How to build a real business online?

Yesterday I spoke with my mentor Greg about how to build online business. Actually my questions where more about how to make money online faster and why traffic saucers I use do not give me results I expect. Greg gave me this answer, Gennadiy, listen to me and try to realize what I say: SLOW IS FAST.


He also sad: " Gena, before you even start spending money on any of your online business ideas , you must have structure (how all business formula works) in mind. 

If you do not have a structure , including step by step guidance from someone who has already made those millions online - you will be doing a lot of work, spending a lot of money on traffic and having the same zero results."

You have to be focused

It is true. Doing your first step in online business you have to be focused on what your mentor ask you to do - slow is fast - do not try to make money faster then you will be able to build your online business using proven formula. Here is what you should be focused on.

How to stay focused when building your first business online

The road you will face ahead is not easy. Hell no. It requires  a discipline and  determination.

  • Stay focused on  creating value for your audience.
  • Provide tangible solutions for real  problems worth solving.
  • Be all around of your audience. 
  • You should have a customer- centrist approach to your business (Zappos being a example)

Building a business is a process, not an event..

When you start building your business online  its is very important to stay focused on main ideas - see the picture below.

Focus on building real business which will attract repeat customers

  • You should solve peoples problems - serving the needs of a specific narrow tribe 
  • You should become  a narrow-minded marketer
  • Focus on building real business which will attract repeat customers which are the backbone and the lifeblood of every successful business  
  • Focus on creating or building up a tribe of followers 
  • From the very beginning establish yourself as the only viable solution to a problem or issue of your tribe.
  • Position yourself as the most trusted adviser
  • It is all about giving value and support BEFORE any money comes from your clients.
  • Do not wait for money  and start contributing and guiding, advising to your audience.

    Finding proven model for your own online business is not that simple as it may seem.
    But I am glad I can recommend not time proven system - this  exact method is paid out $51 000 000 to people in 37 countries all over the world so far.
    But even this in not enough since you will also need to Master the traffic game. And yet the best way to start is learn how big guys make their money and follow the proven marketing system.

    What do you call proven system?

    Watch this video to see how proven business model works

    Get Real Traffic To Make Real Sales

    To make money using this system you need to have at least 50 clicks per day (to generate at least 5 new leads (subscribers) per day and to get from $660 up to $36 000 per month). But this should be targeted high quality traffic - not just clicks.  >>>Press this link to get access to Real Traffic<<<

    You will need some more power inside to succeed - the power of love.

    And today I want to give you the source for your endless Power - The Power of Love. Read this article to learn more about how you can change your life using The Power of Love 10 min a day.
    I wish you good luck.


    The Power of Love or how you can change your life in 10 min a day.

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