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How to make money with automated sales funnels

Is it really possible to make money online?  This free report probably the fastest and easiest blueprint  into the world of making money online and you probably  ask  yourself simple question – can I do this and is this possible to make money from Internet? Well, If you would ask me, than my answer to this question is an unmitigated ‘yes’!!!

Millions of people all over the world earn part or all of their income online. I’m not just talking about big companies by the way, but individuals working from the comfort of their own homes using websites they created to earn incredible sums of money every year, in and year out. When faced with this fact you might think that those people are math and computer geniuses? Again – no,  nothing could be further from the truth. Earning significant income using the Internet doesn’t require any specific skill or a long history of becoming familiar with computers or the Internet itself. There is an incredible amount of information available to you to help you get started with your own profitable online business no matter how much or how little experience you may have.

Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel!

Yes, this model works great in affiliate marketing too but I wanted some more.
I needed automated systems capable not only to bring the profit to my customer (subscriber) on autopilot, but I needed system capable to teach my new partner and customer all he needs to know to make money using step by step guide. BINGO! I found the system which gives my client exactly that. 



Systems WORK!

This is what I believe In – SYSTEMS WORK (when people fail)

Yes, in reality People fail – systems work. This is why we are going to use time proven and automated business systems (PROFIT TUNNELS) created and tested by experienced online marketers.

Automated Sales Funnels by Gena Babak

Automated Sales Funnels by Gena Babak

What is PROFIT Tunnel?

Usually I call couple of my Sales funnels connected together as a PROFIT TUNNELS

  1. We start from the first funnel which give our client possibility not only to learn how to make money online using DFY (DONE FOR YOU) business model.
  2. Next i will add High Ticket Offer Sales Funnel - this is where the big money come into play
  3. Next I use special software to connect both funnels
  4. As the final step I add my own traffic source to make money as a traffic agent as well.

The System Is Explained - Why You Need Profit Tunnel

When I first started thinking how to make money online most people advised me to become a member of High Ticket Offer Program - like MOBE or Super Affiliate System. And you know what - I did! 
Well, there is nothing wrong with High Ticket Offer Systems, but you have to have authority status (and knowledge) in your niche to be successful with this kind of BIZ OPP. If you are not authority yet - you will not be able to attract people into high ticket offer program - they will not trust you. And this is not the only problem actually. 
Most of the High Ticket Offer Programs Do Not spend time no money to teach newbies how to make money online and how to become authority in the niche. It takes time and money and a lot of efforts for newcomers. And this is why as the first step in my PROFIT TUNNEL System I use One of My Favorite Programs which includes this kind of step by step education and support systems for newcomers. 
My Next stet is High Ticket Offer Program - you will get access to Business Start Ideas Membership Portal. 

Your Next step is Traffic Agency Program -  you will get access to Traffic Agency program (so you will become traffic re-seller)
And the Final Step - we will connect all the programs into perfect PROFIT TUNNEL. 

Funnel Franchise System – first step in our PROFIT Tunnel

I use Funnel Franchise System as the first Step which I promote in my bigger and a bit more complicated high ticket Business Start Ideas Sales Funnel and this is why…

At the very beginning of my main PROFIT TUNNEL l I want to have a System which:

  • Gives me fast return on my traffic investments (so I am be able to buy more traffic faster and create Big List of Subscribers)
  • Educates my clients about cons and pros of affiliate marketing and teaches basics of how to make money online
  • Gives me and my customers (partners) possibility to earn from multiple passive income sources
  • Has built in services which give me monthly recurring income
  • Has a matrix which enable me to make money from my customers efforts (Tier 2 Commissions)

                                                         And this is what Funnel Franchise System is and does for me!

Done For You Business and Marketing System

Very important – the very first step in the system must be free offer (or $1 trial) for your new potential customer and partner

You can't expect people to marry you (give you their money) on the first date. So why would you make HIGH TICKET offers to someone that's just visiting your site on BIZ OPP for the first time?

This is why it is very important to have a good free offer as an incentive (ethical bribe) at the very beginning of your profit tunnel. 

Funnel Franchise System Review promote the first page of the funnel

Funnel Franchise System Review promote the first page of the funnel

Your Business System also should offer great incentives to new members

This systems give people real chance to make passive income online:

Funnel Franchise system give a lot to a free member

Funnel Franchise system give a lot to a free member

Good and Clear ANALYTICS is a MUST!
You should see your numbers!

Another very important thing - you must have access to your stats to see how your business system works and what can be improved asap. Funnel Franchise System allows  you to see you results in the most convenient way.


In this case the only thing we need to do to start making money online is – we must simply promote the first page of our Automated Funnel Franchise System which looks like this:

So your next step - promote your affiliate link and start making money.

Below you will find my recommendations how you can promote your link using both free and paid traffic methods. But first create your traffic Plan.


Attention. This is a short version of the book, intended for presentation only. If you want to get the full version of the book and video lessons - click the button below.

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Tom Morris - last year

I’m overwhelmed by all the work that has been put into this presentation. I’ve not seen anything quite like it ever in 20 years of cruising the internet. It has power and believability and I’m not sure how it works but I’m getting ideas about advertising funnel franchise and linking it with your Profit Tunnel program. I’m also enthused by the possibilities you presented with HUMANEYEBALLS, Business Start Ideas and the use of push notifications and also Udimi who I’ve used briefly.

Right now I’m impressed with everything you’ve described, but due to financial problems and many programs I bought into I find it difficult to do much advertising cause free traffic is appealing but it takes more work and more time to make it work in my opinion so I’ve only opted in for 100 clicks of solo ads every other week.

That’s it. This is so impressive to me because I am trying to make this Funnel Franchise work on its own and need more learning about this affiliate business and the operation of business in general.

Thank you very much for making me aware of your program and the tools you use.

Hope to have some contact with you. Terrific work!


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