How to create a free product offer on warrior plus.

Read this article to learn How to create a free product offer on warrior plus - this is the fastest way how you can get buyers traffic and grow your Email List fast.

When you do this it is going to attract a lot of affiliates and it also helps you build your List faster and that is the goal  here. The goal is to build the List Fast.

Step 1. Create a PRODUCT on Warrior Plus - Product is about delivery and price

Step 2. Create Offer on Warrior Plus - Offer is about Sales Page.

Th Selling Angle of this is

there is no funnel (no up sells and no down sells) - we are going to promote 1 product at a law price but with a great value in it. 

The affiliates will promote this offer because we offer them 100 % commission!

And people love it and they are going to buy it with a great conversion rate.

How to get affiliates to promote your offer?

All you need to do is do a launch announcements on Facebook like you see below! 

Click on tagged people of such posts:

1. Ask them to become friends

2. Copy their names in your notepad

3. Next time when you do the post about your new launch - just tag them in the post or send them direct message inviting them to promote your new launch!

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