How Clickfunnels pays your affiliate commission – how to withdraw your profit from Clickfunnels.

Read this article to learn how to withdraw your affiliate commissions from Clickfunnels.

This is what ClickFunnels Customer Service tell you when you ask how you can get paid.

To be eligible for payout, you must have more than $100 in the Ready for Payout Today section of your Affiliate Commissions.
Also, you need to be registered with Tipalti, our payout vendor.
If you are registered with Tipalti, the only thing that your account is waiting on is the amount Ready for Payout Today.
For example, if it is only $69.20 currently – you will need to wait until it is $100.
Once your other pending funds go beyond 30 days from when they were earned and go above that amount you’ll be paid out either on the 15th or 1st of the month.

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