How to build your Facebook friends list by adding friends from USA only

Hi guys, it's Friday. And, uh, today I have really cool news for you. Finally, we have opportunity to invite. Friends, uh, from USA only to our Facebook friends list, for example. Okay. So if you're looking to sell, uh, let's say a high ticket offer and the majority of cases, you will be looking for the audience from USA.

Okay. And today I will share with you this strategy, how you can do it. Mm-hmm . So, first of all, this is what we're going to use. We're going to use social perspective and in a new version of this software. What I found, and I was really a surprise to see this, that when, when you click post friender, finally you have opportunity.

See, only invite friends, send friend requests to people who live in USA. Okay. This is optional. It's not mandatory to do this, but I just want to share with you how cool is that? Okay. Now when you click this open Facebook window. okay. You will be able to find, uh, any post which you will like. Okay. And let's actually start.

Okay. This is, we are live. That's cool. okay. So we are looking for the post, uh, regarding affiliate, more marketing or make money online or something. The best force for us would be somebody who will show results and people would comment in everything. Okay. But these posts like these, uh, ads are also. So, for example, I know that this Ross, this is a system for people who want to make money online.

Okay. This is what I need to do next. See, in this case, okay. We already chosen that. We, we just need people from USA. So this software will send a friend request, just a friend request without message yet. Okay. So friend request without message. And not only to just people from. Actually from people who commented here.

Okay. But also for, for people from USA only, and for people, uh, to people who, who have mutual friends with us. Okay. So when I click start, so system will start scrolling it. Okay. Looking for people who are from USA, again, the difference between. Uh, what we had previously and what we have now is that, uh, virtually we have our, all our dreams regarding Facebook, organic marketing come through.

Okay. because what I'm doing now, I just click one button, see, and this see non USA skipped two. So it's, it's already skipped two people in pre in previous versions. So the message, the friend request would be sent to every. But in this case, it will send a friend request from us only to people who are from USA and only to people who have mutual friends with us, what it gives us.

It gives us actually opportunity to build our Facebook friends list really, uh, on a, on a really higher level. Okay. So you will, you will not have people from India, Pakistan, and everything. Yeah. I love this. Guys, but let, let let's be honest. Okay. If you want to sell high ticket offer for 3000 bucks, I mean, it's not for India.

Okay. Now there are except exceptions, but still, okay. So again, what it will do, it will scroll down down the line. Okay. And these are comments. From people who are in affiliate market already and who are active because this post is like really, really new. Okay. So it's scrolling down and it will find the, the guy who's from USA who have mutual friends with us and he, it will send a message.

Okay. Uh, I mean, not message, but a friend request. So next step will be, uh, to simply, uh, send, okay. In one day after that period of time in one day in 24 hours, we can use, uh, another. Another opportunity, another tool from, from this, um, actually tool, which will allow us to send a message already to our friends, who, to people who accepted our friend request within 24 hours or more.

Okay. So let's wait a bit until we see at least one friend request. Because see in previous version we would be able we would just be sending French requests to all these hundred people. And see right now we have non USA skipped four and people who are from USA, but don't, but we don't have mutual friends with those people.

Some 19 people skipped. Okay. And this is because of this ticker. Okay. See mutual friends. So if let's say, I don't want to, uh, have people with mutual friends, which is actually a bad idea, because I mean, if you, if they don't have mutual friends with you, there's a big chance that they, they, they are not in the one industry, even with you.

Okay. So this is how powerful this still is. Okay. So it's scrolling down and again, it depends on the post which you are using, but eventually see, like, it'll find. Tini for example, have mutual friends, see 47 mutual friends with me. I can buy the way actually a send friend request manually as well. If I see if, if I, uh, as a computer at a time, what, what we do is this okay.

But still, I would prefer that software would send messages, friend requests, only to people who are from USA and then who have mutual friends with me. Okay. So again, we can, we can choose any, any. For this. Okay. So for example, if I didn't see like a lot of, uh, mutual friends on this post, then what I will do, I'll just find another one.

Uh, CJ Jackson. Okay. Okay. Let's let's try this one. The same scene guys. The same scene. Okay. It will, it'll just start looking for people who are from USA and who have mutual friends with us. Okay. So let me show you what you will need to do next. Okay. So for example, what I will do, let's say within 24 hours, or in, in one day, two days, doesn't matter what I will do.

I will go here too. Mm. Uh, mass messenger. Okay. And see what I did. I created the message, how you affiliate market hope you're doing great. Next scene. I edited C I edited, uh, send this friend message only to people who accepted my friend request within, let's say 24 to two hour to two days. Okay. I can choose week doesn't matter, but, but, uh, the reason why I'm showing this you today, Is that finally, you will have this opportunity to invite people from USA only.

Okay. and remember what we're doing. So you have your Facebook profile, your, your Facebook, uh, social media funnel created. If you are with the Celia, you will see it here. Okay. Daily income produce an activity plan, leveraging Facebook, your social media funnel. Okay. But, uh, you need to create this social media funnel first.

And I explain it here, how to do it. So now when your new friends will accept your friend, uh, your friend request, usually they will go and check your Facebook profile. Uh, this is why you need to have, uh, a setup already there. Okay. What you're doing, what links you want them to see and everything. Okay. And next in, see what we're doing now.

This, um, social prospective pro. Mass messenger simply started sending messages, uh, to those people who accepted my friends who are already my friends. Okay. And since we are building now, uh, friend only with, uh, uh, people from USA. Okay. Then this is how you simply, uh, make sure. That your Facebook friends list will be like top quality for the offer for the high ticket offers.

Okay. So guys, this is very important. Uh, if you, if you want to, let's say, make money, uh, online and you want to use, uh, Facebook marketing, Facebook, organic market, and Facebook strategies. So this tool, probably the best tool which you can actually use because it's, uh, it's relatively cheap. It's something like, uh, around 50 bucks per month or something, it allows you to choose already, uh, to use post friender, to, uh, send friend request to people who are from USA only.

Okay. Because again, you, you will, you will be selling them high ticket offers and second scene. It will allow you to, uh, Actually not only send friend request, but after certain period of time to people who accepted your friend request, you will be able to send messages. And when they, uh, reply to your message, this is how you get your new friend.

And this is how you actually start building your Facebook list. Okay, guys, check this video a couple of times, just, I mean, this is really, this is really powerful scene, especially if you don't have budget for paid traffic every week. Hope it was useful. See you next time.