How to create a blog post to get traffic from Pinterest

Step 1. Finding the right keyword…

As our first step, we will use Neil Patel’s UBERSURGGEST free keyword research tool to test different keywords for our new post. In this case-study I will use my article which promotes my PROFIT FUNNEL and Clickfunels Affiliate program.

As you can see we already have a lot of keywords we may use both in the title of the article and in the body as well.

Step 2. Testing your post Headline

Now we need to create cool headline for our post and for testing we will use Advanced Marketing Institute site to get Free Headline Analysis Results
Your score should be more than 30 % …

Step 3. Create images for your post

We will use and or to create best images and share it on Pinterest. This is how we will get free traffic from Pinterest.

Step 4. Getting social signals

Ok, now we published the post and shared it using social share buttons from our blog. But this is not enough. We need more social sharing signals for Google to get real organic traffic to our post and this is why we will use WWW.QUUU.COM

Quuu is a content curation platform that integrates with Buffer Publish. You’re able to select relevant interest categories and then automatically (or manually) send hand curated content to your Queues.