Insta Tsunami Review: how to drive traffic from Instagram

How to drive traffic from Instagram - INSTA TSUNAMI Review

How to drive traffic from Instagram - INSTA TSUNAMI Review

Insta Tsunami - learn how to drive traffic from Instagram

Social marketing is a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire, and it’s  not surprising. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of  active users, and it’s very difficult to ignore such an immense source of  traffic.  
Too many people go about it all wrong, and they end up ruining their  reputations, or they get banned and lose all of the progress they have  made. There’s no sense spending months building a following and a  reputation if you’re just going to get banned and lose it all.  In this article I’m going to teach you some of the secrets of effective  social marketing using Instagram as an example. You will learn how to drive traffic from Instagram.

You’re going to learn how to build a solid, profitable  traffic and revenue stream by making use of the massive user bases of  INSTAGRAM social network  and how to maximize your profit potential using my free Insta Tsunami Video Training.  So let’s get started!

How to drive traffic from instagram beginners guide

How to drive traffic from instagram beginners guide

Free traffic from instagram to your site or affiliate offer

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Insta Tsunami - learn how to drive traffic from Instagram

Can you guess what today's hottest social platform for business and branding is called? It is INSTAGRAM!

Instagram is one of the fastest way to get free targeted traffic to any offer you want to promote. I know what you're thinking: "isn't that just for college kids to post selfies and stuff?" And maybe it used to be. But there's so much more to Instagram than pretty pictures.

Why drive traffic from Instagram?

Instagram users engage 52 times more than Facebook users, and 127 times - no kidding - more than Twitter users.

Maybe it's because Instagram's toolbox provides an ideal way to target your best customers and present your brand, offers, and fun updates to people who are genuinely and already interested in seeing them?

Maybe it's just that right now, people are fatigued by other platforms. Instagram's a breath of fresh air to many and, now that it's got over 400 million active users without too many brands in your face (unlike some others I could name...) it's could be exactly what your business needs to explode in 2018.

Because engagement equals sales, folks, and building relationships with customers on Instagram is super, super easy once you know what you're doing.

My good friend and colleague Phil Carrick has just released an over-the-shoulder video training course which, like all his digital marketing training products, walks you through everything you need to know to master Instagram for your business and build a huge, loyal, sales-driving following.

Phil's going to show you:
- Exactly what tools to use and when
- How to create content people love to share
- Why engagement is so sky-high and how to take advantage of it

The best part is, he supports students personally via his members' area (you'll get lifetime unlimited access) where you'll meet some power-playing online entrepreneurs to learn from and share with.

Actually... maybe the best part is that anyone can do this in just a few minutes a day, even if you have zero tech skills. All you need is a mobile phone and you can start building your Instagram Empire right now, today.

Don't wait - somewhere, right now, one of your competitors is already on it, making sales like crazy and loving every second. Take a look - this could be the easiest, most efficient audience-nurturing strategy you'll ever use. 

What is inside? Watch one of the videos now!

Insta Tsunami - learn how to drive traffic from Instagram

Successful Social Marketing - solving the problem

One of the biggest problems with marketers who attempt to market on  social networks is that they are too hung-ho to make money. They end up  spamming their followers to death, and soon they are either ignored or  even banned.
Stop spamming Facebook groups!
It’s very important that you use social networks as they were intended if  you want to make the most of your efforts. This way, you don’t have to  worry as much about potentially being banned, and you will also have  happier followers!

The most important thing you should do is to spend time socializing. This  should be obvious, but too many social marketers skip this vital  component.  I know it takes a bit of time to socialize, but people aren’t likely to pay  attention to you and your sales messages if they don’t know you. You  need to make sure you socialize with your followers, because this will help them respond to your marketing.

