How to add your product to warrior plus: how to set up a product on warrior plus

This article is for you If you want to start selling your own products online. You will learn how to add your product to warrior plus and how to how to set up product on warrior step by step.

Step 1. Adding your payment processor

In order to accept payment on warrior plus you will need to add a PayPal or Stripe account. 

Step 2. Start creating an Offer

Now you can start creating an Offer in warrior plus!


  • Log into your warrior plus account => go to vendors =>offers => new offer.
  • Enter the offer title and description => select a category => add up to 3 different keywords and upload an image for your offer.

Create Your Offer - Step 2 of 2

  •  Next  - click create and add your sales page URL.
  • Ignore he WSO field and under check out banner select warrior plus default.
  • Under pre-launch options select "no pre-launch"
  • Switch allow affiliates to YES and enter any information that you want your affiliates to see..
  • If you have a JV page to tell affiliates more about your product, then enter the URL.
  • If you want to add affiliates to an email list select your mailing list from the available providers.  
  • Select affiliate program accelerator if you want to use that feature and click create.

Once you've finished creating an Offer you can start adding products to it.

So now you may go to Vendors => Products => and click Product => New product=>enter the product name.

  • Ignore the delivery file field and enter your delivery URL.
  • select whether or not you want to receive sales notifications
  • enter your refund period 
  • enter your content type, category and keywords
  • upload an image for your product 
  • leave limit sale empty
  • enter your support email and URL
  • select you PayPal or stripe account
  • enter the regular price for the product
  • you can also enter a sale price for the product
  • if applicable - enter the amount that you want to increase the price by after every sale
  • if applicable enter a maximum price
  • select an email list to add your buyers to if you wish
  • leave advanced integrations and custom integration settings as they are
  • under affiliate program enter the amount of commission that you want to pay affiliates and enter any info that you want to display to affiliates​
  • switch "Deal of the day eligible" to "YES" and select the amount of commission that you want to pay warrior plus, if they choose you for product of the day and enter any access info that warrior + need to review your product such as a password or a username if applicable​
  • under product status select "Open and available for sale"
    Click Save ​the PRODUCT

Now repeat this process for each product that forms part of your offer.