How to start affiliate marketing for beginners. From Zero to 10k per month ebook review.

This is how I started my affiliate marketing business...
Before September 1, 2008, I was a happy guy - I was a PRO TRADER trading Forex and Stock + Futures.
I have had some days with $20 K in profit, a beautiful girl, and happy life .. but in 2008 everything changed for me.
During the first 2 weeks of the n.ew Financial Crisis in September 2008 I lost $ 200 K - part of them my m0ney and part m0ney of my investors.
In a few weeks, my girlfriend left me...after somebody stole my n.ew Mitsubishi Outlander XL 3.0 L car.
That day I was standing in the shower and crying ...Asking GOD - ok, what is next?!

The same day I decided I will never r¡sk my life with trading AGAIN.
It took me many years of tria1 and error and finally, I decided to start learning affiliate marketing business.
After many years and $50k+ invested in my education..
Today I am a PRO affiliate marketer making thisand per week/day with affiliate marketing and sharing my experience and the Passive inc0me Blueprint with other people.
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No need to reinvent the wheel. 
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hy listen to me?
My name is Gena Babak and I am a full-time online marketer, business coach and traffic vendor! I spent 5 years and $50,000 before I started making thousands/week with affiliate marketing.
Today I am proud to share my knowledge and experience with you.
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Hi, if you are in affiliate marketing and you're still not making thousands per week, well, this video is for you. My name is Jenna Bakke. I'm a fulltime online marketer business coach for five years.

Plus in this video I will share with you my strategy, how I went from zero to thousands per week in profit, and what you can do actually to start making some results. Okay, so let's dive in. So I created my ebook which is called from Zero to Ten K per month with Affiliate Marketing.

And in this ebook, I simply give you all the tools you need to just start making solvents. Okay, so let's take a look at what's inside. If you go to my Facebook profile and scroll down, you'll just see that I'm making thousands per week.

And this is why I can actually teach you what I do, how I do and everything. Okay, so you'll see results like this, you see results like this, and just scroll down below and you will see how easy it is to make $1,000 per day.

But you need to have a strategy. And this is why I created an email. Okay, so let me show you how it looks like and what are the steps actually to success. So, here again, this is an interactive book.

You will find your link down below in the description and you'll be able to watch my videos and also read the ebook. But again, we start from this simple thing. To be successful with the city that mark and you just need to have two things.

You need to have a good offer and you need to have a reliable traffic source. So for the offer, I have created a program which is called Freedom Race Rebootcamp. So this program is very easy actually to join because you need to pay just $7 to join the program.

The idea is very cool because I just wanted to give people an opportunity to pay $7 and to start generating profits from $3 up to $2,200 per referral. So this is the main idea of this program. Okay? I wanted to give you a tool which will allow you actually to start generating high ticket sales and don't pay even for the high ticket price, okay?

To join the high ticket program. So this is the first offer, which we start in front. And by the way, this is the same offer which is responsible for both of these results. So, next offer here. Next thing we have the offer.

Next thing, we just need to have traffic. There are a couple of problems. First of all, not actually, each traffic source can give you reliable traffic which converts. Okay? So this is why I actually created my second program, which is called Lesion Visa.

Legion Visa allows you to make money every time when you buy traffic. You will love it. Okay? So when you go, just check this here again. Find your link down below in the description. So the idea of Legion Visa is to give people an opportunity not to pay to buy traffic, but also join my traffic business.

Okay? Because I'm also a solid vendor. You can also check my website, gina Seller ads. What if you could have a product that makes you money and build your lead by solving traffic problems for other online marketers at the same time?

It's possible. With Legion Visa, you can probably share this because this program solves two problems. How to get more traffic and how to make more money not selling anything. There are a couple of the problems in this industry rate.

Now, the majority of online marketers just barely need traffic, okay? And what we're doing with Legion Visas, you join Legion, visit, you buy traffic. But you also get access to affiliate program. And when you just share my free training about how to get more traffic and people start buying traffic, you make your commissions and this is how you build.

Actually you get profit to buy more, more traffic for yourself. Okay, well guys, this business is not the same already. It's not like five years ago when I started. So in the majority of cases when you buy traffic on Udemy, there is a problem.

So those people who actually join your leads, most of them will never even open your emails. The open rate is less than 10%, the click through rate is less than 1%. So how on earth are going to make money?

So money is not in the list now, money is in the buyers list and again leads. And Visa allows you to get access to my buyer list and also to build your buyers list and then resell your personal traffic.

Here again, this is a step number two of the ebooks. The first step I give you an offer which you can actually start from $7 and make up to $200 per referral. And second step I give you a traffic source where you not only can buy traffic but also start doing actually my traffic.

Businesses start generating not only leads but profit from reselling the traffic. So also I show you how you can actually get traffic for free using Facebook organic marketing. Okay, so if you go to my Facebook profile, again, you will see how I do it.

And this is what is explained inside of the ebook. So immediately all I do actually I just invite friends from Facebook, from the related affiliate groups or from Facebook influencers. Okay? And when people simply watch, go check my Facebook profile immediately they see who I am, what I do.

They get access to the ebook. Okay? Go into a, they can scroll down to see what I'm doing. And there is a pin post. So this is what's called social media funnel or Facebook brand funnel. Okay?

And this is also explained inside of the ebook. So you will learn how to do it. Last but not least, if you want to work, if you want to start working with me personally, you'll have a chance actually to go through this page and see what it is all about.

I call this program down to the business coaching program. So you can start again from $600 per month. But also what I would recommend you before buying, before joining, simply choose a day and time to get a free strategy.

Call with me and let us actually talk. Okay? So my idea is I'm looking for serious people who just need help on their way from zero to ten k per month. Okay? And this is what I'm doing. I'm simply teaching you how to do it and I give you everything you need, including my personal help and support.

This is it. If you like the ideas of this video, feel free to actually go check the description, find the link in the description and share this video with your friends. Okay? Don't forget to gain give me some comments, likes and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Talk to you sooner.