KashZPresso review and traffic bonus

KashZPresso review and demo

Read my KashZPresso review to learn how you can generate traffic for your website fast and for free.

You will learn:

What is KashZPresso?


Watch KashZpresso DEMO 

KashZPresso is a a new T H E   P O W E R F U L   C L O U D - B A S E D   T R A F F I C   S O F T W A R E created by well known online marketer Mosh Bari.

The main idea is - KashZPresso allows you to get free viral traffic to any website using a simple 3 step formula:

  • Login & Upload Any PDF/eBook
  • Add Popups On  The PDFs
  • Get 100% Free VIRAL Traffic
KashZPresso review by Gena Babak

KashZPresso review by Gena Babak


How to buy KashZPresso with bonuses

KashZPresso review

When you think about traffic…
Does Google, Facebook or Bing come to mind? Yeah, sure... these are “goliaths,” but there’s a HOT, MASSIVE source of traffic that most marketers ignore… And that is PDF & eBook websites!

 There are websites like Flippingbook or Issuu where TONS of buyers hang out, but usually hosting your PDFs or reports there cost you more than a hundred buckaroos per month. It’s just too expensive.

 Well, don’t worry, there’s an alternative. And in the next email I’ll show it to you. This is going to be BIG.  

It’s going to finally help you tap into this high-quality PDF & eBook traffic source -- so that you can quickly and easily generate profits in an unprecedented way. 

Keep an eye out for my next email, you’ll dig it.

KashZPresso review

What KashZPresso does?

KashZPresso review and demo -  WHAT IT DOES?

To realize how KASHZPRESSO works you need to know the Untapped Market and Facts:

  • Slideshare.net gets 168M monthly traffic
  • Scribd.com gets 101M monthly traffic
  • Issuu.com gets 49M monthly traffic
  • Calameo.com gets 20M monthly traffic
  • Fliphtml5.com gets 12M monthly traffic
  • Flippingbook.com gets 2.4M monthly traffic

And Here is More About This Traffic! Every month millions of people all over the world google for pdf documents using keywords like “ebook” and “pdf”.

It’s not easy nor cheap to tap into this niche as services like scribd, issuu, fliphtml5 and flippingbook are not cheap. They charge hefty monthly recurring fees to use their platforms.
On top of that, when you use those sites to share your pdfs, ebooks, they are the ones who get the traffic. Not you.

So, KashZPresso Solves This Problem!


KashZPresso lets you use done for you high quality traffic sucking machines and suck traffic from this untapped source and then drive more and more traffic using viral, reward based traffic generation technology and put them into your mailing list completely automatically for a tiny one off payment.

Step-1: Users can take any pdf (either their own, or free from internet or done for you pdf reports we’ll provide in the members area) and upload it in KashZPresso app. This app will put optin form on the PDF

Step-2: Share with the world using one push of a button. When the visitors will read the pdf, they’ll see optin popup. Upon signing up, visitors will see an offer to refer more visitors to the PDF and get additional reward. So, basically every visitor sends more and more traffic. 
And more traffic sends more traffic and this cycle continues

Step-3: There is no step-3. Enjoy the results. For more results, rinse and repeat using the trainings, tips and tricks we provided and create more and more campaigns
Summary: The app turns a done for you report into traffic generation machine/engine/animal!

KashZPresso Funnel and OTOs

KashZPresso Funnel and OTOs


Click below to buy KashZPresso and get my traffic bonuses as well.

How to buy KashZPresso with bonuses
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