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How to create your own business online?

How to do online business from home: beginners guide



How to create your own dot com business online? Just follow this blueprint!

Do not try reinvent the wheel!

‚ÄčLets face it, at the very beginning of your online marketing carrier you simply do not have enough knowledge and money to make your own business model and your own product to sell under your own brand. But do not worry - you can start making good money by using other people's proven business models online.

mydotcombusiness reveiw


Just mirror proven model with your own business idea in mind

The main idea is - while you are making money promoting other people's businesses you should do this having in mind idea of your own online business creation. Yes, you should create your own product  as soon as you are experienced enough to offer your own proposal to online marketing world.

From promoting affiliate offers to your own online business model

My friend and colleague Paul started his online carrier promoting MOBE business system. And you know what? He made over 2 000 000 usd doing just that. But with time this model started to work not that good as  at the beginning. So Paul started his own business model simply offering to online market his own vision on how to make money online and he made 10 million dollars during the 2 years with his own business model.

So why you should create your own business product?

The answer is simple - when you have your own product, you have some advantages:
  1. Free Instant Traffic To your offer - just create affiliate program and let thousands of affiliates promote your product on Clickbank, JVZOO, WarriorPlus...In this case you do not even spend a dime on traffic - you simply share 50 % of profit with other online marketers and let them do the work for you.
  2. Building your list for free - yes those affiliates will bring you a lot of traffic which you will convert in leads - so you can get thousands of new subscribers for free.
  3. Creating your brand - building authority and your own brand is the best way to make big money from special events and personal couching you will be offering to your subscribers with come the time. 

Done for you Income funnel + traffic = your success 

1. You simply need to have access to proven business model with great marketing and sales funnels.
2. You simply must know have access to proven time-tested paid traffic saurce.

Best Paid Traffic for affiliate marketers

Online Success Formula

Watch this video to see how proven business model works

How much you may earn with this system?

Below you will find the table which shows how much you can make using this business model during the 30 to 60 days period.

This is your business calculator - just choose how many clicks you want to buy and see the result in the future!


Tip 1 - To make money in this business you must order at least 50 clicks per day - this traffic will bring you good money if its quality targeted traffic. But to test your traffic saurce you may start from 500 clicks.

Paid traffic plan - invest in traffic to get sales!

Paid Advertisement plan
1. We need at least 50 targeted clicks to get 15 leads per day and to get 45 sales per month.

Our main and own business now is to drive quality traffic to our referral link - and first month goal is to have at least 50 clicks per day. This is why we are going to buy 1500 clicks using Solo Ad providers (biz op niche).

2. CPC - cost per click 
The cost of click may differ, but in this example above I took 0,58 c CPC (Cost per click) - which means $870 advertisement budget for the first month.

3. Getting 45 Initial Offer Sales per month

Taking into account usual at least 30 % opt-in conversion rate and real 10 % Initial offer buyers rate, we will have 45 Initial offer sales per month.
4. Getting $2250 only from the first initial offer

Our commission is $50 so we will get $2250 only from the first initial offer.

5. Building our List as a bonus
Do not forget that we are going to get this people emails growing our List.

6. Another another $135 + $300 +$1000 in commission from OTOs

Next OTOs can easily give us another $135 + $300 +$1000 in commission.

7. Building residual Income with Recurring Payments

Inside the system there is a product with recurring payments. Furthermore most of the customers will buy it because it is an autoresponder and its significant part of the hole system which makes it work. 

This is why not only we are going to make good profit on our traffic investment, we will also have a chance to build residual income using recurring payments inside.

We offer Done for you Franchise System!

As your next step you can buy a Franchise! This is a dream for every online entrepreneur - imagine that you have:

  1. all this system  and membership site installed on your domain
  2. You get 100 % commission from all sales
  3. This is already your brand and you can pass this business to your children

Your TRAFFIC PLAN - what you should do and what you should not...




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