How to connect UNIREGISTRY domain to Clickfunnels: adding CNAME Record

Use this simple guide to connect UNIREGISTRY domain to Clickfunnels: learn how you can add CNAME Record to UNIREGISTRY domain

If you purchased your domain on UNIREGISTRY and you would want to connect it to your Clickfunnels account (to one of your Funnels) this is what you need to do:

1. Go to your Uniregistry domain manager and chose your domain.

2. Click NS/DNS Records Tab

3. Click ADD NEW RECORD in DNS Records tab at the bottom of the page

4. Create C NAME RECORD using data from Clickfunnels

This is Clickfunnels guide for Cname Record creation

  • From within your 1and1 Account, click on "Manage Domain" in the middle of the screen.
  • Click "DNS" along the navigation menu.
  • Locate the A record with the "wwwHost Name
  • Click the gear icon to the right of this record and click "Delete Record." 
  • On the next screen, click "Delete."
  • Select "Add record."
  • Click "CNAME."
  • Enter www as the Host Name.
  • Enter as Points To value.
  • Leave TTL at 1 hour.
  • Click "Save." 
  • You may get a "service will be disabled" message. Scroll down and click "Save" again if this appears.
  • Once back on your DNS screen, confirm the new CNAME record for WWW exists. 

This is how it will look like after all

How to Create a Cname Record on UNIREGISTRY

Create a Cname Record on UNIREGISTRY