The goal setting

The Goal Setting Habit or investing strategies of the wealthy people.

The Goal Setting Habit or investing strategies of the wealthy people.

Think Bigger - Do not think “I just want to  replace my job  income.”

What is Goal Setting?

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Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal. 

The goal setting

The goal setting

Read this to learn how goal setting and goal setting habit can improve your life.

Why Set Goals?

Well, Top-level athletes and successful entrepreneurs as well as achievers in all fields of life have one thing in common - they all set goals.

Setting goals gives U a long-term vision plus a short-term motivation. Goal Setting template focuses your acquisition of  knowledge and also helps you to organize your own  time and your own resources so that  you can make the  very most of your life.

By setting  clearly defined personal goals, you can then measure and be pride in the achievement of your goals. You will see forward progress in  what might previously  have seemed a long and pointless grind. Plus you will  also raise your  self-confidence - as you recognize your  own ability in achieving the  goals that you have set.

The Goal Setting Habit

Did you know that most people  who try  to make money online  are barely thinking  two weeks into the future?  Everything they do is a short-term tasks.

Are you also only interested in  something if  it promises a short-term pay off? Yes? But because of this you are always sucked into the allure  of programs that promise  instant riches - like the ones,  that offer you HOLY GRAIL  - You can make a million dollars by next  week with their “secret software”.. You now why it is ironic?

Short-term thinking  guarantees that in the long term you will never create a substantial  income...

Examples below are based on BUSINESSTARTIDEAS Business Model and Marketing System, including tested paid traffic sources

BUSINESSTARTIDEAS Business Model and Marketing System
  1. For instance, if you can spend on SOLO AD traffic just $1000 - this would give you 50 clicks per day or 450 new leads taking into account  30 % conversion.
  2. 10 % follow up  sales funnel conversion will give you 45 customers who will become PRO members and this will result in $2250 profit for you.
  3. According to our statistic minimum 10 % out of those 45 PRO members will become a Franchise - so you will get $6750 ($1500x4) in commission .
  4. Your first month will bring you $ 9000 - 1000 = $8000 net profit!
  5. This is if you paid $3000 for BUSINESSSTARTIDEAS Franchise Licence and invested $1000 in SOLO AD traffic.
  6. So your profit in your first month can be at least $2000 you next month will give you around $16000 in profit!
  7. Reinvest $16000 in paid traffic which will give you 700 pro members 68 of which will buy Franchisee licence and by the end of 3 d month you can get $120 000 in profit!!! 

$121,322 in back-end commissions from just 686 customers and 90 days period...

BUSINESSTARTIDEAS Business Model and Marketing System 16000

Well, that is a $121,000 in back-end commissions  during your first 3 month ad a BUSINESSSTARTIDEAS member and Franchisee - and you can start testing this system today. All you need to do is become a PRO Member (only $77).

This is why I am going to encourage you to  take a long-term perspective with this  business  and to think not just 12 months  into  the future, but  five years  into the  future.

BUSINESSSTARTIDEAS is your Future. Just give It a Try!

How much  money would  you need five  years from now  to be truly happy?

So, how much  money would  you need five  years from now  to be truly happy? And, more importantly, how much are you willing to invest to make that a reality?

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”–Thomas Carlyle

You must set goals before you can get them.

Goal getting involves more than simply setting goals and hoping for  success. These 3 specific  behaviors have been proven  to drive effective  goal getting:

  • Set specific dates for each of your goal (down to the day)
  • Chunk down your goals into a  series of smaller  steps and set  a  specific deadline  for each one
  • Review your  written goals  regularly and measure your  progress ( adjust where  needed  and set the next  goal and next deadline)

Go Big or go Home ...

Do not think “I just want to  replace my job  income.”

That will not cause  you  to think and act  any differently than you always have. Take that number and bump it up 10 X.

What this does - is shift  your mindset into a whole  different gear. You  realize that you ca n not  do that by working as you  may be now. You can not  do it by simply working  harder.

You start to think in terms of  leverage -  finding systems and  ways to be 10 x more effective with  less effort.

Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

BUSINESSSTARTIDEAS is different...Just give It a Try!