Traffic you own: the  best kind of traffic is Traffic you OWN.

Best kind of web- traffic, what is it?

The best kind of traffic is Traffic you OWN

Have you asked yourself what is the best kind of web-traffic? Well, I can tell you what I learned is  the best kind of traffic is the traffic you own!

So, what types of web-traffic do you know?

Actually, there is three types of web – traffic.

  • First type of web- traffic  is  web-traffic you control.
  • Second type of web- traffic  is  web-traffic you do not control.
  • Third type of web- traffic  is  web-traffic you own.

Your goal should be to OWN all of your web-traffic – this is the  best web-traffic ever if you want to make money online.

A common example of this  would be traffic from your own email list. When  you own a list of email  addresses and you build  trust with these people by telling your own stories , then you may invite them to your offers and they will follow your links.

So your goal should be  – to turn traffic you don’t control  and traffic you do  control  into traffic you OWN

What is the traffic you do not control?

Traffic you do not  control includes social media  platforms like:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram
  • You-tube.

Yes, you probably have own content  on social media sites which brings  people to your pages from time to time – but you can not control if and when that happens.

What is the traffic you do control?

Traffic you control is paid traffic, including different kind of paid ads  and solo ads.

What is SOLO ADS traffic?

A solo ad traffic is when you ask someone else to send  an email to one of their own  email-lists with YOUR link and you pay for the clicks. You only pay for the  amount of people  who click the link  and go to your page. This is probably a quickest way to build your email list  (traffic you own).

I personally use solo ads – I want to tell you about this traffic source because solo ads traffic has  proved successful for me.

But here’s the kicker, it’s NOT enough to simply “list build”. You’ve got to make the most of the traffic you’re sending to that list. If you’re not giving people the right signals right off the bat, you’ll struggle to get sales or signups. Or you’ll struggle to retain the team you built in the first place.

Can you expect to average $1 per month, per subscriber to his list?

Mark Crosby tells us that for years and years he was told to “build a list”.. And he should expect to average $1 per month, per subscriber to his list. But he wasn’t seeing results like that at all.

It wasn’t until he later discovered HOW to build his email list he started averaging $1 per month, per subscriber.

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