Think about product recommendations
Who would you trust more to  recommend a product? If you wanted to buy a new television, would you trust a salesperson you didn’t know who was getting a commission for  recommending a TV to you, or would you trust a coworker you like and talk to every day?
More than likely you would trust the opinion of your coworker much more  than the salesperson, because you know that coworker fairly well and you  believe they have your best interests at heart.
Although you can’t hide the fact that the products you recommend will  pay you a commission, people will still be much more likely to buy what  you recommend if they trust you. You can earn their trust by socializing  with them, letting them get to know you, only recommending quality  products you have tested yourself, and posting useful information on a  regular basis.

Post Useful Information - give value!
One very important thing you should be doing is posting useful and  interesting information on a regular basis. This actually has two major  benefits.
1. It makes people like you, because people love getting free stuff.
2. It establishes you as an expert, because it proves you know what  you’re talking about within your niche.
If you have a blog, one thing you can do is create helpful posts on your  blog and then post an update to all of your social network profiles telling  people about those posts. You can’t post a lot of information on the  networks themselves, but they work very well for publicizing blog posts.
You can also create useful free reports and give them away to your  followers. If you require them to opt-in to get the report, you can grow  your email list. Just be aware that some people will be unhappy with being  forced to opt-in to get the report. Don’t let that stop you from building  your list, though! You should just be prepared for a few rude comments  now and then.
This will benefit you greatly, because you will establish yourself as an  expert in your niche. Most people don’t have the confidence to write blog  posts and reports, and by doing so, you will make people believe that you really know your stuff. As long as your information is accurate and useful,  you will build your reputation. 

Offer Contests!
Contests are a fantastic way to get a lot of people to join your fan page!  You can have people post the contest to their wall in order to get more  entries, which will help the contest go viral.
People really enjoy entering contests, especially if they are easy to enter  and have great prizes. You can even specifically state that the prize will be  awarded when you hit a certain number of followers. That way you don’t  have to award the prize unless you reach your target number of followers.
Just be sure to keep the target number realistic, otherwise people won’t  enter because they will feel the contest is a scam.  One great way to use contests for marketing is to actually give away one of whatever you are marketing. If you are marketing an affiliate product,
you can link to it when your affiliate link. Some people my buy through  your link before the contest even ends, and others will potentially buy  after the contest is over if they don’t win.
If you have your own product, this is even more effective. Your entire  contest can revolve around giving away a copy of your product, which will  bring a lot of publicity and recognition to the product.

Other Sites and Resources
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the major sites for marketers, but there are
other social networks you can make use of, as well.
MySpace was the first really massive social network, gaining millions of  users very quickly. Their format was simple, but effective, and their  growth was an internet phenomenon.
Unfortunately, their rules made it very difficult for marketers to use the  site without getting banned. Even a hint of marketing could sometimes  attract the ban hammer, so it became very tricky to use them for  marketing purposes.
This, combined with serious usability issues, soon pushed users away in  droves. Most of them flocked to Facebook in order to be able to market  freely or to avoid the ads and other issues.
You can still market on MySpace, but you have to be careful. One easy  way to market to people on MySpace is to simply direct people to your  blog whenever you make a blog post. This usually won’t get you banned,  although it can. But once people make it to your blog, you’re free to market to them however you choose. is the largest social network that specifically targets the UK and
Ireland. They have millions of users, but most of them are from the UK. If
you have products or services that are specifically directed to residents of
these areas, can be a great place for marketing!
They are relatively friendly for marketing. You can use Facebook
marketing tactics on, because they work very similarly.
Friendster is fairly friendly toward marketers, especially within groups. If  you want to market on Friendster, it’s a good idea to set up a group that  you can use. is a business network. It is meant primarily for business  professionals to connect with one another, so it will usually be useful  primarily for people who market in the business to business (B2B) area.
If you market to businesses or professionals, LinkedIn can be very useful.  You can make use of groups in a way that is similar to Facebook fan pages,  and you can also have your peers recommend your services in exchange  for you recommending theirs. It’s a great way to network and meet other  people who can help you if you are in the B2B field in any way.
As always, keep socializing! This is the key to successful social marketing! 

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Insta Tsunami - learn how to drive traffic from Instagram

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