How to promote your YouTube Channel: YouTube Mastery Tips


Read this article to learn How to promote your youtube channel - use my YouTube Mastery Tips to grow your youtube channel faster and get More subscribers and views.

Related Videos is the source of your views

Do not focus only on trying to rank your video high using youtube SEO practices. Most of the views will not come from search results - most of the views will come to your video from related videos!

You see those related videos thumbnails at the right side bar all the time. Your Video Thumbnail must be competitive - just get your ideas for your video title looking to related videos before your even start creating your own video!!!

Create a tutorial on a popular topic!

To get views and make money from your video one of the best ways is to create a tutorial on a popular topic. And you can give people an affiliate recommendation in your video.

Its better to have a clickable link inside your video.

How To Add A Clickable Link in Your Videos