How To Build A Highly Profitable BUYERS List

You've heard it before: "The MONEY IS IN THE LIST!"  And it's 100% true.
So... do you have a list (an email list that is)? If not, you need to get one. And fast. And ideally a BUYERS list. A buyers list is HANDS DOWN the most valuable asset you can have online.
Because of the monthly income you can make from the buyers list.

I'll Show You How YOU CAN Build A Highly Profitable BUYERS List Without Needing
Your Own Product... without tech skills... and without ever doing a product launch 🙂


  • Each buyer lead can make you around $1 - $3 per month, per lead.

And you can see 21,000+ buyer leads above... so you can do the math 🙂
The profits are INSANE when you have a list like this.

And in this special final offer... I show you how to build your own BUYERS list super fast.. and without all the headaches of launching 🙂

No one else is teaching this method, and this approach. Just me.

Note: We are only opening up 50 spots for this offer, so that this method continues to work for the long-haul and doesn't get over-saturated.

Once we fill the 50 spots, that's it.


This method allows us to show our banner or even subscription form to HOT Buyers! This is why you will have this kind of amazing Conversion Rate!

Look at this screenshot - let me explain how to read it:

  • 2053 people have seen my offer
  • 1505 of them subscribed to my list (73 % conversion rate!) 

how it is working?

  1. This method allows us to collect other people's leads.
  2. We will use site for this.
  3. We will use information about new launches.
  4. We will use thank you pages - when the customer gets to the end of sales funnel they will get to thank you page or download page. So only Buyer can see this thank you page...

5. So we will ask Vendor of the product to add to his thank you page our banner (with our link inside) or even a small order form which can look like this ==>>

We will need to send them our opt in box form Link (you will get this link when you publish you AWEBER form )

6. How we can find Vendor data to contact him? Easy - go to JV Page and you will most likely find direct links to Vendor's Facebook profile or page. Than simply contact them on Facebook.


Easy - the main idea is to say hello and ask about this as an example:
Hi, I would gladly create review and testimonial for your new product if you in exchange put my banner to your Bonus page or Thank you page. I also got my own 2900+ list to promote your new product.

recap of the method

Part 1. Review their product and give them an honest testimonial.

Part 2. Send them the opt in box form link.

Part 3. Send them your banner graphic for your opt in box. After clicking this banner they will be redirected to your opt in form.



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