Getting Started with StumbleUpon Ads website traffic

Getting Started with StumbleUpon Ads: website traffic.

Getting Started with StumbleUpon Ads website traffic

Read this article if you want to learn how you can get new targeted leads just for 0,15 c per lead using StumbleUpon Ads website traffic generation campaigns.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon Inc. is a privately-owned company headquartered in San Francisco. They say "We're reinventing the way people explore the web with our portfolio of consumer, publisher, and brand advertiser products".

StumbleUpon is an application  that lets  users surf the best of the web  by “stumbling” to  sites that match their interests simply by hitting a button on their browser or mobile device. 

Getting Started with StumbleUpon Ads 

To start your first StumbleUpon Ads campaign, all you need is your URL and your advertising budget. Your StumbleUpon Ads campaign will start as soon as it has been approved  by company content review team. 

How To Create A StumbleUpon Ad Campaign

Adding Funds to Your StumbleUpon Account 
For your StumbleUpon ADS campaigns to run, you must first add some funds to your account. They accept all major credit cards and paypal as well! Simply login to your StumbleUpon account and click "Funds" to enter your payment  information.  You may start with as little as $20 budget.

After adding your funds you will be able to create new campaign and get your leads!

Create a new StumbleUpon Ad campaign

Create a new StumbleUpon Ad campaign