software to track and optimize your affiliate campaigns? BeMob and RedTrack both have great free plans and promo codes on affLIFT!

MegaPush seems to have some really great push notification traffic and I recommend any PeerFly publisher try it. PeerFly has a ton of different affiliate offers you can test. Hopefully with this MegaPush guide and the offers at PeerFly, you can find a winning campaign 🙂

Sign up for MegaPush today and give it a try. Post in the comments below or email me if you have any questions.

Let’s make some money!

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MegaPush Guide – Push Notification Traffic That Converts!