Launch Jacking Formula: Tutorial for Launch Jacking in 2019

Launch Jacking Formula Tutorial for Launch Jacking in 2019

Read this article to learn how you can make $100+ using Launch Jacking.

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you are promoting new launches from affiliate networks like Clickbank, Warrior Plus or JVZoo as an affiliate.  

Why do Launch Jacking?

This is probably the fastest way for beginners start making $100 + per day in affiliate commission from Vendors Marketers. Promoting new launches you will usually get at least 50 % commission from your sales.

How to do Launch Jacking?

Step 1. You will need to register on all or one of the affiliate networks: Warrior Plus, JVZoo and CLickbank.

Step 2. How to find new launches?

Variant A. To find new launches just go to - this is so called Launch Calendar.

VARIANT B. You may also use JV NOTIFY PRO site to find new launches.

VARIANT C. Use Warrior Plus Launch Calendar.

Launch Jacking Formula how to fund new launches on warrior plus

How to pick up good launch to promote?

For the beginning try to keel these rules:

  1. The front End Offer price should not be more than $17 
  2.  100 % commission for affiliate

You will get more chances to sell good product from good vendor like Art Flair for a small price...Also people better buy software.

Next step - go to JV Page and ask for approval.

"Hi, this is Gena. Let me promote your product to my 3000+ List and to my blog readers... "

Ok. Now you get your affiliate Link and are ready to promote. 

Next Step - you need create Review Video for this product and post it to youtube using YouTube SEO and Ranking Factors.

To make review you will need to contact product creator and ask for Review Access.  If you are only a beginner not all vendors will give you review access and in this case you may just use promotional video from the Sales Page Plus make your own comments to it.

But in most cases you will get review access from the JVPAGE or from JV File they will send you later.

Software and tools for video creation.

This is how you can record your screen while doing the video review.

  1. I personally use OBS STUDIO (Free to use)
  2. Lot of online marketers like to use Screen cast o matic (Free to start)

Also you may use this site to download DEMO video from the Sales Page and use this DEMO video in you promotional campaign.


Your next step is to Rank your Video on youtube. I use Video Express 2.0 software to Rank My videos on YouTube. It is very easy to use and it gives me backlinks to my video immediately as I post it to my YouTube Channel.

How to Rank your website for Launch Jacking

Next we are going to create new Review post on your blog to promote this launch.

We will include the video from YouTube Channel into the Review Post As well.

Your Review Article should be 500 to 2000 words for better ranking, should include your video and some images from sales page. You will find a lot of examples on Google.

Do not forget to add your Keyword in the Title and Description and set up your picture image as well.

Ranking your Review Article on Google

Next you will need to buy backlinks to rank your site on the Googles first Page.

Go to this site and buy some trusted backlinks from them.

So it will be enough to buy 

High Metrics Dofollow Niche Relevant Blog Comments Service!

Importance of high metrics dofollow niche relevant comments.

Finding dofollow niche relevant blog comments market weblogs inside your business, as well as posting related, remarks along with backlinks­­­­­­­­ inside them is a superb method to improve your site’s presence. Dofollow niche relevant blog comments along with niche relevancy increases the chances of effectiveness and success more than the normal dofollow comments. 

This is it - this is your LAUNCH JACKING FORMULA!

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