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How to use Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing |Gena Babak Solo Ads

How to make money with solo ads in 2019

Read this article and watch my video to learn how to make money with solo ads. I created this mini-training to help online marketers and mainly affiliate marketers to avoid usual mistakes I see every day when people order solo ad traffic from me.

Watch this video to learn more about solo ad traffic business and main mistakes people make when ordering solo ad traffic.

From this video, you will learn how you can make money with solo ads. I also show the main mistakes I see when online marketers order traffic form me. And please do not forget this – you can make fast money promoting any affiliate offer you like.
But you need to keep in mind that you can always use a bridge page in your funnel – the page to show your vision of the product you promote. When you create this kind of page before the offer you start building trust with your new subscriber and this is how you build your brand and long relationships with your new people.
Watch how you should build your brand funnel using Facebook – this is how you can create your online presence and solo ad traffic will simply help you get results faster.
But first you need to create your BRAND FUNNEL – and only after that, you may start to promote any affiliate offer or business opportunity you are involved in.


How to make money with solo ads in 2019

Solo Ads vs Facebook Ads

Gena Babak Solo ads for affiliate marketing - fastest way to make money from home using paid traffic and sales funnels

What is better for affiliate marketing – Solo Ads or Facebook Ads?
If you ask me I would use both of them but for different purposes. I would use Facebook ads to get likes for my Facebook Page and I would use Solo Ads to make money with my affiliate marketing funnels.

Gena Babak Solo ads for affiliate marketing - fastest way to make money from home

The thing is that Solo Ads give you possibility to check your funnel fast. You just buy real clicks and see how people response to your funnel offers. So at my opinion Solo Ads is the fastest way to make money using affiliate marketing funnels.


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