How to add Clickmagick tracking Pixel to Builderall Thank you page

Read this Clickmagick tutorial and watch videos if you want to learn how you can add Clickmagick tracking Pixel to your Thank you page.

How to add Clickmagick tracking Pixel to Builderall Thank you page

How to add Clickmagick tracking Pixel to Builderall Thank you page

Why you need to add tracking pixel to your thank you page?

In this video Ivan is telling us about what a Clickmagick tracking pixel is and how it can benefit you in your online marketing. Plus you will learn how to set Clickmagick tracking pixel using Builderall Sales Funnel Builder or if you prefer Clickfunnels

What a tracking pixel is?

What a tracking pixel is? Clickmagick tracking pixel is just a tiny little part of any web page that fires whenever someone clicks that web page.
What our plan is is to put Clickmagick tracking pixels on the page following your main kind of subscription page (usually this is a Thank you page).
For example your landing page where we indicated to the people "please put in your name and your email address" in order for them to proceed to the Thank You page.
They have to put that information in to go further right? So, after they put that in, when they lend on a thank you page our Clickmagick tracking pixel will fire and we will know that they successfully subscribed. Also we will know :

  • the percentage of people that clicked;
  • what percentage subscribed

That's how it can benefit you is if you know your percentages of people that go through your funnel - where people are stopped and how many people go where and this is how you will know what part of your funnel you should fix.
For example, If you have 100 percent of your people that land on your landing page subscribe - that's a good sign, right? That means you should probably keep your landing page as is.
Now, if you have a hundred page of people subscribe that land on your landing page, but then you have a one percent chance of people click on the link on our thank you landing page?
If one percent of the people say - yes, let me see what else is available - then maybe you should change your thank-you page?
Maybe they're there something you should edit - maybe something's not right?  So that's basically the idea why implement Clickmagick tracking pixel.

Where you may find Clickmagick tracking pixel?

Using Clickmagick tracking pixel

Using Clickmagick tracking pixel

Step 1. Choose your link you want to work with.

Step 2. Go to this gear icon and click on track conversions.

On the next page you will see 3 pixel possibilities:

  • sales tracking pixel;
  • action tracking pixel;
  • engagement tracking pixel

they're not an order -  don't put your sales tracking pixel on your thank you page.  What we need for our Thank you page is called Action Tracking Pixel.
So after someone goes on your Thank You page from signing in that would be action so we need to copy this pixel and we need to put it on our thank you landing page.

Actually it was like this earlier. Now you will need to click the link leading you to Tracking Pixel Builder.

Clickmagick Tracking Pixel Builder: adding a ClickMagick tracking pixel to the "thank you" pages

Clickmagick Tracking Pixel Builder: adding a ClickMagick tracking pixel to the "thank you" pages

Now you may be sure that your tracking pixel will fire when your next potential customer goes to your funnel. I hope this was usefull for you. Comment if YES.


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