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How to get free leads for affiliate marketing. LeadGenWizard review - Affiliate marketing for beginners

How to get free leads for affiliate marketing. LeadGenWizard review

Hi and welcome. You may have the best offer in the world and a high convert and sales funnel to promote this offer. But if you don't have enough traffic coming into your sales funnel system, okay, bringing you at least hundred new leads per day, your business will fail. You know why? Because you don't have a business in this case.

Okay. this is why I decided to create my Leadgenwizard to show you how you can solve your traffic problem once. And. My name is Gina Babak. I'm a full-time online marketer, business coach and traffic vendor. I spent five years of my life and around 50,000 of dollars to actually create a system which allows me to make from 300 bucks to $2,000 per day with affiliate marketing.
Okay. And if you ask me, okay, Gina, what is the main reason for success? Okay. And why the majority of online marketers fail guys, I will tell you this, first of all, you need to have a good product and you need to have bars, traffic. I just want to share my results with you.
So this is my strip account and, uh, I will show you how much of it, I will refresh it. So you will see it. okay. So this is in real time. And as you can see, during the last four weeks, I made already almost 10 K as, uh, I, I have some really cool weeks. Okay. When I have. And I make like 6,000, almost 6,000 bucks a K today.
I made 24, almost 2,500 bucks. Okay. Last three months, probably around 20, $24,000 guys. To be honest with you to make 10 K per month with affiliate market, you need to be a good marketer. okay. And you need to have a really, really big list. Okay. Maybe I dunno, 20, 30,000, uh, people in your list. If this is a simple lease, not, not the bar's list, if you will be able to pay for traffic.
Okay. This will, this could actually cost you a fortune to make these 10 K per month. Okay. But there is a solution when you join my lead generation wizard system. Okay. You actually buying traffic, you pay me a hundred. 400 clicks. Okay. Recurring monthly. Okay. You may not even, uh, do it for second months. You just try for the first month, but this will be recurring payment in case if you would like to stay this, uh, you'll be paying like a hundred bucks per month to get a hundred buyers clicks from me.
But here is the trick. Okay. You also get access to your copy of mileage and visa, funnel, and access to affiliate program, and you make 15% commission. Okay. On referral who becomes a buyer. And this is how we actually separate people who just, uh, free seekers from a buyer. Okay. So you also get access to my AXA and a training area and a special lead generation tool, which, uh, I will show you how to use to get free traffic from.
Daily. Okay. So here again, you just pay a hundred click, a hundred bucks for a hundred clicks. Again, these are all the bonus. Anyway, you get your a hundred clicks of buyers. Buyers clicks from my personal buyers list. Okay. Usually you get 30 plus new leads. This can be 30, this can be 50 or 60, but 30 is usually usually minimal.
Okay. New lease, which you get, and some of them will buy the program. Okay. Some of them will become the buyers and they will be paying a hundred bucks per month for this program to get there a hundred clicks per month or more. Okay. And this is how. Can make 15 bucks from each and every referral every month you may say, okay, Gina, this is not that big money, but guys, this is just the beginning of the funnel.
when you, when you become a buyer, you will see the OTO. Number one, OTO, number two, OTO, number three, and so on. And from the whole funnel yield banking, at least 15% commiss. when you are on this level, the basic level, when you get hundred clicks or a hundred bars clicks for your business. Okay. You pay a hundred bucks.
You get a hundred clicks immediately. Okay. Within 24 to four, eight hours, but you have potential also promoting this funnel to make up to 604 bucks per referral. how cool is that? This is how you can actually make more than you spend on. Okay. Uh, when you agree to 300 bucks per month, again, you get 300 clicks from buyer's list.
Okay. And you have potential to make up to 1200 bucks per referral per one guy with a leave membership. When you pay 600 bucks for traffic, you already have potential to make up to 1600 bucks per referral. Guys, this is all bonuses for you. Simply buying. To build your recurring passive income machine. How close that.
Okay. So this is what you need to know, uh, when you place your order. Okay. So first of all, you watch this video. Okay. You decided to, uh, join and when you click. Take to get hundred clicks. Okay. A hundred bio clicks. This is what you will see. Okay. You have two solutions. If you don't want to put, uh, to promote any affiliate link before you actually get your affiliate link to promote leg.
And these, you may leave this field blank. Okay. Just don't put anything here. Okay. Just put your name here. Okay. Your name, your second name, your email, and choose, uh, how you pay PayPal or card. Okay. If you want us to, uh, set up the final for you. Okay. Uh, this is actually a good idea. You can click yes. Here.

So you will be charged 147 bucks. So this 47 bucks is just, uh, for us to help you set up your affiliate final. Okay. On the next step, you will be redirected after payment to this page, which is a thank you page. And here is actually a simple instruction, what you need to do next. Okay. So first of all, if you have any problems, any questions you can seem to choose a day in time and schedule zoom strategy session with me.

Okay. So we're gonna do it together. I recommend you to start from step one, use this link to register. And get access to your UHA training area. Remember you not only get access to the religion visa program, but also to my previous program, which is called AXA. And this program will allow you to make also from 3.5 to 2200 bucks.

So again, uh, We use a lot of, uh, cool tricks here to, to generate free traffic. So just make sure you will watch all the trainings as well. But your main idea here for Legian visa is this module. Okay. So you just go and join affiliate program. If you click here, join affiliate program, just click this link.

Then you will see what you need to do to join the theater program. And as soon as you are, uh, you register the K you can import your affiliate funnel, which is videos on a step. Number three. Uh, to learn how you can import your affiliate funnel. And as soon as your affiliate funnel is ready, then simply click here, send me your link.

And this is how you can send me your affiliate link. Okay. For your affiliate funnel for region, uh, visas. Okay. To start generating sales and get commissions from people who will be buying traffic. Okay. Using your affiliate link. Okay guys, this is it. So I hope you understand the power of this offer. Okay.

You just paying for traffic as you usually do. You just pay, for example, you pay hundred, hundred, uh, hundred bucks for hundred clicks and you get hundred clicks. Okay. Immediately, but you also start building your recurring passive income machine. Consider these like you are in a traffic. And traffic business is probably the most lucrative business in the world because when people start buying traffic, they need traffic every day, every week, every month.

Okay. And you start generating commissions and this is recurring and on out a pilot for you. Okay. It doesn't depend on you. You don't need to do anything. Just join the program. Okay. Get your clicks register as an affiliate. Get your, uh, affiliate, uh, funnel. and simply start promoting it, using the clicks, which you already paid for.

How cool is that guys? This is your game changer. Okay. If you are in this, uh, affiliate market business for more than a year, you understand probably that traffic is the king, no traffic, no sales. In this case, you are building your buyers list. Okay. Because people who will be joining the program, they are.

So immediately you get buyers to your lease and we don't charge two bucks to June. We charge a hundred bucks. This is, this is to, to get you actually opportunity to start not only get in traffic, but also get, uh, start building your lease with people who can afford to spend at least a hundred bucks per month or 300 bucks or 600 bucks or Ruben 3000.

Okay. So guys, I hope you love the idea. And if yes, simply clicks the button below, um, join now by hand hundred clicks and I'll see inside.