How to create a Facebook Newsfeed ads using AdRoll to retarget(remarket) your site visitors.

Why should I use AdRoll for retargeting?

If you want to make sales , you need to show your offer to Right People using Right Ads and Right Places.. And this what retargeting is for.

Why should I use AdRoll for retargeting?

Why use AdRoll?

AdRoll makes it incredibly easy to setup retargeting campaigns and they have stellar support if you run into any problems.
You don’t even have to login to your account once you have your retargeting pixel code setup on your website.
You can just tell them what you want setup and how and they will happily make it happen for you without charging you for labor.
They’re the best in the business of retargeting, hands down.

In addition to being incredibly easy to use, they are partnered with all the major online advertising exchanges and networks. This means you don’t need to bother setting up retargeting in a bunch of different networks to get good coverage.
AdRoll provides coverage for 98% of the web!
There’s no reason or need to bother doing retargeting through anyone else, because their network already includes everyone else.

A Facebook Newsfeed ad powered by AdRoll

A Facebook Newsfeed ad powered by AdRoll

AdRoll can remarket to your potential customers who left your site and went to check Facebook.

  • Setting up a Facebook news feed campaign is quite simple.
  • All you need to do is choose your weekly budget, schedule, targeted locations, and max CPM bid.
  • Then select your visitor segments.
  • Your ads will start appearing in their news feed.
  • The ads will start showing to anyone who has been cookied on your website, regardless of whether they liked or interacted with your Facebook fan page.
  • The ads will start showing in the person’s news feed simply because they visited your website in the past and you have targeted them in your ad campaign. Pretty cool!

How do I start retargeting my visitors with AdRoll?

  • Sign up for an AdRoll account.
  • Enter the promo code “freetrial” to enjoy a free $60 credit for retargeting for the first two weeks of your new account.
  • Login to your new AdRoll account and install their retargeting tracking pixel code on all the pages of your website and create a Privacy Policy page if you don’t have one already, making sure it’s linked to from every page of your website.
    If you don’t have a Privacy Policy you can save some time using TermsFeed to generate one for you for free.
  • 4. Create your first retargeting campaign.

    5. Create your first user segment of the visitors to your site that you want to retarget, based on a page of your site they visited. Create as many as you see fit.

    6. Create a conversion segment of the visitors to your site that you don’t want to retarget, based on a page of your site that they visited that you consider to be a conversion and set a conversion value. Create as many as you see fit.

    7. Exclude visitors who already converted from being retargeted so you don’t retarget them. Unless of course you want to retarget them for an additional type of conversion, in which case you should setup an additional campaign for this audience.

    8. Upload all of your advertisements for your retargeting campaign.

    Valid sizes: 468×60, 728×90, 180×150, 300×250, 336×280, 160×600, 120×600, 120×240, 125×125, 180×60, 250×250, 120×60, 200×200, 300×100, 645×60, 300×600, 320×50

    Make sure to use UTM tracking parameters in your advertisement’s URLs so you can track your campaign results effectively in Google Analytics.

    Enter your payment information and remember to enter the promo code “freetrial” to enjoy a free $60 credit for retargeting for the first two weeks of your new account. Then launch your first AdRoll retargeting campaign!

  • Continually track & optimize your retargeting campaign(s) to maximize success.
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