How to build an email list for affiliate marketing

How to build an email list for affiliate marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for affiliate marketers. It is a perfect way to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with your existing ones. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the process of building an email list for your affiliate marketing business in 2022.

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Hi guys. If you are in affiliate marketing, you know already that money is in the list. OK? And in this video I will share with you how you can build your email list for affiliate marketing really fast.

And we will talk about free traffic, traffic strategies, page traffic strategies and also how you can join my traffic business as well. So let's dive in and this is actually what you need to do to start building your leads fast.

Okay so first of all you need to have an autoresponder. I personally use get response. You can also use awber. They are both good. Okay so next you need a sales funnel probably starting from low ticket and leaving to a high ticket offer.

For this I would actually recommend you to try because Affidavita will give you an opportunity to start just from $7 you'll get access to Fast income funnel and inside of the training area you'll get access also to the lead generation tool which will allow you actually to build your list using free traffic.

Okay so this is how you can start. Of course you need to drive traffic and there are two opportunities. You may work with free organic traffic or paid traffic and of course you should use follow up letters for this monetization.

Okay so let me share actually with you the strategy which actually each and every guy should know. Okay? So we will start from free traffic. Free traffic is actually the most expensive one if you ask me.

And this is a beginner's level because actually it's really easy to start but it's really hard to scale. For free traffic you can use Facebook. You can post your videos on YouTube and on Tik tok and if you actually tried to create a series of videos for TikTok for example, you know that it can take like a lot of time because you need to post at least three videos per day.

With YouTube it's even harder because short term videos shortages for YouTube will not give you like a lot of traffic and to create a great video for YouTube also it takes actually hours. So free traffic is good for start but it's just for beginners to start.

Okay? Next level, as you can see, number two, it's paid traffic and for the majority of cases we are using solo ads can also use Google ads, you can use YouTube advertisements, you can use Facebook ads but in terms of, let's say how fast you can do it and the best results probably solo ads are still the best.

Okay? I call this pro level because you can build your list very fast. This is a predictable strategy so you know results, you can predict results before you start. For example, if you buy 100 clicks on actually for example, okay, you understand that you will get at least 13 new leads and probably you'll get some sales if you have a good offer to offer, okay?

And it's very easy to scale you just buy more traffic, get more leads, make more sales. Okay? And next level, I call it God level because God level is actually when you scroll sales traffic and when you grow your leads using profits from the sold traffic, okay?

Okay so for free traffic you can check my program which is called Traffic wizard because this program actually allows you to get access to the lead generation tool for pro version of the lead generation tool I use to generate free leads from Facebook every single day I can get up to 15 new leads just from Facebook or just check this program for the traffic I recommend to go to Udemy because on Udemy you can find like a lot of traffic renders you will see testimonials and actually you can simply test them.

So this is the fastest way to get good solar ads okay? And for galtum for traffic business I actually created the program which is called Legion Visor. Legion Visor allows you to get access to buyers traffic when you actually buy traffic and you get access to Legion leader the CVS funnel you promote it and every time your referral buys traffic you get rewarded.

This is how you can join my traffic business and not invest like thousands to create your own solar business. Okay so guys this is it. This is how I see the money in the list and list building strategy for beginners again just start from free traffic, go to paid traffic when you have some funds and go to good level when you're ready to start your own traffic business.

Okay guys, this is it. This is how I see the lease building and lease monetization, okay? And if you like this video or give comments likes and don't forget to subscribe to my channel talk to you soon.